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My photography

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posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 02:56 AM
I thought I would share some of the pictures I have taken, I have just started doing photography, its something I have wanted to do for a while, These are extreemly amature but I'm hoping they will get better over time, I will just use this thread to update when ever I take some.

Atm I am just focusing on Landscapes and such, but I hope to also do some sort of "PG" Fetish photography, and hint/tips would be muchly appreciated.

these were taken in Cairns over looking the Esplanade, Lagoon and Trinity bay area.

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posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 03:01 AM
I think they're great! U certainly have that good eye for photography which can only improve in time
Look forward to seeing more of your work

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 03:09 AM
thankies muchly dudette =D

its all about being in the right place at the right time, I went up to this cascading waterfall today to try and get some good shots, it didn't really work out for me as my cam Died just as I finished my 1.5km hike up, but I got some okay pictures...


posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 02:23 PM
Nice photos. I really like the first one with the rays of light shining down. Here are a couple tips for landscape photos.

- Try to keep your horizon level.
- Try to use the rule of thirds. For example, if you're taking a pic of some interesting clouds, try to have the bottom 1/3 of the frame with the ground. And vice versa if you're taking a photo of some interesting terrain. It doesn't have to be exactly one third, just approximately. It just tends to be more interesting compositionally. Of course there are always exceptions to this rule, but I tend to use it most of the time.

Hope those help.

posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 02:25 PM
I tip I picked up from a friend who is really into photgraphy. Just takes lots of pictures of certain areas instead of taking just one and all-in-all just keep taking lots. lol

posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 02:38 PM
thank you both for your tips, I will deffinatly take them on!!

posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 09:05 AM
Nice pics!

Its fun I finally got a decent camera I can start getting serious with.
I still have no idea what I am doing but its fun to take pictures and figure out new ways to do it. I am never satisfied though which is good. On the site above I look at a lot of peoples stuff and it always seems like something lacking not really how the picture was taken but I like to see an image log or diary which is a bit of a mystery as to the message the person is trying to say..know what i mean

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posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 08:21 PM
Your pictures are very nice. I like black and white pictures, try taking some of them in the winter. You can get interesting landscape pictures. I use photos for ideas when I make my quilts. Sometimes pictures suggest something and it doesn't matter if anyone else gets it or not!! They are your pictures, Your rules. Just enjoy yourself.

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