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Do Any or All Of The Predictions For 2012 Have Any Truth To Them?

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posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 02:16 PM
This is fortunate... I planned on killing myself on January 1st, 2013

Thanks for intervening fate!

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 11:48 PM

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by CyberKat

Y2K only didn't have an effect on society because of the work of many people updating computer systems. It would have had more effect had people not worked to correct it.

2012 is an unknown, man can not update bits in a computer program to fix this. I have no idea what will happen and strongly lean towards everything from man made nuclear disaster, pole shift, spiritual awakening for many of us, the door is open and no one knows.

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 12:58 PM
im new and just been searchin up the 2012 but how do u really no its goin to happen? u have onli researched it from the interent u dont have anything concrete.

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 01:03 PM

Originally posted by Manincloak
The date is the December 21st 2012 as you rightfully said, and is the end of the mayan and aztec calanders, symbolysing not just a cataclysm (the end of one cycle, as the calanders have cycles), but the end of life altogether.

Polar shift is a valid scientific fact, except scientists think that it will be much longer down the track than 2012, however there is a growing amount of evidence it has already started, infact there's a thread here on it somewhere.

There have been many valid theories, and the most valid I believe is a polar shift, however I believe that there will also be a big religeous event, as well as interference with extra-terrestrials.

Deinfately something big will happen, there is no doubt about it.

There are other theories about huge earthquakes and supervolcanoes, atlantis, and some others.

In any case, make sure you get a good spot to view the fireworks

I agree with the polar shift. Not that it will happen in 2012 per say, but that it is a good possibility.

Interestingly enough a polar shift would explain a lot of things concerning multiple "ice ages" and some of the things that are found buried at the poles.

posted on Dec, 25 2008 @ 06:23 PM
I guess the mayan calander ends on december 21 2012, and nostradaumus predicted the world would end on the same day as the ending of the mayan calander, ha I read the bible as much as I can, and although I don't know the actual verse, I have heard from some reliable sources that the scriptures predicts the anti christ, as charismatic, wanting equality, and one world, and backed by a religous leader and have great power. So basicallyy.. We'll im not pointing any fingers but if its true, who's term ends in four years.. Idk I think its all kinda crazy, cuz If the world was gonna end I don't think wed know it.

posted on Jan, 2 2009 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by CyberKat

the night is darkest just before the dawn

maybe 2012 will be a good thing.


2112 is a rush album..

dec.21... 2112... !! RUSH CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE.
haha. (even though its based off a book)


posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 11:54 PM
OT: Some may see this as being somewhat off topic, so I will mark it as such. I don`t believe it`s an end of the world, as it`s more of an end of this reality we see. There is much fear that is embedded in many of the predictions we see with 2012. Fear is what causes chaos and destruction. This is one thing that helped cause the great depression, when many were told that the banks were going to fail. People were fearful that they would not be able to get their money if that were to happen, so what then took place? People ran to their banks and withdrew every dime they had in it, thus, helping to bring the crash about. Not sayiong it wouldn`t have happened anyway, but it did bring it about faster.

Fear can be used as a tool. It can be used to bring people under the control of a one rule mentality, or it can be used to change ones reality. This is why I do not buy the doom and gloom of 2012, but see it as a way of waking up the majority of those who are asleep at the controls of their own lives, or have their heads buried in the sand because they fear change. Why fear change that is good? Is it because we are so headset in our way of thinking? Or is it because we are way to comfortable with our way of life we have been living, and have become lazy in the process? These people need a change of reality. We have become so lazy in body, mind and spirit, we have forgotten why we are here in the first place. We have moved from a path of spiritual enlightenment, to a path that has signs telling us we must work our lives away to be able to survive in this reality. It`s called spiritual stagnation. Not a great place to be in when one looks through this reality and beyond to where we should be at this stage in our growth.

In other words, those fears may come to pass if we give into them, and don`t try and change the reality we now have.

