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List of Middle Eastern countries in terms of democratic freedoms

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posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 10:24 PM

There is a wide range of democratisation across the Middle East, a survey by a leading research and advisory firm has found.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked 20 countries on 15 indicators of political and civil liberty.

The Index of Political Freedom lists Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Iraq and the Palestinian Territories as the most democratic parts of the region.

Libya received the lowest rating, below Syria and Saudi Arabia.

1)Israel: 8.20
2)Lebanon: 6.55
3)Morocco: 5.20
4)Iraq: 5.05
5)Palestine: 5.05
6)Kuwait: 4.90
7)Tunisia: 4.60
8)Jordan: 4.45
9)Qatar: 4.45
10)Egypt: 4.30
11)Sudan: 4.30
12)Yemen: 4.30
13)Algeria: 4.15
14)Oman: 4.00
15)Bahrain: 3.85
16)Iran: 3.85
17)UAE: 3.70
18)Saudi Arabia: 2.80
19)Syria: 2.80
20)Libya: 2.05

Source: EIU

*Election of head of government
*Election of parliament
*Fairness of electoral laws
*Right to organise political parties
*Power of elected representatives
*Presence of an opposition
*Minority participation
*Level of corruption
*Freedom of assembly
*Independence of the judiciary
*Press freedom
*Religious freedom
*Rule of law
*Property rights

Source: EIU


I'm a little surprised the UAE is so low. The way Dubai looks and the expensive shops etc. are usually associated with democratic capitalist countries.

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