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About OOBE and comfortable body position

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posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 07:32 AM
Hi again folks, the title of this thread may seem a little odd, but there's one thing i've noticed about OOBE and wanted to share it with you.

As others may already know, i'm trying to study this subject in order to reach a complete OOBE, so i'm trying some "experiments", to understand the "easiest" way to achieve it.

And i think that laying in certain positions, instead of others, may be helpful: so far i haven't yet managed to detach from my body, but several times i've managed to see "outside" my eyes (my point of view was one or two inches in front of my eyes, and i knew they were closed) which is, as far as i know, the beginning of a possible OOBE.

Now, what have i noticed? When i lay comfortable, in my bed, i fall asleep, and usually sleep till the next morning; it's very unlikely for me to "detach" my point of view, even if i repeat mantras or sentences before falling asleep.
BUT if i find myself in an uncomfortable position, i am more likely to detach my POV.

It just happened a couple of days ago: it was late afternoon, in an hour i had to go out, still i was a bit tired, so i decided to lay down on my sofa and have a little rest. I dunno how to explain my position, we could say i was lying on my left side, with my left forearm and hand holding my head, next to my neck. In a nutshell, after a while, in that position my left arm started to give me that unpleasant "tingling", typical of when blood doesn't flow properly. I fell asleep, and in more or less 40 minutes my POV detached a couple of times.

Almost the same thing happened several times some years ago, when coming back from school i went to my granparents for luch and some hours in the afternoon. Sometimes i fell asleep in a big chair they had (and still have, so i could do some more experiments): it wasn't really comfortable, so i often found that my POV was in front on my eyes, and i always knew that i was sleeping... or at least, that my body was... and i also knew that i wasn't dreaming. At that time, unluckly, i didn't know anything about OOBE.

Well, thinking of these episodes, and of what happened a couple of days ago, i've come up with a theory: maybe an uncomfortable position may "help" us to keep our mind awake, thus helping us to obtain an OOBE.

Any thoughts?

posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 07:45 AM
Interesting idea

That slight discomfort of another position could possibly help in keeping some part of the conscious awareness there.

I frequently get that "seeing through eyelids" awareness without "breaking free" while laying on my back as you describe.

My most vivid projection actually occured while laying on my stomach and I always sleep on my side, the only comfortable position I can reach deep sleep in.

I know others who've had their most success in a sitting, upright position

You could be on to something.

[edit on 11/19/05 by redmage]

posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 08:50 AM
Some people say that laying with your head to the North helps in the process, but I don't know if I give that any credit. I find laying on my back helpful, because I normally sleep on my side and I am not very used to it. It is a little uncomfortable and probably helps keep me awake like redmage said. When I lay on my back, my body knows to go into "AP Mode", and when I lay on my side, it knows to go into "Sleep Mode"

posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 12:07 PM

Well i'm happy to know it isn't happening just to me, maybe then with some experimentation i'll manage to obtain some results.

Thinking of it, when i slept at my grannies, on that big chair, i couldn't lay down and so i slept almost sitting... a little crouched, but still sitting.

I have to try that sleeping position again and see what happends.

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