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Global Genetic Testing!?

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posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 08:48 PM
Need some help here. My Distant Early Warning Paranoia Alarm is flashing. Anybody else heard about this? Know anything?

GENDIA Corporation is an international network of genetic diagnostic labs. The Global Health Network is an international online support site for people with various diseases - most of which are now said to be "genetic" or to have a genetic component. GENDIA FOUNDATION is a joint project of the Gendia Corporation and the Global Health Network:

"dedicated to assisting individuals in need of genetic testing who do not have the financial resources to afford such services. This is a global project and assistance will be provided to many individuals in undeveloped countries."

The focus is on genetic testing - not treatment. Effective treatment of diseases with a genetic component involves gene therapy, stem cell therapy, or a lifetime of special expensive medications. Treatment is not cheap, any way you go. And not covered by insurance either.

So why fund genetic testing when these people can't afford treatment? I mean, they couldn't afford the test, right? So why provide a free test, when you know for sure the patients can't afford to treat what they find?

Smells funny, IMO.

David Hughes, the Global Health Network's founder, supposedly has two sons with a genetic disorder. He now works in insurance, and used to be a police officer according to his online bio. On the surface, his motives look pure. But like I said, something smells funny here.

Gendia Foundation could be the frontline for a global assisted suicide/eugenics campaign, maybe starting with abortion. Or maybe it's a way to track human mutation and evolution, without any malevolent intent. Or to show how widespread human mutation is becoming, also without malevolent intent.

Any thoughts? Comments? Other interpretations? A different analysis? More information?

Also see:

Global Health Network - front end of a plan to involve the exchange of information between professionals dedicated to prevention of disease. A huge site. Now back on line with a joint presentation [Gendia Foundation].
Source: Aussie Educator Tertiary Links

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 07:01 PM
Where's the Conspiracy?

David Hughes may have altruistic intentions and this is totally benevolent in the sense that poor people could act on the knowledge somehow, or maybe he's being used or has been bought.

Got my conspiracy senses tingling.


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