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Too Many Threads, Not Enough Members.....

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posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 12:51 PM

Originally posted by ShadowXIX
I didnt even know there was a Frappr map for ATS. Thanks for posting it

bodrul just started the map about a week ago and about 80 members have put their pin on the map so far. It's a neat tool because it gives us an idea of ATS's demographic as far as location is concerned. bodrul's thread can be found on BTS at -
I did expect to see the large U.S. contingent, but really expected more members to be spread around the globe.

English is rapidly becoming the worlds language and any country that was under British rule during the "Empire" years have been teaching english for several generations.
Countries like Japan teach english to every child in school, so I expected more members in that country. Also, India has a large english speaking population and we have no members posting from there.

I understand the restrictions that are placed on the people of China (sad, very sad), and I don't expect to see any members from North Korea.
But I can go to South Korea or the Philippines and get along with english just fine and yet we have no representation from either of those nations.

I think my biggest surprise is how few members are in the European countries. If I'm not mistaken, this site originated in the UK???

It might be just me and the hours I keep, but ATS seems to be very dead in the middle of the night (EST).

This capture is taken from mid-day (EST) and it shows about double the members on-line than the one at the top of the thread that was done after midnight.

Funny thing though, I'm on-line and I don't show on the list.

*To GradyPhilpott* - Excellent reply, it made a lot of sense. Particularily the part about Russia............

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 01:08 PM
The lists are very delayed.

I don't know the exact timing, but it takes (what seems like) a while for the board to register your presence, or to remove a member once they've gone.

It's exasperating sometimes trying to find a mod who is online, since their names seem to linger the longest. Maybe that was a programming decision, sort of like a cat's ghost to keep the mice from running wild.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 07:29 PM
Ach, right now the time over at Scotland is 1.27 am. The reason why I'm talking now is because I can't sleep sometimes. "They" might have put something in my food or something. Anyway, if this site originally came from the U.K. then where are all the U.K. people? It's abit late actually, I might have a cup of chai.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 07:43 PM
Now if someone can help me stick my balloon on that frappr map I would be one grateful person.. I can't seem to get it right....

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 08:18 PM
Soon there will be a television show called Above top secret based on this site and every last one of you will be griping about the good old days when you could keep up with the posts and their weren't so many conspiricist wannabee's.

Enjoy these days while you have them my friends,


posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 08:26 PM

Originally posted by Mayet
Now if someone can help me stick my balloon on that frappr map I would be one grateful person.. I can't seem to get it right....

If you send me your local in a u2u I'll try to stick a pin on the map for you.
If your in the U.S. I'll need a Zip, but if your in any other country??? just a town, city etc. plus country will do.

If you have a message for your "Shout Out", include it in your u2u.
I'll do what I can.

It took me four tries to get it right, and I'm still a little confused...

But I can probably help you out.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 11:36 PM
Ya just gotta give it time... but you might not like what happens when it does.

I'm a refugee from the IMDb Soapbox board. IMDb's a movie site (for those who don't already know). They've had message boards for movies for many years. Maybe six years ago, they created a few general discussion boards, including one named the Sandbox, originally for test messages and such and one called the Soapbox, for debate. They mostly languished for a couple of years with only a small group of regular posters, until a group of refugees from the recently closed A&E message board moved there. The curious thing is that that influx of posters marked the first time that the old guard left in a huff, upset by the sheer number of newcomers and their insolent manners.

I started posting there about three years ago, and at that time it was pretty busy, but there was a stable community of some old-timers, the A&E refugees and some newcomers. While I was there it grew steadily, until it reached some sort of critical mass and suddenly there were more newcomers than there were old-timers. Again, the tone of the board changed, and again the old-timers left in a huff, except that I was then one of them.

The board's doing just fine, I guess. I don't know what their post count is on a given day, but I'm sure it's FAR above this one. I know that generally the oldest post on the front page of the forum is no more than an hour or two old, and at their peak there's a new post every few seconds.

But the feel of it has changed-- it seems shallower and less interesting now, and I suspect that it really is-- that it's not just sour grapes. With each influx of new posters, there have been more juvenile chatspeakers and more trolls and more idiots, and fewer quality posters. That just seems to be the way that growth works-- the more popular a thing becomes, the more pedestrian and generic it becomes.

The thing that I find most attractive about this board is the quality of the posters, and, ironically, that's probably one of the things that works against it from a simple popularity standpoint. The chatspeakers and the trolls don't find anything of interest here. They can't write as we do, they aren't interested in the same things, and there aren't enough of us to make it worth their while to troll us. That's part of what I like.

Yeah-- there aren't a lot of members here at any given time, but that's really okay, in a way. The posts are almost uniformly interesting, well-thought-out and well written. There are a minimum of flame wars, blatant trolls and other idiots, and it's just pleasant to spend time here.

The place will grow. More people will discover it and join and post, and as that happens, the overall quality of the posts will, unfortunately, go down. I don't think that will happen for a while now-- there's still room for it to grow and keep the quality that it already has. But, over time, there will come to be more nonsense, more chatspeak, more trolls, more sockpuppets, more flame wars and more idiots. And it will continue to grow.

And, no doubt, some of you, and I, will one day tire of it all and, hearkening back to the "good old days," will leave in a huff and go in search of another place much like this one is right now.

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