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A theoretical M.I.B. question......

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posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 01:28 PM
I have had experiences of harrassment both by redneck/snitch government inspired wantabe black op guys. Never the real government guys yet, I think. And I have encounters with the type of guys you talk about in this post. Something in your post which is exactly the same as what happened to me tells me you were actually visited by alien black ops here. These may not be the government guys you think but they are very convincing and even put the thought into your head that they are with the government when actually they are not.

quote]Originally posted by jritzmann
Well, I dont mind saying it here at all, not the most interesting story.

But one thing to mention is the "classic" MiB, those robotic fellas, actually got their start in serial novels and comics to some degree. Before those tales hit the market, no one ever saw or reported a MiB, in the classic sense. Derek at IIG West has the details on that...but suffice it to say they are largely the stuff of urban legend.

My own experience stemmed from when I was working for "Sightings" connected to the AOL forum. I was the only remote host for the AOL section those many years ago, and I basically handled the chat rooms. Back then a section like Sightings financially depended on how many members of AOL came in, and stayed in, the chat rooms. They got paid off a percentage of that attendance. Since I was the only chat host, on saturday nights I booked full rooms, for 4-5 hours. Sometimes up to 3 rooms. It was wicked successful.

One night a girl came in, from the east coast. She explained a situation with abduction, and that she had gathered samples of "goo" that she believed were alien in origin. She had gone so far as to collect control samples of carpet, label them, label the "goo" and keep them all in sterile jars.

I had some contacts at Johns Hopkins I thought might be able and willing to analyze them. She agreed and sent them off to me. She prefaced by saying that she'd been "spyed" on by men at her house, and felt like she was under constant surviellance. You have to understand that alot of people in this UFO thing think someone is watching them, or theyre just outright paranoid. I didnt think much of it when she said she'd caught a man outside her livingroom window, and when caught he said he was with the cable company...but she didnt have cable. (You know, wierd but not much more the ancedotal)

Well, the samples showed up to the PO box of my business. I took them back to the shop and tucked them away. No sense in takin chances right?

Well, work day went as usual, but I was running a job that required me to most likely have to work all night. My business was located in a highly rural area, maybe a car goes by every 20 minutes...maybe more. I'm finishing up around quarter to 4am. I'm dead on my backside, and I wanna go home.

Out of nowhere a car pulls up in front. Dark blue sedan. 2 men get out, one a rather thin shorter man with red hair and mustache/glasses, the other a burly guy with dark hair, and no glasses. Both wearing dark blue suits. One carrying a briefcase.

I answer the door, as it was locked, and the small one said they were traveling the area all day seeking out business owners in regard to life and disability insurance for self owned business people.

I said, "Look man it's 4 am and I'm only here to finish a job, I'll be in at 10am tomorrow"

He said, "It'll take 3 minutes, promise we wont keep you. We're out of this area tomorrow, and just happened upon ya, this might actually benefit ya." He said as he slid is hand in the door which was partly open.

So, they come into my office, the samples are tucked away in the upper loft, out of sight...and truthfully they never even crossed my connection at all was made by me.

Whilst the slim man is talking to me about insurance babble, the other burly one is constantly trying to get behind me. I note that he's fiddling with my computer.

"Dude, dont mess with that." I said.
"Got anything good on here?" he replies.
"Seriously man, there's work on there and I dont want anything lost". I said.

The slim one is getting my attention again, but when I ask him questions about coverage, he says "I'll have to call in about that, I dont know." He said this twice. At that point, I was like, lemme get these goofs out of here.

To boot, I caught the burly guy fiddling with the keyboard again. I'd had enough of these simpletons.

At that point I said, "Ok look guys, here's my card and gimme a call, I might be interested in answers to my questions."

The small one got up and made his way out, as did the large man. The small man, did literally all of the talking.

He says, "Well look, Mr. Ritzmann, youre working late, in a remote area." He points to a ladder outside my office door and continues, "You could very easily come down this ladder and fall. Who would find you? You could lay there with a broken neck or God knows what all night"

Then he stared at me.

"Yeah I guess so. I'll have to watch that" I said, to which he replied, "Jeff, we know full well whats going on. Continuing on with this is just going to get you into trouble. You work here, it's 4am, no one around...accidents happen...dont they?"

