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Teen who killed his girlfriend's parents is caught

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posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 05:01 PM
David Ludwig, an 18 year old idiot, was caught and promptly arrested.

Where do we begin?

I managed to find David and Kara's websites. Of the four, three are still active. I expect they will not be up much longer.

I would STRONGLY advise all not to try to hack into or place messages on the sites! Im guessing it will become police evidence rather soon if it isnt already.

So many things went wrong in this fiasco, I dont even know where to start.

David is a cold blooded, selfish, pedophile, murderer.

Kara is also very selfish and also totally misguided. It wasnt her fault (I hope) that her super secret, not supposed to be, boyfriend killed her parents. But for the rest of her life, she will know that had she listened to her parents, she and whats left of her family would still have parents.

No amount of therapy can fix what has happened in their family and social circle.

WOW! As I type this, all the website are being shut down.

Here they are; where....
her xanga:
her myspace:
his myspace:
his xanga:

The main one WAS the first one. There where ALOT of pictures of friends and family so it was a matter of time before it was shut down.

Anyone want to discuss this thread?

Another site:

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posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 07:14 PM
I read about this awful story in the newspapers. I'm glad they caught the guy. I also hope that the girl was just an innocent victim and that she didn't have any part in this.

I also hope that in David's home state, that they have the death penalty, and that the courts give it to him.

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 09:12 PM
Have they decided if his girlfriend was involved yet or not?

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 09:16 PM
I dont think they have the death penalty in PA but what they do have (remembering this is a family board) are prisons full of nasty old men who cant wait to get their grubby hairy hands on 18 year old David; a true lady's.........I mean, a true girl's man.

Im sorry I wasnt able to find the links sooner. I was able to surf Kara's main site for about 15 minutes before it was taken down.

Most of the pictures of her showed a very attractive young girl. To attractive; she has/had alot of natural beauty but it is also obvious she was trying to achieve Barbie status.

Not that I want to blame the victim but from the little bit I have been able to find out about Kara Burton, she was a sweet little brat.

On her website, she had a stated fondness of "stoners." She went so far as to say she likes stoners so much, she wants to be one.

Then she went on about her christian values. Like I said, a sweet little brat.

David? Like Kara, David had most of the world fooled into thinking he was a good kid. Take a look at his website while its still up.

You have to love the pictures of 18 year old David and two younger boys sucking down beer in the company of an older man. A dad maybe? Whoever he is, he's going to have a tough time explaining THIS!

Notice David in the back right. The young boy in the front left looks like he's about ready to fall over.

Good times; great example. Pops (back left) is one heck of a role model.

Does anyone have a cache copy of Kara's site? Google and Yahoo didnt get a chance to tap it.

At any rate, I do think 14 year old Kara is somewhat responsible for her parents demise but Im optimistic that she didnt have a dirty hand in their murder.

I wonder what she is going to say to her siblings? What can she say?

I am curious about why studly was inclined to go to his girlfriends house with a loaded pistol. And if he wasnt supposed to be hanging around her, why in God's name did they converse/argue with him for an hour?

"Get off my property" is the only thing that total moron should have been told. And that would have taken about 1.5 seconds.

Alas, pedophile David had the gun so it may not have mattered what Kara's parents did.

I just find it tragic that Kara was in such a hurry to grow up. And I wonder why? Sex, drugs, and (christian) rock and roll seemed to have played a to-big role in her life. And older boys with the IQ of a rock.

This is one of those stories where I almost cant even deal with it. I could care less about Ludwig but I do hope someone takes Kara and beats some sense into her.

What a way for a CHILD to learn that you are not the center of the universe.

It would be interesting to follow her life for the next few years but my guess is that she will go DEEP into protective custody.

Thats about all I can say about this at the moment.

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 09:35 PM
Ya, the scary part is he looks like someone who would be a good friend of mine. That kid sealed the deal for himself, i tell u what man. The fact he ran from the cops doesnt help the defense's case at all. If this kid gets off, there is no justice left. I believe the girl might have had some part in it too. I mean, she knows this guy better then almost anyone else, depending on how long they have been dating. Unless he had some mental problem, and snapped, which is also possible. But having a loaded gun going to his girlfriends house isnt normal... Here in Louisiana, u have to be 21 to have a pistol in your possession. Seems premeditated, but i have a feeling the Defense will go with the case that he was insane, and plead insanity in order to get this sick kid off.

