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UK Crop Circles 2005

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posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 12:14 AM
New formations seen in and around the English countryside this year;

Wayland's Smithy, nr Ashbury, Oxfordshire. Reported 9th August.

Formation info and more pictures

Shalbourne, nr Oxenwood, Wiltshire. Reported 7th August.

Formation info and more pictures

Marden (2), Nr Chirton, Wiltshire. Reported 26th August.

Formation info and more pictures

Waden Hill, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 16th July.


Many more UK Crop Circles (scroll down)

Quite simply amazing. I'm not sure if the plants within the above patterns have been scientifically tested, as has been done in the past to see if they have been genetically altered in any way. There is some brief information here on what a prominent scientist has recorded in previous tests, which makes for quite interesting reading, if you were not already aware of it. Such tests, in my opinion, go a very long way to ruling out Doug and Dave type explanations permanently.

What do you people here at ATS think to be the cause of these field anomalies?

(I apologise to anyone who has posted this already, not much came up in search)

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posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 04:42 AM
Hello MERC

There is a huge thread about Crop Circles 2005 right here :

Check it out

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 11:28 AM
Great thread Musclor, I'm reading it now, I honestly didn't see it there (I did look in search too, honest). So I apologise for seemingly stealing all your pictures, and your link, but I think one can be forgiven for missing a thread amongst the vast mountain sized piles of pages that accumulate here at ATS.

I will transfer my enquiries to your thread if they haven't already been answered by the time I finish reading it.


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