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posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 06:22 PM

posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 07:53 PM
I have been reading numerous articles on this Myan 2012 concept for sometime now and also reading what the Bible says in Daniel and Revelation, which I believe is 100 % revealed Truth, for some reason I am of the opinion that the Myan 2012 concept is nothing more than the false teachings by groups that deal with "Ascended Masters" and if you do research on them they are a "New Age" group of people with a very creative sense of reality or should I say lack of recognised reality in both religion and theology as well as psychology. But then what if they could be correct ? and not only that but Al Gore and Global warming may be reall too and not just the normal cycles of mother nature which we were told in school 25 to 30 years ago before AL Gore came on the scene with his "scientific ideas and understanding "

posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 10:59 AM
I think you misunderstood what you read about the earth's magnetic field. Every decade, or so, the SUN reverses its polarity, marking the beginning of the next solar cycle. There are scientists who actually keep track of the cycles and record their peaks and minimums. Currently, we are either at the end of cycle 23 or the beginning of cycle 24. The relation between the solar cycle and the Mayan calender end-date is that the extimated peak time of cycle 24 is near the end of 2012. The official date is in August, but it's not definate.
Also, the "big bang" was not responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs. The term refers to a time when all of the loose particles in space compacted together to form a mass that was approximately the size of the sun. It then broke apart, forming the solar system that we have today. Dinosaurs ceased to exist following a shower of asteroids that slammed into Earth.
There are many speculations about why the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012--none of them conclusive. The fact of the matter is that no one knows the real answer, except the ancient Mayans who made the calendar. The fact that the calendar ends abruptly on a specific date fuels the belief that it will be the end of time, however it isn't definate. Scientists have indicated that it will be a particularly active time in space and it could affect Earth, but they don't know to what extent.
References to "the mark of the beast" are definately biblically based. One theorized connection between armageddon and 2012 has absolutely nothing to do with science. Some believe that on that day, the barrier between Earth and the demon world will fall and the planet will be invaded by evil creatures--or beasts. Personally, I'm not a believer of that scenario because of the fact that the Mayans worshiped the gods and have no connection to Christianity.

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 06:40 AM
reply to post by CyberKat

I'm about 98% sure that 2012 will go by just like any other year, as boring as that sounds that is the most logical prediction. Although I do have that small percent of me that I reserved on the what if. My theories on what will happen if anything are more along the lines of extraterrestrials or astronomical events. Oh and the Mayans said it would be the end of the fourth age of man and the beginning of the fifth. Didn't specify destruction and death. It could mean anything. For example when man first took to the skies that was an end of an age, when man first discovered fire that was an end of an age. As for my theory on extraterrestrials I believe the calendar could specify the date aliens return to earth. If you look at Mayan history it has tons of clues pointing towards extraterrestrial influence. Why the long wait? Space is huge. Even traveling at the speed of light it would take you roughly 4 years to get to our closest star. So perhaps they were 2000 light years away? If aliens landed that would be the end of an age of ignorance. The end of questioning whether or not we are alone( which honestly is ridiculous to think anyways, space is too massive). As for astronomical events that could be destructive they're are very few that make sense. Polar shift, possible but not likely to happen that soon although it is scientific fact that does happen. Sun spot disappearing signifying the sun going through a natural stage where the magnetic field weakens causing some pretty terrifying results, possibly. In fact last time this happened roughly 12,000 years ago supposedly a solar flare(usually held back by the massive magneto sphere surrounding the sun) actually hit our planet causing the largest forest fire ever. This is probably the most likely.Another theory is the Death Star theory(no not the space station from star wars). Some scientist believe we are actually in a binary star system with a failed star(brown dwarf, imagine Jupiter but roughly 70% bigger). This object would have a pretty powerful gravity well so it would most likely be surrounded by dust, asteroids and small planetoids. If this is true and we passed close to this object some of the debris surrounding it could get pulled in by the suns gravity sending it possibly towards us. This is a fairly backed theory since the history of the Earth seems to be on a 26-27 million year cycle of mass extinction. Probably won't happen in 2012 though. Last but not least they're is always Gamma Ray bursts. This by far is the most unlikely but it would most certainly mean doomsday, period. A Gamma Ray burst is an ultra powerful beam of concentrated Gamma Rays created from only the most massive nova's aka Hyper Nova's(this happens when a Hyper-Giant Star goes nova). The bad part about this theory is if its true we are f&^*&d. For one it travels at the speed of light so they're is no predicting it. When it hits it would kill all life on the side of the planet it hits immediately.One scientist said it would be like all the world's armaments going off at once. It would also completely destroy the Ozone and eject most of the atmosphere into space. Whats left living would die shortly after. Its a planet killer. The light alone from a Gamma Ray Burst is a trillion times brighter than our star, that alone would vaporize you. Even worst they could come from over a 1,000 light years away and still have this amount of power. So one could be heading our way right now, theoretically. As for how we got the clock for this horrible event? My only theory is once again extraterrestrial influence. Why no religious theories? I'm a man of science and reason, although I'm not atheist. I believe in reincarnation to some extent, I just don't believe in heaven and hell. Well those are my theories let me know what you think.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 07:00 PM