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 09:58 PM
David will likely never be on the internet again but send him a note anyway.

Here is another of his websites:

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 10:26 PM
At this point, the investigators dont belive Kara played in her parents murder. From what I understand, he borrowed her all night; most likely for booze and sex.

Her parents put 1+1 together some time ago (they have been, umm...."dating" since May) and when the local village idiot fianlly brought the victim-in-training home, mom and dad were pretty upset.

Im guessing the deceased had no idea that Kara was posting verbage at her website along the lines of (not a direct quote) "I like stoners so much, I might become one."

Im also guessing they never saw Ludwig's website pics of having the drinking partry with some younger boys in the company of a greying and balding man.

Thats a classic.

I would hope that Kara has already been tested for drugs, alcohol, STDs, and a baby. I also think she should have undergone a rape test, regardless of what she said.

Everything Ive heard about Kara is that she was a total basket case from the time her parents were murdered in cold blood from the time of her arrest. In addition, people who witnessed Kara/David sightings leading up to her arrest also said she seemed severly distressed.

People, I know 14 year olds used to get married 100 years ago but I also know that its 2005 now and not 1905. Ludwig did NOT have the consent of Kara's parents. THats really an understatement!

It seems obvious to me that their were to Kara's and two David's. I dont think I would have ever wanted to meet little Kara for any reason at all.

Not even if we were the same age. From what I can see, she seemed sweet when she had to be but her secret life was the one she liked the most.

And here we are today. I hope, gobs of makeup, lots of attitude, and older boys are out of her future now.

Does anyone know when the funreals will be and where? Maybe abovetopsecret could send some flowers.

I would guess Kara and David's entire social circle has ALOT of soul searching to do.

And to those of you who want to forgive and put these kids in a rehab camp, let me suggest some rehab'ed killers live next door to you when they get out of jail.

I have had the displeasure of having an attempted murderer for a next door neighbor. I had the displeasure of being outside when my next door neighbor tried to kill a man.

I heard the shot. I hid for my life as he jumped in a car and fled. I witnessed the raids the police did while he was on the run.

Crime in our neighborhood plummetted the day after he fled away.

You pro-rehab and forgive people dont have a freaking clue! I was 15 years old, just a kid outside shooting hoops.

I know what the kids in her social circle are going through. I know EXACTLY what they are going through and I know EXACTLY what its like to have this type of scat for a next door neighbor.

If there is a God,a nd I hope there is, I hope he has mercy on Kara. David, I could care less about David.

Thats all for now but Im sure I'll have to come back here and post somemore.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 12:17 AM
This most likely wont work, contrary to popular belief, the insanity defense is not the best course of action to take for a defense. It takes sooooo much proof and evidence to get an innocent by reason of insanity verdict. I have previously studied this in a class called Criminal Courts. Because it requires so much in-depth psychiatric evaluation, which courts dont always consider admiciple in court anyhow, hes better off pleaing for life and not the chamber.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 06:34 AM
that guy looks strangly alike to my good friend...even the photos in he's phototrail look the same, even more scary they share similar charateristics aswell - we also have our concerns for our friend.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 11:36 AM
Here is another link to another of Kara's sites. Someone somewhere found this site and it appears she has been "out'ed" by a friend of some sort.

If this is a fake, someone went to alot of trouble.

This appears to be a chat between 14 year old Kara and a 17 year old female friend. It appears Kara may be knocked up, or used to be, by Mr. Ludwig.

As I said earlier, she needs a prego test and a rape test.

I cant believe how many people across the internet are in such a hurry to defend this guy. Those people couldnt see the nose on the end of their face if they crossed their eyes and walked into a wall.

If you want to step up to the plate for people like David Ludwig, dont complain when a convicted sex offender wants to move in to the house next your yours.

I know what its like to have a "David Ludwig" type as your next door neighbor. You can complain to the police all day long. All they do is take a report and drive away.

You can give people warning signs all day long. But it wont matter until after the fact.

Anyway, here is the chat:

It appears these to had a fairly heavy presence on the internet. Again, I would hesitate to post anything on these sites as they will likely become police evidence.

