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Dry heaves and the horrific smell in the Port-O-Potty

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posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 09:56 AM
I usually try to avoid Port-O-Potties at all costs, but on Saturday during my weekly golf game I had no choice. I was playing a links style course so there was basically no trees on which to relieve myself. Then I saw it, a POP calling my name. Little did I know of the wretched smell that lie within, a smell being made worse by the steaming hot Texas sun the POP was baking in.

So I go in holding my breath, not aware yet of the foul stench that had enveloped me. I've done some smoking in my life so the amount of time I can hold my breath is somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen to twenty seconds. That's not nearly enough time when one has to expell a six-pack. I finally run out of breath and take a new breath. Jesus Mary mother of God that was the worst smell ever in the history of smells!! It was indescribably bad.

It can't get any worse you say, oh yeah it does. I turn to the right and happen to gaze in to the toilet and saw something so gross that when coupled with the smell started making me dry heave. So because my right hand was occupied I use my left hand to throw open the door to let some fresh air in. I didn't care that people were looking in at me. I finish and step out, eyes watering, shorts unzipped, and unaware of the mess I had made on myself. I didn't find it nearly as funny as the rest of my foursome found it to be.

What the moral of this story? I don't really know but they have to find a more powerful deodorizer to put in these things damnit. God that was awful!


posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 10:24 AM
I think everyone has a port-o-potty story...don't they?! Sounds absolutely horrific though!

I have a phobia of POPs - I'm afraid every time I step into one that some punk kid is eagerly waiting on the other side to tip it over...

My father once dropped his keys in one while making at pit-stop during his jog...Last time he saw that keychain - Good thing too...It was a UF Gators keychain - I'm sure it enjoyed the company of that foul recess

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posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 04:04 PM
I can personally say that I have NO pop stories.... Thank God...

Why is it, Dr. Love, that all the strange things that make me giggle happen to you?

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 04:54 PM
I personally do not have one, But a good buddy of mine has a great one that I am glad to share with you. The setting is the small town of Lanark, Ontario. Population of like 100 people. They are hosting the Canadian National Big League championships, we are at the field having a few beers and one of my friends is giving some of the locals an eye. 30 minutes later hes missing; So I dont think too much of it and realize Im holding in a massive whizz. So i hops up and jogs over to the poddies haha. I get to them and they are all occupied. Out of the corner of my eye the last one swings open and out comes my buddy with a big grin on, and Some local girl out behind em wipen her lips. As she's wiping her lips, hes zipping up.

He came out with the biggest grin on i have ever seen; and i did my best not to make a scene. He took a sloppy one in a port-o-poddy and we have never let him live it down. Damn the beer tasted good that night with the laughs that went around. I swear this is a true story.

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