He stared at me again as he took his glasses off.

"You need to drop this, and doing anything else so rash can be I make myself clear?" The stare was now a glare.

I knew at this point who they were, and why they're selling insurance at 4am.

"Yes sir". I said.

"Are we going to have to come back here? Are you sure you understand? Is it clear enough for you?"

"Yes sir" I said.

"Are you sure?" He grinned a bit. (I cannot go into great depth about the statement "are you sure?", but later in the thread I'll tell ya about creeps me to this day.

"Yes sir." I said, and at this point I was starting to shake. Make NO mistake about it, I was friggin scared. I'm looking for any way out of this.

"Good". he said. "Goodnight then."

And they left. I packed up, and drove home. They followed me, and parked outside my home for a couple hours. Then they left, and I never saw the 2 again.

The samples? Well after I told the lady who sent them to me what happened, she cut off all contact. I delivered the samples to a local MUFON guy, and dropped it cold. I didnt care what they were, or what happened to them. The MUFON man wanted the woman's name, but I didnt have it, just her first, and no contact with her, essentially made me out to be a flake to the MUFON guy.

I could not have cared less. I fear damned little, but that scared me. The idea that they could have easily broke my neck and made it look like I fell, would have been childs play. Easy. The idea, that my infant son or wife could have been touched bothered me more. I dropped out from any UFO research other then photoanalysis at that point.

Just not worth it.

I speak here very little of my own personal experiences, this one being one of the first. Trust me, I could write a book. Some very wierd stuff happened in the course of those 10 years, that one by far the most fearful involving just people.

Anyway, I dont know what ever became of the samples. I have not since those days heard from the girl. And that was many, many years ago now.

But were they "silencers?" No question in my mind, at all.

So, when people say Men In Black, I often remark, they wear blue.

posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 02:38 PM
Grasshopper- You think that the men that visited him were black op aliens? Have you ever meet, spoke, or dealt with a goverment official? Have you ever been questioned, arrested, or followed by a goverment official? My guess is no, the gentelman that visited that fellow were highly trained, highly motivated military personal, something out of the Bourne Identity, they are far from 'alien' unless there green cards expired and they are in this country as illegal ALIENS.

posted on Mar, 18 2006 @ 06:18 PM

Originally posted by Alpha Grey

where upon I immediately shoot them dead because they threatened me and my life on my property......

[edit on 17-11-2005 by sanctum]

Remind me to never go onto your property.

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 01:32 AM
Well Alpha, I had a similair thought to yours. The MIB threatened my life, and I returned the favor. But afterwords, he brought up something touchy. He listed where my mother lived, and proceeded to threaten her life. I'm pretty sure the MIB has a backup plan if they can't get you to shut up.

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 11:20 AM

Originally posted by Gunman
He listed where my mother lived, and proceeded to threaten her life.

If I were in his situation... that would have been the first response I made. Almost, not everyone, loves their mother.

[edit on 19-3-2006 by Foxe]

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 12:36 PM

Originally posted by mrjenka
Grasshopper- You think that the men that visited him were black op aliens? Have you ever meet, spoke, or dealt with a goverment official? Have you ever been questioned, arrested, or followed by a goverment official? My guess is no, the gentelman that visited that fellow were highly trained, highly motivated military personal, something out of the Bourne Identity, they are far from 'alien' unless there green cards expired and they are in this country as illegal ALIENS.

I find it interesting that you would rant at me for simply suggesting that the men were not government. Let me turn it around on you. Have you ever met, spoke with, or dealt with aliens? I doubt that you have. If you had then you would know certain key words that I see in that post that tell me those were no government officials. Bring it on.

[edit on 19-3-2006 by grasshopper]

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 05:21 PM
If youre speaking of my post, I categorically dont not think the men who talked to me were "alien". However, they did use certain words and phrases that I was familiar with in terms of my own experience.

I did not count those words as if to say they were "alien" but moreover to enforce the idea of what, and whom we were talking about. In essence, to drive the point home by virtue of using said phrases to key me off.

I have encountered specific phrases and words more times then I can count, either in the presence of what we percieve as "aliens", or in other wierd situations involving "them" communicating.

I'll detail one of the more odd ones.

