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NWO coming in to view - related to 911 events

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posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 07:21 AM
I wated to star this thread to get the opinion of the people.

I have posted it here in this section cause it has to do with 911 events.
What i want to make this thread about is "is NWO a positive aspect"

Some people say that yes it is coming but not like we picture it
and that it will come with science peace and one world goverment
but a good one world goverment that wants nothing but peace.

It is almost funny to picture it some space craft coming on to earth
and people coming out of it and some guy sayng "i am the ruler of ALFA-B5
planet we come in peace"

So we can picture our selfs like that some day having a ruler of earth.
I will be happy to agree on it but when i look at the metods of geting there
i question the hole thing.

Is makeing order with force and tirany going to take us on a great NWO?
Why all the cover ups if the NWO is a good thing?
Why all the killing and how will it that take us on the wings of peace?

For the oposition.
I want people to state their opinions but let's keep facts like paragraphs
of the patriot act ,911 events that will show that it will take us to a bad NWO.

For the lovers of NWO i want the same things to show up with fact on why they think NWO will take us to a better world but facts not just rubish.

Well i am curios my self on the arguments so let's see.

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