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Texas Smell

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posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 07:16 AM
This was a answer in response to a question about a smell in Texas that I answered on another forum......

I think what you may have seen is a effect of the device.But this is only a small piece to the whole action .Good Tip
fancilady. I missed the rip in New Mexico and may have not caught it.Look I need everybody here to give me input just like this thread so I can look for the small anomllies.I myself have still much to learn I know alot about it but not everything. Clues , Tips like this may seem relavent to you but they might indeed hold the answer to wich we want to know more of.Something burning yes What ?
If you watch the Movie for the NEPAC IN WV format your clearly see a fast Jet moving thru. Out of nowhere a rip occurs in the clouds. Watch it futher indeed the after affect goes in North Texas. Now with both Hot and Cold air mixing things up this smell whatever it is could deffinatelly be smelt on the ground and in a good sized area.Make sense.
Well if not below I will try to show you in pictures so maybe it will be a better explanation.

Image 1 taken from the AM89 NEPAC. Notice the angle and projection of our black line.Cuts thru New Mexico

Image 2 WV From Nepac I sliced the area for a closer look here is before Notice New Mexico

Image 3 after.See the disruption over New Mexico

Now the next 5 images are in order and are from the AM89 GHZ Nepac
With image 1 everything looks fine.Image 2 is our disruption. Image 3 & 4 our area of disruption over New Mexico shows up in these 2 frames. Image 5 disruption is gone but also I want you to notice the straight black line off the Cali Coast.

The Next group are in WV format.The 5 images show the event close up over New Mexico as it occured.

Here is a close up of the disrupted area.

Here is a view after and prob oh that smell cant you smell that smell that smell thats around you.

I would not be suprised that smell popped up somewhere else to the Jet was turbulant.

The lines match the area and the timeline.But like I said this is only a smaller picture of a bigger action.You would really need to take all the images make a mosaic and then flip back and forth to match up however a tip worthy of investigating. The exchange here is between what would be Gamma and another area by C. America and envolement with the Frontal Jet.. If you like I will make a crude mosaic and add it to the thread so you can see the action.
All in all Good Tip Thanks

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 07:19 AM

Here is a wider view of the whole area.

The area over New Mexico is just one piece of the action during that day.

Are we manipulating the weather. All the years I have studied now point to this and it is to be used not to benifit humanity but as a weapon of war.

All evidence points to us our own country. From the Senate Weather Mod act to the new funding for HAARP.

This is dead serious....

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 07:31 AM
Now here is another example of the use of the Weather Wapon Array

The first image below is our Weapon Array in GHZ format. Notice the triangle tip

Below we have a image prior to the effects of the manipulation

Below is a image that clearly shows the Tip of the triangle

Below is a image after. The triangle is gone

Below is a view of the WATL in WV see the tringle tip

Below is a mosaic I have made by putting the images inline.

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 07:39 AM
Now with the problem by C. America that could move futher North and get into the Gulf we need to shut the flow down out of the Paciffic just enough that nobody else will not see us do it WRONG.

The first 10 images show the disruption in the Paciffic Jet. Well look here agin over New Mexico and Los Alamos. Well Well Well . is that not odd HMM That Texas Smell Thread same place HMM , Maybe Los Alamos is part of this puzzle. Well for now on I will be watching New Mexico , I will tell you that much.. These images are sliced from the NWATL .At first the Jet is moving Fine from West to East just like normal. See the disruption. No Look closer around Los Alamos and North.While this does not show up as good as the Texas Smell rip there it is. I have also enhanced a image and what do you know there is the triangle right above Los Alamos with the straight line underneath .. Oh I think there is a connection to Los Alamos in this and will moniter them very closely.

Now the Next 8 images are sliced from NEPAC WV. It shows our area responding to the Paciffic Jet manipulation. And now the flow is going the other way. I enhanced a image well what do you know the triangle. What does that always mean class. You bet stop flow or change of flow and yes we have done it REVENGE CAFTA NON Agreement.

Here is the bow and now the flow has been changed.

But by changing the Flow we created a whole new mess of problems.We have opened the door to a system that was going to track across Canada . HMM .. Better change the Upper Jet or we are going to have problems in the North West.

Here is the GHZ that helped guide our shift.

You guys are so busted. I'm documenting every single move you make and have been for sometime.

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 07:45 AM
This is a potentially intereting topic but you need to slow down, give some background, and organize it better. Also you should probably post this under fragine earth as more people interested in weather manipulation hang out there.

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 07:51 AM
We have a intresting set of problems now comming up out of the area by Niceraugua and Hondurous.
There are 2 Lows in that mess down there.1 wants to track towards the Gulf and the other would trail. If and when one Low dies we would have Cyclone development.
So we must enhance the southern Low in a effort to knock off the more Northern Low.We also have another problem. The Southern Jet out of the Paciffic would continue to move our sytem to the Gulf. Now C. America is and has been the target so we must alter the Southern Jet to cut flow in order to keep our Tropical disturbance's that we have been manipulating from getting into the Gulf and hitting the target in this case Hondurous and the Niceraugua area.

So we start here with this set of AM89 .I have sliced just the section relavent

Below image 1.This is the transfer of energy down to where our systems inflow will be able to take up the juice.Our Manipulated Tropical Disturbances show up as a Red smear.

Below Image 2.. Compare the area where the Light beam was touching in image 1 to this image 2. We have the energy . And our Manipulated Tropical Disturbances show up as a Red smears but are more deeper.

Below image 3. Oh the beam agin. This is transfer from our system in the AtlanticNotice the disruption under and around our beam..Our Manipulated Tropical Disturbances show up as a Red smears but are more deeper and you can make out the second area off the Coast of Centrel America.

Below Image 4. This is where we are going to have to alter the Paciffic Jet as our upper disturbance wants to move towards the gulf.If we cut the Jet off and reverse flow the system will then take more of a Westerly move instead of North Make Sense.Also we have a guiding armature towards C. America

Image 5 . Our most Northern Manipulated Tropical Disturbance continues to track North as it has not responded to the Alteration in the Jet.So we must enhance the Lower Manipulated Tropical Disturbance so it is the dominant Low. Notice the cuttoff black line and the disruption only by C. America.

Image 6 . Agin the focus is on the lower system here , However the Manipulated Tropical Disturbance to the North does not want to give so easy and now looks deeper then ever and still has not responded to the Altered Paciffic Jet.

The next 5 images are sliced from the NWATL AM89. They show the Feed and Motion of our beams .I enhanched the last one so you could see it better this is the transfer of energy that you see in Red

The next 3 images a slices of our Manipulation Focal area.

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 07:56 AM
But you see this is a weapon and that is why I posted it here. I will check out the other forum

I have info and have come to the point to share.

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