I used to work, as I think I've mentioned, for Sightings on AOL, and later for Parascope on AOL. At the time I was the most senior host there, and I knew AOL's chat workings all too well.

I started a group there called "AES", or "Alien Experiencer Support" under Parascope. 2 Weekly chat meetings in an open room attached to Parascope.

You have to understand 2 things:

1) At the time (and I have no idea what it's like now) you could not possibly scroll in a chat room without being booted. Scroll, meaning type more then 3 lines in extremely rapid succession. It essentially kicked you off or out of the room, as a troll defense mechanism. People would come in to disrupt the chat, using scrolling where they'd try and scroll using a macro program, a ASCII middle finger or whatever, into the chat window. Hosts were the only ones with accounts capable of scrolling, and even then, there were limits. We could however, gag members, or boot them out.
So, massive scrolling, wasnt gonna happen.

2) I had never mentioned the phrases to anyone. Not ever.

This particular night, as in many others the conversation had again ended up in the more "spiritual" realm of discussion. I had watched this pattern with people over years of being a host. More then I'd say 70% of the time, a discussion on UFOs or aliens would wind up in a more religious nature. It's not an odd occurance, and it didnt surpise me when it did this night either.

One member, whom I knew extremely well at the time, we'll call them "THX" for examples sake, said they were going to "brb, bathroom".

The account stopped talking, and the discussion with the other members continued, and I'll simulate as best I can what the chat window looked like:
THX has left the room.
Member 1: Jeff what do you think about aliens being demonic, or fallen angels?
Jeff: I think given the data, it's as good a possibility as any.
THX has entered AES
THX has left AES
THX has entered AES
THX has left AES

The entering and leaving the room occurred at breakneck speed. I had seen it before, but never that fast. It literally came on screen at one time.

Member 6: THX???
Member 2 What the hell was that?
Jeff: THX appears to be having connection issues.
NOTE: THX is NOT in the chat room at this time.
NOTE: The scrolling type of jibberish was maybe 10 times as long as the above example. It was so fast, that the conversation on screen literally dissapeared, and it continued for about 20 seconds. Then it stopped.

Member 3: OK, wtf is going on tonight?
Jeff: THX??
THX: Yes.
Jeff: Whats going on?
THX: Do you really believe aliens are demons Jeff?
Jeff: I have more then a sneaking suspicion.
THX: Why are you suspicious?
NOTE: Keep in kind I *know* THX. This kind of conversation was not typical for them, and it didnt seem to be them either. They also were not reading as being in the room, another exremely odd thing.
This person knew my outlook at the time, so asking me, was out of character, and a redundancy. They may have known my outlook at the time, but not specifics.
Jeff: Should we not be suspicious? I think we have every reason to be. I dont "trust" them, and more then enough issues point to what we categorize as "demonic".
THX: Are you sure?
NOTE: The responses were so tight to my replies, that there was no way I could see someone typing them. Could they have typed them as I was replying? Sure. But most were specific responses to me. 3 replies from THX were multi lined and instantaneous to my replies, serious scrolling more then 10 lines each. THX would have had to know what I was going to say and have them typed ahead of time to put into a macro (which a member would not have been able to use...not even a member with AOHell (a common bastardized AOL Gag tools program add on.)

I didnt see THX using such a program, or even being in the room, much less replying in detail so quickly. I'd no sooner hit the enter key then the response was already up. While I cannot remember all of the conversation, it had to do with the spiritual side of experience.
Jeff: Am I sure? Who is this? I dont think this is THX.
THX: You think it's demonic. You think, but you don't know.
Jeff: Maybe I know more then you think.
THX: Are you sure?
NOTE: Ok, here's where I spill a little. "Are you sure?" is a question I have often encountered with my experiences. "Aliens" or whatever title you put to them, seem to say this with an incredible amount of sardonic (dark) humor. I have found it to be extraordinarily aggravating. Seeing THX speak to me in a way they wouldnt have, scrolling impossible amounts of copy, instant replies of mulitlined copy, and not even showing up in the room as a chatting member. Then, "are you sure?".

I got the "feeling". The one I get when "they" are coming. (Experiencers genuinely having the experiences will know the "feeling", it's palpable, and unmistakable.)