I know from personal experience that you dont want to get wrapped up in this in any way, shape or form.

If you feel bad for Kara, say a prayer for her and leave it alone. I feel terrible for her, her family, and her circle of friends. I understand to well what all of them are going through.

To Eye of Ra;

I have found that to a limited extent, people who look alike tend to act alike.

Make no mistake, people who look alike are not carbon copies of each other but if you have a friend that resembles him and even is socially semiliar to him to a degree, my advice to you is to either get very nosey and very involved or to divorce yourself of the situation. Rather, quickly drift away from him and move on.

Im sure their friends are discoering the backlash of existing in subculture. On Kara's website, she took the liberty of outing some of her friends as "stoners."

That doesnt make her friends a bunch of druggies but given what we are learning about her and given what David Ludwig felt comfortable posting on his own websites, I think sex, booze, and drugs is a probability.

David's website post pics of himself and what I hope is his family sucking down beers. Some say the bottles are empty and the pics are posed. But

clearly shows alcohol in the bottle David is drinking.

Further, notice the alcohol bottles all around in the background.

Posing or real, if David was comfortable putting this on the internet, if have to
wonder what HIS idea of discretion was.

It appears that David brought Kara home during the twilight hours on Sunday
morning and Kara's parents had a serious issue with it since they were not
allowed to hang out together to begin with.

So they tried to talk to him for an hour and I would bet it ended with Kara's
father placing his hands on David to show him to the door. You know what
happened then.

I bet my guess isnt a bullseye but I bet I hit the dart board.

What a disaster of a situation. My heart bleeds for Kara. Her family will
never recover from what has been done. I dont think Kara is responsible
for her parents murder but she has to live witht the fact that she made some
choices in violation of her parents wishes and as a result of those poor and selfish choices, her parents are now deceased.

Again, it isnt her fault but she now understands how selfish she has been.

Im betting she did get knocked up by this idiot.

Tje good news is that PA does have the death penalty. I would hope this
guy gets executed before Kara turns 18.

And from what I have been able to piece together, Kara has gone over the
deep end; possibly a nervous breakdown.

Who can blame her? Witht he proper guidance, I think thats a good thing.

God bless ya, Kara. From what I saw of your website, your not the kind of
person I would want to know even if we were the same age.

But I have some understanding of how desperate you feel and I wouldnt
wish that on anybody.

There is nothing I can say to help. I wish there was.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 11:56 AM
From what's been stated here in PA by the local authorities the D.A. is looking at it as premeditated. Apparently he had taken several guns and a knife or two from his family's residence prior to going back to her house.

Yes, he/the parents argued for about an hour and when Kara's father was showing him to the door ... he pulled the gun shot dad once, younger sis ran to the bathroom, heard a second shot [presumably the mother] and then heard d-Hed running thru the house calling out for Kara. In the meantime the younger brother had run to the neighbor's house and they called 911.

I find it rather odd that while he/his family proclaim to be Christians and all ... yet seeing the MANY photos of friends, family members [underage] openly consuming alcohol makes one wonder what type of actual Christian upbringing there truly was?!

Lititz is about 45-an hour from here.

The D.A. is filing two murder charges + several gun, etc. as well. With them going for the premeditated approach, I don't think an insanity plea will cut it ... funny, that's the first thing my wife said. His defense will go for an insanity plea.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 12:01 PM
The other kid is I think a registered friend of his on Myspace..


(looks like him anyway.)

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posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 05:26 PM

The site you referneced has messages from kara on it from just days before it all happened.

I came up with both Kara and David's address and goggled it in the maps area. They lived about 3 miles apart.

I also have the location of the memorial service tonight. The church doesnt have a web presence but a phone number is listed. No need to call though.

The internet is an amazing thing!

I also learned abit more about Kara and David.

Kara may be pregnant. There is a chat floating around that doesnt seem faked.

Both parents were against the relationship and there wasnt supposed to be a relationship in the first place.

Kara lied to her parents about a slumber party at some girls house and instead hung out with David all night.

He drove her home Sunday morning at about 6am and her parents were pretty upset with her. Her last conversation with her parents was probably a pretty bad disagreement.

Her parents called David and told him to return to their home for a talk.

