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Gary Glitter likes Them Young

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posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 10:10 PM
Gary Glitter wanted in Viet-Nam

If you Don't know whom Gary Glitter is.. here is some photos

This basically says it all

Investigators discovered a 15-year-old girl living at Glitter's home. She is being questioned and examined to determine if any abuse had occurred. The police also want to interrogate Glitter.

Gary Glitter is most famous for that annoying Football song "Rock and Roll"

If you remember a couple of years ago, Mr. Glitter's computer broke, he taken it to a computer repair shop in England. They found a bunch of kiddie porn, they called the Bobbies, he did four monthes in jail. He left England for Cambodia. He was later kicked out of Cambodian (AKA The Child Porn capital of the World), he then moved to Viet-Nam. Now the Viet-Namese authorities are after him.

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