The chat window was silent. For 2 minutes. I actually looked behind me as I sat, because it felt like someone was watching me...again, to the point of being tangible. I thought I saw a silouette of someone behind me, but, there wasnt anyone there. The room was silent like death. (Not typical for my house) I got an IM (Instant message) who's *ding* nearly made me jump out of my skin...LOL)
Instant Message
Member 4: Do you feel that.
Jeff: Yeah.
Member 4: I think you'd better call THX on the phone and see whats going on.
Jeff: I will.

At that point I picked up the phone. "THX" then scrolled about 200 lines of jibberish, into the chat room washing the window with letters and numbers. The last line:
THX has left the room.
I stopped dialing.

1 minute later THX signed back in and entered the room.
THX: Back.
Jeff: Are you ok?
THX: Sure, why?
Jeff: Because your name has been typing for about 5-6 minutes with us.
THX: I was in the bathroom. I'm alone.
Jeff: I'm going to copy it to you in email (I sent off copy)
THX: Holy shi%^&*, I swear that wasnt me.
Member 2: Well, we believe you. Something wierd was going on.
The entire chat was logged, and sent to AOL management, as well as Parascope's heads. AOL replied that the time stamp indicated the member was signed off the entire time. There was even talk of tampering with the logs, but that was not found to be the case. AOL's techs said that even using the most robust hack tools, scrolling that much at one time would have literally closed the room as a failsafe.

They had no answer, and it never happened again.

"THX" had significant experiences, some which I experienced with them personally when we met face to face. I have no doubt about the existence of the experience in their life. Nor my own.

Now, of course, I realize that a hack is resourceful, and can manipulate any program they set a mind to. Could it have been such in this case?

AOL said no. I cannot deny the phrases (and there were more then what examples I gave) and the independant "feelings", nor the palpable sense that someone was there in the room that seemed to be able to query into me deeper then anyone could have at the time, and certainly past the knowledge THX would have had.

Wierd, yes...highly.
Concrete? No way.
Did it "feel" "alien"? To me, yes.

I'll say it again, the one constant in all this UFO/alien stuff is ambiguity. This instance, highly ambiguous, but at the same time, pointed.

The men who came to my workplace, did not feel the same way. However they did use terminology and phrases that made it very clear what the subject really was.


posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 06:04 PM

The Facts of MIB

MIB phenomena is interesting on several levels, so many, in fact, that it is difficult to know where to begin. For instance, on the surface it would appear that MIB is one of those very few legends that can be traced to its ultimate source, i.e. Bender. However, a brief perusal of human history suggests that this might not necessarily be the case. A tradition of MIB-type entities, that is mysterious dark-clothed individuals with sinister intentions, can be followed back to ancient times and across virtually all cultures. At least as far back as biblical times there has been a tradition in the Middle East of men attired in black robes and turbans attempting to lure victims out into the desert for unspecified sinister purposes. Likewise, in central and southern Europe during the middle ages there existed a genuine fear among the inhabitants of those regions of black-clad beings who wandered the countryside performing indiscriminate acts of vampirism on humans and livestock alike. Fairy lore allows for otherwise human-looking fairies who dress in black and delight in causing mischief in the human world. The fact that MIB are often (in fact nearly always) described as having Asian features is interesting in light of the fact that there is a long- standing myth in China, Tibet, and India that a superior race of humans live beneath the surface of the earth who occasionally send "agents" dressed in black to the surface to surveil and/or manipulate human affairs. (This is known as the "King of the World" myth.) Native Americans feared the "Black Man" who supposedly lurked in the forests with malicious intent. There are even what could be considered MIB-type undertones in Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1835 short story, Young Goodman Brown.

I never knew this. They are said to have been around for ages!

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 06:28 PM
What an extraordinary story. I am aware that the "aliens" monitor the internet. I have been called on the carpet on more than one occassion for things that I have said on the internet. There are aliens who don't particularly care for being called devils. You have to be careful what you say and you don't dare cross them. When I was speaking of key words I can tell you what I mean. But I can't go into great detail. There is an alpha numeric code. And it seems that nearly all aliens speak this coded language. If anything, it lets you know that you are speaking to one of them. I could give an example but I don't want to give a real example. So I will make one up off the top of my head. Well then again, I can give an example that doesn't give too much away. There was a real crop circle a few years back. It measured 666 feet across. It had an outer ring of 18 feet across. An "alien" once quoted a scripture to me saying, "the faith of the fathers flows like a river". The code is in the first letter of each word ignoring words like of, the, etc. A equals 1, B equals 2, etc. Therefore the 6aith of the 6athers 6lows like a 18iver. I see this code everywhere.

