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POLITICS: CIA Says Castro Has Parkinson's Disease

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 08:31 PM
Well i think Cubans have more or less a good life. They dont have many things but most important they have are living their lives. They easy work 8h/day, healtcare and schools are free, a nice chunk of payed vecations. No traffic jams on the way home. .. and other stuff.

If u compare this with us... sometimes i feal we have been robbed of our lives. The only thing that matters is 2 earn cash and more cash.. on the other hand we spent this cash but life goes on realy fast. We have every day less time for all the small things that life is made of.

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 08:43 PM
Exactly Some good for them actually came out. I mean i saw some pictures of Cubans and it looked pretty o.k. there. (I am only commenting on what i saw. I dont live there and wont understand daily life. this is just my opinion).

Nice sunset.

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 09:57 PM
Hola Amigos
This may sound crazy for you becouse I am Mexican, not Cuban , but i had been there at leats more than 50 times on many years and to differents etapas from Cuba, so that i can express some of the good things that the cubans people they got throuhg castro regime...
Health Care , believe or not all cuban people can access to medical care at any time by free no cost at all,, yes some guys will debunk this point becouse they may said that cubans dont have medicines at the drogstores or where to buy, wrong cuban's had produce they own medicine, they have to becouse any lab wont wanna sell them nothing so if they access to the formula they produce it , to cure almost everything. and i mean it.
the cuban population almost have a doctor per block where they can go to if their needs not require hospitation, besides that familiars doctors visit the population very often,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and by free
Education is complety free at schools,, cuban baby childrends can attend to schools by free from pre escolar they're called Circulos Infantiles, where any family can left the baby almost for the all day, the baby will be feed it at those circulos.
Primary , Secundary , High school, University and or until Masters are by Free and they also get food at schools. cuban's among american continent poblation is one of the most educated people.
Food, this is main issue becouse cuba can't produce everymeals that they cosume, so they have to buy Outside Cuba paying on front, but cuban goverment subsidy somemeals ( sell at cheaper prices ) they also have one thing called Libreta de Raccionamiento. mean a little book where familys can buy cheap goodies whatsoever have . rice, beans, vegatables, etc etc. and those are selled at the same blocks where people live to.
Cuban's they have many others things from my piont of view, But when Fidel Castro pass away , there is No way that his brother Raul take over on power, this is becouse the FACT that Cuban's Population dont think Raul have the Carisma of Fidel and they wont support him.

I also want to expreess my thanks to all members from ATS who were concern about myself due the Wilma pass by Cancun, Thanks All of you.
Sincerelly your amigo
jorge alberto

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 11:21 PM
I totally agree. Some good came from Castro... Every person has a good side no matter how evil you may picture him (not saying castro is evil). America just hate(d) communism so it is trying to stamp it out. There is a fine difference between Communism (im not commmy) and what Americans believe it is (Stalinism). I was from russia and when i came over here i had business classes at my High School. The teachers talked about how bad it is over there and how everyone looks unhappy.

The truth is that everyone is always unhappy there
I mean my grandparents NEVER complained about anything. People here were led to believe that the KGB was evil. After reading this sites topics i came to the conclusion that the CIA is wayyyyy more frightening. Like im saying.. its just how your goverment looks at that country. If your gov doesnt like a country, the media wont make it look good.

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 11:31 PM
Apparently Castro has refuted the idea that he has Parkinson's........

During his latest speech, Castro held his arm outstretched and joked about not trembling -- one of the symptoms most associated with Parkinson's.

Chicago Trib article

He's practically 80.......most of what they mention as signs of Parkinson's could simply be old age. Even a credible neurologist would hesitate to make a diagnosis on such feeble evidence......Is this all the CIA has to do??

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