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Wow National Geographic Has Sunk Pretty Low

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posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 01:15 AM
Any of you guys see the National Geographic Channel special on the Crucifixion of Jesus aired tonight? They just called Jesus himself a Violent "Rabble Rouser", placing the blame of his crucifixion on Rome and saying the Jews weren't at all responsible for his execution. Saying Judas was chosen by Jesus rather than any kind of betrayal. They touted this broadcast as New Facts having been discovered that shed light on his final moments... I'm not entirely Christian, but even I felt somewhat offended by the crap they were construing, even comming dangerously close to misquoting scriptures. Anybody else watch that tonight?

I have noticed a trend lately in the History Channel, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Etc. and it looks to me like they are pretty blatantly and indeed relentlessly attacking some of the most basic foundations of Christianity, and it looks like they are going after Conspiracy Theorists as well. Of course they own the Channels, they can broadcast what they like, but alot of people consider National Geographic, or Discovery Channel and the like to be a reference like and reliable source of information. Sadly it looks as though as a once Noble Institution like National Geographic has fallen into nothing more than a Zionist Propoganda Machine. Show after show, trying to disprove some of the very foundations of the Christian Faith, or the 'ridiculousness' of common topics of Conspiracy Theories, like hauntings, of Big Foot. The trend is unmistakable, and the consequence of allowing a mass consolidation of our media is starting to show it's color.

Put this in the Rant Forum if you like btw.

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 01:22 AM
twitchy, this is probably the first post of yours that I agree with.

That "Science of the Bible" series might as well be called "Debunking Christianity" as they always try to rewrite the Bible, pretty much saying nothing happened as written.

But, I wouldn't call it "Zionist" propaganda, it's probably more atheist propagana.

On a side note, I'd also say the Discovery channel programs seem to be lately taking so much liberty in their "science" programming, I would call it pseudoscience. The other night I saw something about the mammal-like reptiles living before the dinosaurs and they were talking about detailed such behaviors of these animals, it really set off my B.S. alert -- there's no way they'd be able to know that stuff.

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posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 01:37 AM
I might Agree with Zionist propoganda.

But the Jews did not crucify Jesus or order his execution. They did stir up # with the Romans and fed the Romans some tails of treason and such, but the Romans could have just as well let him go to spite the Jewish Clergy.

Even when I was Christian, I never believed Jews killed Jesus. The Romans did the stripping, whipping, and pounded the nails in themselves.

The history channel has been lately putting on alot of Anti-Conspiracy/UFO stuff too. The sources and logic used to disprove is faulty and easy to pic k apart if you have a brain.

posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 10:49 PM
On the Science Chanel this evening they are repeatedly running two shows, one about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the other called "The Real Disciples of Jesus". Once again, offering nothing more than the opinions of Jewish and Biblical historians, they are claiming 'new evidence', basicly saying that Mary was just another indigent mother of a mere preacher, and they are calling his disciples argumentive and freeloading "faith healers" who abandoned their families and argued amungst themselves about who was the greatest amung them. They are even trying to say that Judas was the respected and trusted of the 12 and he didn't betray Jesus saying "there's no such thing as a kiss of betrayal", and that more than one of the disciples were Step-Brothers of Jesus which of course would have made Mary guilty of a mortal sin, as though they were given facts. Parts of a New Series called Ancient Evidence, these shows have apparently just recently replaced the regular scheduled programming, just in time for Christmas replacing the regular slotted show "Above The Core". I think it is safe to say that the persecution of Christianity has officially begun and is in full force, and they are using media we would normally accept as 'factual' to do it. Absolutely Disgusting.
Merry Christmas guys, damnit.

And then, right after I submit this thread, a third show come on claiming that the 'evidence' says that Jesus had himself killed.
This is the "Science Channel" for crying out loud...

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posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 12:18 AM
Dos`nt surprise me its been happening more and more,

i`ve noticed here in Australia over the past ten or so years Christmas and Easter they show less and less Biblical programs, the last 2 years i`m 99% certain they showed nil on all channels,so Twitchy and least your getting a falsified Christ we dont get any,just Satan Clause programs with Tim Allen

But we`re supossed to be multicultural and showing Christian programs at Christmas might upset others beliefs,well i say why are they at home watching tv programs on Christmas day GET BACK TO WORK ya slackers!!

I know this is serious an all but if i flipped out every time i saw something against Christianity id be flippin well flippin the majority of the time.

So have a great Christmas break to you all whether you deserve it or not or even want it and every day after that for that matter, brought to you by our One and only,largely misunderstood,discredited,falsified,abused but unblemished True Light Son of God,King of Kings Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas? i had no idea Santa was even married.

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 05:10 AM
I'm glad we finally came to some agreement on something DJ

I just read somewhere a while back that Christmas Trees are considered to be offensive and inconsiderate to jews. Man oh man. Another show last year was trying to call Christmas Christmaskah and another channel was running what they called the Twelve days of christmas and it was all gore and horror flicks. Keep your eyes peeled, I'm sure they'll be at it again this year. Don't let them demonize christmas this year folks, it's probably the one decent thing we still share collectively as a nation... It's under attack.
I think I'm going to have pork rinds and sausage balls this year for Christmas right beside my big star topped tree and then go Christmas carroling at all the chinese restraunts in my town.

Why would they be so interested in attacking Christmas? Beacuse its the only real clues our modernized culture has left to discover the real deal maybe? That's my take on it anyway.

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 04:11 PM

Any of you guys see the National Geographic Channel special on the Crucifixion of Jesus aired tonight?

I didn't see the show, but I read the book.
I think most of their information is pulled from the book appropriately titled 'Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography' by this fellow by the name of Crossan. It's a fascinating read.

They just called Jesus himself a Violent "Rabble Rouser"

Well, he was certainly a rabble rouser. He tried to destroy the class system that had been in place for centuries, millenia even - definitely shook things up. The whole dining with whores, touching lepers, these were acts of civil disobedience according to Crossan, because Jesus was flying in the face of tradition and social stigma, trying to bring about an egalitarian society.

Don't know about the violent part, that certainly doesn't jive with what I understand...

placing the blame of his crucifixion on Rome

Where it belongs, IMO. Pilate was not a saint, and he was not some sympathetic lover of Christ backed into a corner by the actions of the mob. He was a cold-blooded killer, a thuggish petty tyrant - not some sensitive, conflicted buddy of Jesus.

Saying Judas was chosen by Jesus rather than any kind of betrayal.

You don't find that plausible? I find it quite interesting...

The notion that Christ knew he had to die for his message to reach through the ages intrigues me. What if he wanted to have some measure of control over the circumstances of his death, and the character of his legacy? He would need to orchestrate it himself. If he did need someone to sell him to the Romans, he would have to pick the smartest, most devoted disciple, the one who would understand the self-sacrifice and the true motivations behind the plan.

I don't know if it's true or not, but it's a wonderful theory IMO. Quite a few scholars are attempting to de-mystify Jesus, and I think that might be for the best. Time will tell...

Anyway, you might enjoy the book, it's quite interesting and written well enough to keep you turning the pages.

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