[edit on 19-3-2006 by grasshopper]

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 07:05 PM
Well, I dont recall what the jibberish was that flowed across the screen...could have been nothing.

I'm not familiar with any code, but I do know several of their "catch phrases", which are always an earmark for me at least.

Believe me I'm not saying I wholeheartedly believe there was an alien in a chat room...but it was friggin wierd.

I add it to the heap as part of "those wierd things" you cant exactly figure out.

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 08:34 PM
Actually I have had similar experiences... I was watching a show on a Christian channel talking about aliens being demons...

The entire show, after them stating they thought they were demons, made me uneasy. I began to think... Soon I felt like a question was pressed into my mind, a "Do you really believe this?" I never have those sort of questions when I see something. I dont go "I do not believe this magic show was real" instead I think of every possibility... Instead this question was malaciously forced onto my mind. "Don't believe this junk, nothing like this" as some people say about something.

I felt like I was being watched. I wanted to get up from my spot to go to my computer and ask what some of my closer friends thought about aliens possibly being demonic in intention or otherwise noted. I could not. The more I wanted to leave the program and talk so bad, yet I felt like if that I moved to do so, someone would prevent me from talking about this TV program. I began to get sleepy, which I normally do not...

Right before I was about to let my eyes close, the program (on my massive wall sized projection TV, at night, in pitch dark) showed a full picture of a 3d (or very good 2d fake 3d) art of an alien. Sheer fear as if I knew that was in my living room had hit me. I literrally shot out of the sofa and into my hardwood floor, scrambling to get to my room. The entire time the watched feeling not going away, but getting heavier.

I sat down in my room, all lights on, infront of my computer. I was contemplating of getting my 357 out and loading it, but then decided I should not. I decided not to because I was afraid to have an accident so late at night with it.

My story isnt like yours online, but I did have that sudden fear of being watched... to be honest I'm glad I did not fall asleep...

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 09:18 PM
Pretty consistent with alot of experiencers. I often had stuff like you mention. Especially with the getting sleepy out of nowhere.

I had an instance once when my son was first born. He was new into his own room from the....whaddaya call it...bassinet?....anyway, new into his crib, and was asleep. I was sitting in my chair outside in the livingroom watching a movie and eatin' nachos. Wife was sleeping.

I heard him coo, and was going in to see that he went back to sleep. As I heard him, I felt...odd.

I got to his door and saw something at the right side of the crib looking in over the rail at him. I saw a rather disproportionally long finger as it went by the window by the crib. It's head was long and...well big. But, I didnt see all of it. Too dark.

Thats as far as I got. The "right" thing to do at the time wasnt to go in and see what was in there, but to go back out and watch TV.

The notion "go sit down, everything is fine." shot into my head, and my feet were moving before I even wanted to move. I had the distinct and direct feeling of "we just want to see him"...not that they were taking him anywhere. Just looking.

About 10 minutes later, that "feeling" was gone as quick as it came. I shot ass outta my chair and was in there. He was fine, sleeping, and everything was calm and quiet.

Now tell me how someone like me who wanted a child for so many years would just go sit down, when the very thing from my own childhood that terrified me, was in there with my baby. It's completely irrational, and it's not like me...I fiercely protect my entire family.

I told my wife the next day what happened, and she was preturbed at me for not going in...after I explained that I tried to, she understood there was nothing I could do. She voiced to me that I should try and tell them at one point or another to leave him alone. But, I've never been in that frame of mind when in an experience.

Later on when he could talk, he mentioned going to the moon one night with someone he wasnt allowed to look at. I asked him what it was like.

"Dark" he said., "and they said it was really really cold outside (he said they were in something...some structure I guess he percieved), but you could see a white mountain in the light way far out from where we were."

He was...maybe around 3yrs old? So...imagination of a little boy, or, what. Absolutely nothing you could prove, but he was pretty adamant about it.

