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OmiGod, new Alien outopsy pics. 1966 Yugoslavia crash. Look!

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posted on Dec, 26 2008 @ 02:27 AM
Merry Christmas

The article explaining how this "autopsy" was made can be found HERE.
The article about the contest "Catch on camera a fake ghost" can be found HERE.
The contest was launched by "Scienza e paranormale", the magazine of CICAP, the Italian Committee for Testing Statements about Paranormal Phenomena.

The video in question won the contest, BTW.

Here is it:

We recorded the film in the waiting room of a dental surgery, kindly provided by one of our friends, ho also provided us with gowns and more medical/surgical stuff.
The "crew" was composed by five people: my nephew, my brother-in-law, and me were the "doctors", my wife and her sister did shoot the film.
For the scene of the cut which shows blood coming out we did put a small pipe behind the scalpel's blade, connected to a small pump kept in the hand: with a slight push, the blood looked as if it was coming out from the incision.
The fake open torso contains ribs and trimmings, but also marmelade and Slime (flat tires repair product).

We also used a red spray and some glue.
The shooting duration was half a day. From a total of 40 minutes, we extracted the 3 minutes duration requited, we converted it in black and white and added a sampled noiso reproducing an old camera noise.
The video was done, it wasn't spotless of course, but with an outcome of L.It. 350.000 (roughly, some hundreds of present dollars) and no chance to make any test with the puppet before, it looked fairly good to me.
I hope that who watched it enjoyed it, but on top of that thought about the fact that in order to get some special effects sometimes no huge outcomes are needed, but just some creativity.

The "alien's head" modeled in clay.
The stage is ready for the film recording
Close-up of the "alien" before the autopsy

More photos during the "autopsy"...

posted on Dec, 26 2008 @ 06:02 PM
reply to post by internos

thank you internos !

you certainly know your alien autopsy's

i can't believe in any of these videos of autopsy's because more than likely the people performing such a task would be in something like a space suit for protection. who in their right mind would cut open an Alien body and take the chance of being exposed to god knows what ?

thanks again and your post certainly puts this one to rest

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