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ABUSE CRISIS: C.I.A Covered Up Torture Death In Abu Ghraib

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posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 06:19 PM
Time magazine has reported of the coverup by the CIA of an Iraqi who died after being tortured in Abu Ghraib prison. A defence department autopsy ruled that the death of Manadel al-Jamadi was a homicide and documents obtained by Time included photographs of his battered body. Jamadi was abducted by US navy seals in 2003 and placed in Abu Ghraib as an unregistered detainee on suspicion of involvment in a bombing in Baghdad. He died of blunt force injuries and asphyxiation after a ninety minute interrogations by CIA officials.
A forensic scientist who later reviewed the autopsy report told Time that the most likely cause of Jamadi's death was suffocation, which would have occurred when an empty sandbag was placed over his head while his arms were secured up and behind his back, in a crucifixion-like pose.

al-Jamadi's wife and son with the photograph that shocked the world
Blood was mopped up with a chlorine solution before the interrogation scene could be examined by an investigator, Time wrote, adding that after Jamadi's death, a bloodstained hood that had covered his head had disappeared.

Last week, the New Yorker magazine reported that the US government's policies on interrogating terrorist suspects may preclude the prosecution of CIA agents who commit abuses or even kill detainees, and said the CIA had been implicated in the death of at least four detainees.

Mark Swanner, the CIA agent who interrogated Jamadi, has not been charged with a crime and continues to work for the agency, told investigators that he did not harm Jamadi, Time wrote.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Photos have been previously released as above of grinning US soldiers crouching over his corpse which were part of the prison scandal in 2004 that outraged the world over the treatment of these detainees.

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