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The latest Western Radical

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posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 03:32 PM
This elected mp in the uk got thrown out of the labour party recently b/c he told the uk troops to defy their orders. he is anti-war or what he calls a colonial occupation by the west.

I've been reading up on him and he claims himself to be a radical, I have much respect for politicians that stand up to their fellow policy maker's especially those in his own cabinet/party.

For those of you who are interested in his beliefs here's a few quote's from him on what he believes in and what he thinks is going on right now...

Just another persepctive for those of you who are open minded.

“We who live in the United States or Britain, only have to answer one question, do we stand with the occupier, or with those who are resisting colonial occupation.”

“The US and Britain’s unquestioning support for the State of Israel is the flaw that lies at the heart of the West’s attitude toward the Muslim world.”

I have been, of course, passionately engaged in these issues [the middle east] but my interest in opposing all forms of imperialism - including the fashionable neo-liberal version of Mr Blair - arises from a deep patriotism about my own islands.

We have opposing us, a surprisingly small national elite that hangs on to power generation after generation by capturing every popular movement of resistance and turning it into a junior club member. In the Middle Ages, Wat Tyler's head was struck off by the King. Today, he would be put in charge of some regulatory Quango.

I met Saddam Hussein twice, the same number of times that Donald Rumsfeld met him.

The difference is that Rumsfeld met him to sell his regime guns and gas and to give them the maps necessary to target them while I met him to try and avert suffering sanctions and war.

So what do I believe in?

Well, first of all, I believe that sovereignty lies in the people and that the English Revolution of 1688 lies unfinished.

Second, that the State should be the servant of the people, transparent and accountable.

Third, that the Defence of the Realm should mean Defence of the People of these islands and not defence of the State or the promotion of special interests in hock to foreign powers.

A strong defence force should not be expended on foreign adventures. No British son should die on foreign shores unless the threat is direct and material to these islands or, as a volunteer, he has signed up to humanitarian action under international law.

Read more Here

He really speaks his mind huh... I'm no history know it all, he seems to know more about revolutions and government aristocracy then I, personally I find him an interesting fellow, very much passionate about his country and doing the right things.Does anybody have any beef with this guy and if so why.
I know Democracy now television has been trying to sell his book if people donate to the network, they've really been pushing his 'galloway goes to washington' book.

It appears he is the new political celebrity, it's refreshing to hear a voice that is so passionate and angry towards a government(s) and willing to get kicked out of his own party for saying so.


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