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Pyramid dream- A little help please

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posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 01:26 PM
Well I use to get this dream a lot over the years, at least once a week every week since I was about 9 or 10 years old, but then it stopped about half way through last year and now it's back, three nights in a row.

Anyway the dream starts off the same every time. I appear in the desert and in front of me rests a pyramid and a group of people(Egyptologists from what I can guess) are standing outside of the entrance, which is a door way with two pillars holding up a block on top of it, an archway if u will and above that a picture of a crying goddess. Behind me is a few hooded people carrying swords( 4 to be exact), scimitars if I have the name right. They are dressed fully in black, they have the feeling of friends yet at the same time guards, There are also two camels and four horses that are being unloaded by what I can guess is either lower class or middle class people, they are wearing plain white shorts and shoes, no shirt and wear a sash that loops over one shoulder and seem very uneasy, looking at the temple every so often, even the guards seem uneasy. At that moment I realize they all bear the same symbol. A yellow triangle line about 2 points thick with the eye of Ra above that. Inside the triangle is a scorpion's tail poised to sting, it was facing left. Near the base of the tail is a line of text of a scroll. It's not totally clear what it says, can't see it clearly. I turn back to the guards and I realize that they are what I call the death guards. I turn to face the temple. I'm not sure why I'm there other than I've been called there, there is something inside that I must get. Nobody expects me to get out. I start walking towards the pyramid and the death guards fall in on either side by me. I get to the steps of the pyramid and stop. I watch as one of the "egytologists" enters the temple, there is a scream and what sounds to be a roar then silence. We resume walking up the stairs and stop just before the entrance. I look at the "egyptologists" and they are staring at us and the door. All I hear from the passage is a dripping in the distance. I turn around and pull out an engraved sword and hold it up to sun light before sheathing it again. The guards then pulled their swords, dug them into the ground before them and knelt looking at the floor. I turned and walked into the pyramid. I notice that there is no writing or patterns of any sort on the walls. I light the torch I pulled from my belt just before it gets too dark to see. I enter a large chamber, I feel I'm not alone. There is something else in here. I can hear it, I can feel it's presence. It's moving behind the pillars in this room until it is in front of me and I can see it's yellow eyes coming closer. I hold up my hand and say "Ahh-mukk is-tor--ov" it slows down and stops so that only its eyes are still visible in the dark. Suddenly the eyes shoot up to the roof and vanish. I presume the creature or whatever it was jumped onto the ceiling. I walked to the center of the chamber and remove all my weapons placing them down in the center of the floor along with my backpack. I then pick up my torch and continue straight, ignoring the feeling that I'm being watched. I walked into another hallway which I now notice has writing on it. I ignore most of the writing until I suddenly stop. I touch one of the symbols on the wall and then continue walking down the passage. It seems to be going up. I reach another chamber. I ignore everything that's in it and walked straight to a symbol. There is now another thing that I can feel in the room, I put down the torch and turn around with my arms spread out. I turn in a full circle before picking up the torch and walking to a wall I feel pulled to. I stop, I've been lead to a dead end, yet I'm still being pulled to this wall. I turn to walk away and make it five steps before I feel a whatever was in the room rush behind me and then bricks falling/crumbling then it or something brushing against my back. I spin around to see that a passage is now where the wall was, a very crude entranceway with pieces of brick all over the floor. I walk through and follow this the rest of the way. I come to a chamber. In the middle is a glowing white orb that lights up everything before the pillars. beyond the pillars I can see 4 sets of eyes at what I can guess from my position with me included formed a pentacle. I put out the torch and drop it behind me. I look at each of the eyes in turn. I wait on each as my mind feels like it's being assaulted and then it's released and I move onto the next set of eyes and repeat the process. my knees are weak by the time I've finished looking at each in turn. I then turn towards the orb when suddenly I feel all the eyes focused on me and I'm barraged by images. My mind feels like it's being crushed and then it feels like it's shattered and everything goes black and I fall to the floor. I awake who knows what time after that, no real clue what's happening other than the eyes are gone. I battle to get up. My head is throbbing my whole body is. I walk towards the orb, each step resulting in a barrage of more and more images. getting more and more complex and making the next step harder and harder. Finally I reach the orb. I reach out and touch it. I am barraged by who knows what, not pictures, not words, not emotion yet utterly everything.

that's where it ends. I had this dream last night. It was the most vivid that it's ever been. Anybody got any interpretations for it and anybody have any clue what "Ahh-mukk is-tor--ov" means? What ever it means it stopped whatever would have killed me and also if somebody could maybe explain the symbolisms that they see please. I know it won't be a 100% accurate due to personalised symbolism, but I really don't have much skill in interpretting my own dreams.

(wow, this is pretty long)

P.S I've told somebody about this before and they posted about the phrase in another forum but nobody knew what it meant

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 05:13 AM
Ahh-mukk is-tor--ov means Ahh-mukk is-tor--ov I translated it from the obvious arabic to english and it meant just that
I translated it from english to arabic([أهّ-موكّ] [إيس-تور]--[أف])and back to english('ahh mwkk arete 'af) wich dosent seem to be any real words unless its not arabic and a compleetely different language entirly

as for the rest of the dream I can't tell you what it means except that it may not actualy be a dream but perhaps a memory of annother time or place

just a tip try to separate it into paragraphs it makes it easyer to read

unfortunatly I can't fugure anything out in the dream is all makes no sense to me but like I said this may be a memory not a dream this could be how you died in a previous life and by previous I don't nessisarily mean past

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