He's 13 now with no memory of it, nor does he ever say anything to me or my wife about anything like this. We've always kept him VERY sheltered from it. We dont speak of it around him, nor is he particularly interested in it when a show comes on TV. Fine by me.

There's been at least 10 instances of "I gotta go sit down" or the sudden sleepiness in the wake of something wierd. Sometimes I wish all the experiences I had were ones where I was sleeping...I'd remember less. I guess whatever "it" is didnt see it my way.

Does make ya wonder.

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 09:27 PM

Originally posted by Foxe
Actually I have had similar experiences... I was watching a show on a Christian channel talking about aliens being demons...

The entire show, after them stating they thought they were demons, made me uneasy. I began to think... Soon I felt like a question was pressed into my mind, a "Do you really believe this?" I never have those sort of questions when I see something. I dont go "I do not believe this magic show was real" instead I think of every possibility... Instead this question was malaciously forced onto my mind. "Don't believe this junk, nothing like this" as some people say about something.

Well, I'll keep my views on the religious right out of the discussion, but "aliens" clearly dont want to have anyone believe theyre "demons" or whatever you wanna call it. In my opinion they'd have you believe there's something to learn from them. There is, but it's nothing to do with "them".

I didnt get "dont believe this or that", I got:

"are you sure?"

When it all came down, I was sure enough for me.

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 10:14 PM
Thanks, Jeff, for sharing that...
and giving me goosebumps like I've never had from ATS before

There are some posters who it would be easy to pass off that story as nothing. You have always come across as straightfoward and level-headed, so it has much more impact.

posted on Mar, 19 2006 @ 11:56 PM
Well thanx bud, I mean it is what it is. There's really no need for anyone having an experience to "embellish" it. LOL...I mean it's pretty out there already.

I've talked about this stuff more in the past week or so then I have in over 12 years (about). As I said to Gazrok privately earlier, this is the relatively light stuff...seriously. Back 10-12 years ago, my life in this subject was pretty intense.

Some people emailed me to talk more about it, so rather then hijack this young man's thread, maybe I could start one.

Originally posted by eaglewingz
Thanks, Jeff, for sharing that...
and giving me goosebumps like I've never had from ATS before

There are some posters who it would be easy to pass off that story as nothing. You have always come across as straightfoward and level-headed, so it has much more impact.

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 12:25 AM
Yes, I apologise for the Hijacking / off topic here.

Anyways, on topic, I've never had a run in with the MIB. I've tried and tried to, I want to speak to them... they, like these, as Ill lable it, 'things' seem to know just when and how to respond... and so far, every red flag I've set off hasn't brought one directly to me...

However, they threaten my life, I would either A: ask if I could assist in their own demise, or B: ask if there was some way I could give my life up completely for their kick ass job... depends on how they come and how they act with me.

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 08:55 AM
why am I not lucky enough for something like that to happen to me ????


posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 11:22 AM

Originally posted by Alpha Grey
why am I not lucky enough for something like that to happen to me ????


Meh... I still don't get over my panic when I feel something is watching me... Its not because I'm afraid of "them", wether MIB, Aliens, Govt, or w/e... its just Im afraid of them not talking to me. If they would just talk to me, then I wouldn't fear them trying to barge in on my mind and life.

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 04:48 PM
Well this is why i love the anonymous charachter of the internet, i would find an unsecured wireless network way away from my house, log into it, use a proxy anyway and post any video i had to multiple servers and mail it to anyone involved in ufology. After that i would change the MAC address in my laptop, go home, have a beer and relax. Safe in the knowledge that i have provided something that someone will try and debunk.

Or maybe i wouldn't even bother becuase no matter what video evidence you have it will not change world opinion or force the goverments into a confession, if they have one to make about this subject.

posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 05:11 PM
So you're saying the MIB are not "galaxy defenders"? I'm pissed now. Hollywood is supposed to tell us the truth.

The reason certain people don't have the encounters is because they don't have evidence that warrants pro-active threats. If you throw up red flags and can back it up with proof then expect a visit. If you just know everything without any proof then plausible deniability is your friend. I may know that the MIB are nothing more than alien holographic projections. But since I could never prove such a thing, I'll never see them.

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