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Possible ATI cover for Roswell.

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posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 10:55 PM
I posted a similar thread to this in Aliens and UFOs.

Hopefully , ATS Skunk Works is more appropriate from a possible hypothesis regarding Roswell and possible Air Technical Intelligence involvement in the RAWIN " Weather balloon " cover story.

The reason being that " at first glance" there seems to be tons of " Pro" circumstantial and anecdotal evidence for this hypothesis and very little " Con" evidence.

When I said " at first glance" I was talking from my perspective only.

The link between Roswell and Circleville, Ohio is something many Roswell enthusiasts may be at first turned off by.

Two UFO researchers named Schmitt and Randle are the reason for that.

Both are well known , as is the controversy surrounding them.

I have not read any of their Co- Authored Books so honestly I don't know for sure how they used Circleville, Ohio in their theories.

But I am kicking these ideas around in my head and seeing what I normally consider to be more than just co-incidence.

Let me explain...

From a Generic perspective " at first glance " the Circleville UFO story looks like it reinforces the Air Forces story all along.

Here is a Circleville link ... take a quick look.

Looks just like a Neat and unused RAWIN target just like the torn up RAWIN target on the floor in the photos from Gen. Ramey's office right?

Then you realize that Circleville is in the News Papers on July 6 , 1947 and all your hopes are dashed right?


Let me explain more ...

There is not only one Rawin Target that is being "claimed to misidentified" as a " Crashed Disc" in Circleville , but two more.

One brought in to Circleville again on July 8 , '47 .

Another one brought in also on July 8 , '47 .

The third and final Rawin Target was "claimed " to have been found in South Bloomfield , Ohio.

South Bloomfield is 10 or 15 miles North of Circleville, Ohio.

Circleville, Ohio just happens to be 60 -70 miles directly downwind of Wright Field.

Wright Field is the place where the U.S. has concentrated most of its Air Technical Intelligence over the years and increasingly since the end of WWII.

In fact if anything strange would have happened at or near Roswell Army Air Field ( the only Military Unit on Earth at the time with Nukes ) including a Mogul recovery , Wright Field would have been involved.

And Wright Field was involved and this is accepted by all parties.

So the question becomes, how was Wright Field involved ?

Think about Circleville again , here is a visual aide that I made.

I have gone into further detail on the Air Technical Intelligence aspects of T-2 and Circleville on this thread at the Aliens and UFOs Forum.

And here are some ATI links that should be basic reading for anyone into Roswell or ATI , because you will be rewarded with interesting information that relates to both.


Air Technical Intelligence

The point being that given the history of T-2 and the people the Director of T-2 , Col. Frank McCoy , and the Technical Air Intelligence Units (TAIU) that are stationed at Wright field ( and as my best critic pointed out ) even if only a Mogul Balloon Train was responsible for the Roswell Incident Wright Field would have been involved.

Circleville and South Bloomfield give me the impression that Wright Field was heavily involved in planting a Cover story for the "Crashed Discs".

Possibly for Roswell itself.

We know from the Church Committee reports that Journalists were fair game for Intel Assets.

And we know Circleville Rawin Targets hit the Papers on July 6 '47. That is the same day Mac Brazel brought Debris in to see Sheriff Wilcox ,who we all know called RAAF.

The rest is history .

Except for the fact that we also know that Rawin targets and Weather Balloons were the preferred explanation for UFOs after this time period of a few days in 1947. As evidenced here by News articles on July 9, 1947.

San Francisco Examiner July 9, 1947

The Army Air Forces sent a shiver of excitement across a saucer-conscious Nation yesterday with the announcement that an actual flying disc had been found near the cradle of the atomic bomb in New Mexico.


It was the box kite radar reflector of a weather balloon.

Well we know that is not the case.

The three " artifacts " of "debris" from Circleville and South Bloomfield are AAF RAWIN radar targets.

RAWIN targets that both Wright Field and Roswell Army Air Field had.

But we continue....

But while the mistake lasted, it was a honey.

Oh... The Author of that sentence has no idea does he/she ?

Roswell refused to give any more details, saying only that the disc had been rushed along to higher headquarters.

This is strange because none of the " Crashed Discs" near Wright field are rushed anywhere except to the Press.

I could go on here but I'll await some responses first.

It just happens that Circleville and South Bloomfield are all three Army Air Force RAWIN Radar Targets not Weather Balloons. The Famous Ramey Office Photos are also AAF RAWIN target that happens to be torn up.

All told it looks like Wright Field was involved in a well planned and well executed Counterintelligence Operation , seemingly centered around events at Roswell ( RAAF ).

Four RAWIN Targets total, Three near Wright Field in Ohio and one in Gen. Ramey's Office in the Roswell Photo's.

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posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 05:42 PM
i read this post on the other thread and i was quite interested.
i went to wright field back in the late sixties but all i recall from my visit was the air museum there. it wasnt as good as the one at the smithsonian but its all i recall. great stuff.

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