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Christianity is the AntiChrist Religion

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posted on Nov, 15 2015 @ 09:05 PM
a reply to: Zaimless


How can you have a conversation when you gave nothing to discuss. You listed ten accusations against God with no sources whatsoever. You did not even list the Hebrew or Greek literature's source or doctrines of your sources against God. You could at least be fair in putting God on trial.

I gave you and ATS the incest traditions but no conversation came from that either so in that lite I am led to believe that you really do not want a conversation. I believe all you wanted was to troll and bash and build your stars. Typical for most bible bashers.

posted on Nov, 15 2015 @ 09:12 PM

originally posted by: Zaimless
Ok so here is how this goes. This conspiracy theory is a totally spiritual one. Satan has hid him self in the Christian Churches.
Within the bible it says there with be a Anti-Christ religion and that they will call themselves by his name. Does the word CHRISTian have anyones name in it that they might know?
When thinking this through and reading the old testament about God I discovered that the God in the Christian religion did the following and it is in every Christians bible, if they read it.
1. That God is a flame and fire
2. That God encouraged incest
3. That God encourages cannabalism
4. That God had peoples hand, feet and heads cut off
5. That God had tens of thousands killed cause they could not spead a word properly when talking.
6. That Sampson went around killing people and tearing them apart and it was all good with God (and this is after the ' thou shall not's ')
7. That God is a war monger
8. That he himself has said he is vengeful, fearful, cruel, and more...
9. That this list could go on and on.....
10. In the old testament God killed over 10 million people

So you see after forty some years of studing the Christian Bible for some time I have come to the conclusion that the Christian God is Satan in disguise. So many Christians dont even know the history of their own beliefs. That the KJV Bible is only, what 400 some years old. That protestants changed the bible and yet they preach to not change the bible. In fact most of them don't even know the word 'bible' mean 'book' and so much more. Lots to study here.
But I only know this, that the God the Christians believe in is an Evil God. Unless they believe in the Trinity and that my friends is a whole other conversation.

So if your going off the old testament wouldn't that make Judaism the religion of the antichrist.

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