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Letter to Senator on Iraq Fiasco

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posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 03:21 PM
I just sent this to my senator - please read it and let me know what you think - feel free to use it if you want to

Alias Jones


As a voting member of your constituency I plead for you to vote for the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. Our fighting men and women are losing life and limb in a war brought to us based on half truths and outright falsehoods. I will not go into detail in this email with the evidence that supports these facts other than to say Iraq was not an imminent threat to the USA, did not have ties to Al Queda in any significant way, did not and does not possess any WMD and does not have nor has had in its possession the means to delivery such weapons contrary to the numerous speeches and pleas from the White House in the days and weeks leading up to the USA going to war.

The fact of the matter is that as an afterthought to the 9/11 tragedy, the collective will of a nation " on defense " was manipulated to forward an agenda that literally would have our forefathers rolling over in ther respective graves. Never has the United States attacked a soveriegn nation that posed no immeditae threat to us, nor have we wielded our militarily might so carelessly with barely a forethought to an exit strategy.

It is not my place, nor my intention to vent my considerable anger at the current state of affairs that this nation finds itself in, however I will send this Email in hopes that it finds your valuable attention and with that confirms what you undoubtedly must by now also realize. We should never have invaded Iraq in the first place , but that bridge is crossed. Just because we are there now losing our loved ones , does not mean that we need to continue to do so.

I appeal to your wisdom to do the right thing.

Respectfully Yours ,

[edit on 18-11-2005 by Alias Jones]

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 03:35 PM
I may not agree with your political opinions but I do see you have the best of intentions in your heart. I would love to see our troops home as soon as possible, including 2 of my friends. But.....(And this is my opinion.) Pulling out now would do more harm than good, the Iraqis are not ready to fend for themselves yet, and we do not leave our allies out in the dark. I do wish for this all to be over, but realistically this will not happen for at least another year.


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