David arrived and was told to leave his weapons in the car. Maybe he was going hunting? Who knows.

So he put his shotgun or whatever back in the car but he kept a pistol in his pants.

When Mr. Borden decided the conversation was over, he began to escort David to the door. Moments later, she was shot in the head. Moments after, Mrs. Borden was also shot in the head.

Both at point blank range.

As Kara's other siblings tried to escape, David search for Kara. I assume she was confined to her room. You know the rest.

Friends of David are also coming out to say that he used to sneak into Kara's house in the middle of the night.

So these two just did whatever they wanted and didnt give a hoot what their mean ole parents thought.

But David doenst have a speeding ticket so even if he would have said, "If anybody tries to mess with me, I'll kill them," she would have likely assumed David was just talking more noise.

They started dating in May and Kara turned 14 in May. Their friends are saying they were obssesed with each other. Im guessing that David has a short history of liking younger girls and for the rebel, Kara~he was likely her first.

So she went nuts over her first "real" boyfriend and he went nuts over the most recent young thing that was willing.

And Kara, wanting to prove how mature she is, likely went along with whatever sexual ideas he dreamed up.

And Im sure he took full advantage of that.

I keep hearing what good kids they were. I disagree. Kara sounds like a spoiled little brat that did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, with whoever she wanted. She could be sweet when she needed to be but she liked being able to have this so-called bad reputation.

As for David, if she's cute and in puberty, he's down with that! And if she's willing and eager, it's the love of his life.

Its all so simple to understand. Had Kara's parents not been shot, they likely would have started the process of prying these two apart.

The whole thing just rips your heart.

So those of you with 14 year old daughters who have older boys chasing them, take some serious notes before you start to deal.

Those of you with friends invovled in this type of situation, its time to pry them apart and introduce them to others.

These two kids relived my entire teenage years for my whole social cirlce between themselves alone in the half year.

The whole episode was 100% avoidable. Taking firearms to your forbidden girlfriends house? David Ludwig should be exacuted.

He's done plenty.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 07:17 PM

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As a parent of 3 (11, 13, 17) I couldn't agree more. I truly hope that more family, friends, etc. take the types of actions you mention to intercede when they see things going south.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 07:51 PM
That poor family..Its so tragic.... I had to give my kids a hug when I heard. Eye of Ra and I talked about it a lot yesterday. and how easily it could happen with people we know.

Teenage life has changed. In some ways it has improved but in others, well tragic.

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 12:24 AM
Now, this is getting out of control.

I now have David's private email address and cell number.

Those I will *NOT* be posting. There is no need for anyone to call or write him. He isnt going to reply.


If anyone gets the message, it will be the authorities. Im sure they wouldnt appreciate having to take the time to figure out who you are!

Anyway, my point for "bragging" about this find is simple;

Be freaking careful what you put on the internet!

David was smart enough to create multiple aliases but if you work hard enough, you will see that they are all inter-connected.

So why am I so involved in this situation? Maybe I dont have full closure from my own teenage years; I really dont know. Sometimes I just take a story and run with it.

Put their personal information is being outed left and right. I have more information about them then I have on some of my own friends.

My advice to everyone is to know EXACTLY what your kids are doing on the internet and know EXACTLY who they are hanging out with.

You should invite her child's friend's entire family to dinner for a meet and greet. Afterwards, let the two have a small party at your house and pay attention to what type of friends they are keeping.

Know which of their friends so up and which dont. Make a note of families that decline the meet and greet.

Make a note of who honks the horn for your kids and who knocks on the front door.

Make a note of what time they come home and how close the arrival time is to their curfew.

And make a rule that if your 14 year old daughter has a 16 year old boyfriend that is driven around by his 18 year old friend who always has his best friend, a 20 year old, with him...........thats the same as letting your 14 year old daughter go out with a 20 year old guy.

You would be amazed how common that kind of stuff is. My suggestions on raising kids are so simple and so required. Did your parents raise you like that? Are you raising your kids like that?

Are you your kids parent or their friend? They have friends (if not, you need to get involved). They need PARENTS. They need parents who act like parents.

Thats the whole idea.

So anyway. The kids continue to be out'ed.

Again I will say, if you go to their websites, I would reconsider 10 times before I posted a single word in anger or support. Regardless of your own age.

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