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 12:07 AM
I am going to just say this. Regardless if the hype is true or not, much like Y2K, people are going to go wierd. I honestly think it takes longer than 24 hours to tear down and rebuild the place, but just think of all of those people who are SO CONVINCED something is going to happen...and the chaos that will ensue if it doesn't.

Whether or not it will be natural (I highly doubt it) when people expect something as potent as 2012, they will bring it about themselves, regardless. Plato said specifically that Atlantis was an educational illustration for people, not the real deal. So what has happened? Only people turning the world upside down looking for it.

Much like the suicide Y2K-ers who went to see the spaceship in the sky or whatever, I'm betting (especially with today's issues) that we humans will be our own demise. Riots, cults, you name it, it will probably peak on that day. I will make a point of staying inside that day, definately!

Anyway, I can't die yet. The fortune teller told me I'd live until my 80's.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by CyberKat

There is a great book called Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization's End by Lawrence E. Joseph, an New York Times jounalist that explores many versions of the 2012 theories.

The one I put most credence in is the Solar Maximum which is do to coincide with 2011-2012. This solar activity may have the capacity to knock out all of our electrical grids and potentially send us into the dark ages. It may also do a lot of damage to the atmosphere which might cause an E.L.E.

Good book that doesn't take itself to seriously; however, has many frightening topics.

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 04:44 AM

Originally posted by Nygdan

I have heard 12 12 2012 as a date when this occurs, but also 5 5 2005. I think that its just that people are being silly and taking the repetition of the numbers, 555 or 121212, as 'siginificant'. Its not. People invented those numbers, they have no 'objective' reality, and aren't even used by everyone.

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I agree.

I always see time, date and numbers as just labels, something mankind has needed to make sense of the world. Science wouldn't work without time and numbers, but nature, the Universe etc. would still move on without them. It does not need formulae or theorem, it just is. Heck we even had to invent i (or j) the imaginary root of -2 to make some science work

Over the centuries man has used numbering systems that were not base ten and the "significance" of a base 10 date may not exist in other number systems. Also, as said, not everyone uses our Calendar. There are many religious and cultural calendars worldwide.

Also if the calendar were really a soothsayer prediction of a significant event in the Mayans life, would not its actual demise as a civilisation have been more significant?

We keep getting people who see significance in numbers and/or dates over the years...and always nothing much happens and I expect 2012 to be the same.

I am quite a spiritual person and know a few, more spiritual ones too. They have come up with tales of having "meetings" with Arch Angels and Ascended Masters who state it is a vibrational shift towards enlightenment. What?

I have heard of unused DNA being activated, Aliens invading, comets/asteroids colliding, Mayan kings or Jesus returning, time is speeding up, one friend of mine in India, a disciple of a self proclaimed "Master" thinks a war is to begin in the Middle East that will be the "end of days", but there are really too many things to list here.

For me I do not know, I am open minded enough to know man doesn't know it all but the Quantum world, apart from making science funky and not boring again, is also a curse for all kinds of metaphysical and pseudo-science gibberish entering the world, libraries and of course DVD collections.

That is something else that gets me. How often do the authors of these ideas come to the table and say they have evidence for salvation or damnation and the knowledge is yours for the mere purchase of a book or DVD? I often have a laugh at that, you discover the "End is nigh" and you are only going to tell the people who buy your book and DVD !!

Like with so much of this stuff if there were ONE theory/idea that stood out maybe there is a chance that there may be something occurring but there are as many ideas as there are people looking for an alternative to the drab lives they live today. But of course there are those that say we each create our own thought universe so maybe we are all right?

I am not saying nothing is going to happen, just that I see nothing that stands out and right now fully expect to go to bed on ANY of these "significant" dates and wake up the next day to the same world I did the day before. Probably a little worse though, probably another war, bombing, natural disaster somewhere but essentially the same world.

I agree that if it were not for the Mayan calendar kicking it off no one would have noticed a thing..

posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by VelvetSplash

not sure where your at with your thoughts, but-

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