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The Citizen/Civilian Theory

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posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 08:17 AM
The following is a type of social structure that I have written down in general terms, inspired partly by the political system in the film, Starship Troopers. I'm not sure if this ahs already been written about, but these are my thoughts on what I call the Citizen/Civilian Theory:

A societal structure which divides all people into two distinct groups; Citizens and Civilians. All people are born Civilians and gain fundamental benefits for life, are treated with the respect and dignity any human being deserves and have the option to apply for Citizenship at any time. Being a Civilian however has certain drawbacks in comparison to the rights of Citizens. Some of these include the right to vote, the right to certain jobs, the right to go to University, the right to apply for governmental positions, the right to reproduce etc. Citizens on the other hand have these rights and therefore will have a better standard of living and more power and influence. Because of this, Civilians have a natural incentive to become Citizens and to succeed, making the majority of people fully functioning practical members of society. Bear in mind, because only Citizens can reproduce legally, the influence of the Citizen parents on the Civilian child will give the child further incentive to become a Citizen and keep their current standard of living.

To become a Citizen you have to do a period of either national service in the armed forces, the civil service or any position society requires of the individual. An individual has no option as to what service they are entered in for, and this will be determined on the individual and their abilities. This of course means testing the individual to their limits and only those who pass this test and do their time of servitude become Citizens. Of course, the type of service the individual is required to do will also be determined by the physical and mental state of the individual him or herself. For example, a physically blind individual will not be asked to do civil service that requires good eye-sight, but will still have to do a job that is taxing and practical enough to show that that individual deserves Citizenship.

I could talk for hours about the benefits of this type of social structure, especially on the decrease in crime that would come about due to the fact that certain degrees of crime could strip Citizens of thier Citizenship, thus, in the positivist view of things, discourage them to commit crimes. Its also worth noting that this will decrease strain on social benefits for the unemployed, as ALL people will have an incentive to succeed, rather than just sap off the state.

What do others think?

posted on Nov, 30 2006 @ 11:53 PM
So. let me get this straight. You propose that all people be born as second class citizens, who have limited rights and are forbidden to reproduce, and are denied certain jobs. These slaves, I mean, CIVILIANS, then have to submit to testing and obtain approval to serve in mandatory military positions that are chosen by the state, and for a length of time decided by the state, before they can gain the right to be viewed as citizens.

So in effect, the only people who can vote or have power to decide who becomes a citizen, are citizens.

What about when the Wealthy, Elite, Citizens decide they don't want certain "elements" to become citizens and deny them the right to their test results, or deny them the right to test all together?

I'm sorry, I know you feel this may end certain problems with social benefits, but to be honest, This is one of the most unrealistic, Idealistic concepts ever devised. It makes communism look like a good idea. What you are talking about is nothing less than mandatory slavery.

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