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Unauthorized CIA planes landings in Europe

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posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 01:33 PM
One of the biggest news headlines in Sweden and several other european countries currently, is the unauthorized landings of CIA planes on national airports.

The state secretary of Sweden, Lars Danielsson, just some hours ago confirmed that planes that are known to have transported "prisoners" has landed on swedish soil, but that it is not known who has been responsible for the transports.

Norway has acted quited differently; by arranging a meeting with US embassy personel in the country - personel that on this meeting stated that the planes were not, quote, "officially on duty" at the time of the landings.

The swedish security police, SÄPO, provides the following (pointless?) comment when interviewed by TT, the swedish newspapers telegram agency;

"- We have no indications of that the CIA has visited Sweden in these matters", says Jakob Larsson, press secretary of SÄPO.

TT: "- Would you know if it was the CIA who performed the landings?"

"- I can't comment on that since we (SÄPO) do not comment on relations to foreign powers."

Not long ago, there was a major buzz in Sweden over the fact that CIA quite secretely collected two egyptians with suspected (by the CIA...) terrorist connections from Sweden, whom they flew over to Egypt, where they (the egyptians) were tortured.

The head of one of the biggest political parties in Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt, claimed after a meeting with the prime minister & co that it was, quote, "obvious that there was more information between the government and the U.S. security police than we have been told hitherto".

In Italy, 13 CIA agents are suspected of kidnapping another egyptian, and removing him to Egypt. It is probably safe to assume that neither this egyptian were provided milk and cookies at the time of his "return".

From this, I think we can conclude that;

1. Either the CIA has acted and continue to act in at least several european countries without official jurisdiction from the governments, or;

2. They actually HAVE official jurisdiction - just not official enough for the media and really anyone else except the highest levels of the governments and the security police - for reasons we could only speculate on.


1. The CIA has acted on basis of their anti-terrorist (ah, such a great subjective term, is it not) agenda, or;

2. The reasons for the CIA landings are something entirely different, and the removal of the (among others) egyptians are; false, i.e., there weren't really any egyptians, the CIA just needed something to answer if someone should ask (which someone now have) about the landings.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 04:55 PM
I think you forgot a few possibilities.

Among them are:

They are not CIA operatives. They may be subcontractors and the Department of Justice.


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