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Discovery Channel to have a Killer Flu Program on tonight

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posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 08:02 PM
Starts now EST - not sure what times it will be on in other time zones -- It will be on a few more times during the week. I won't be watching it this time - but will check it out the next time it is on - it might be 1am here that is the second playing of it.

It did look like it would be interesting as it is focusing on the Avian Flu and what is happening now.

If anyone watches it let us know if it is worth watching.

posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 08:24 PM
Looks like it'll be on at 10 PM EST.

posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 08:31 PM
sorry -- trying to type fast to get it on for everyone to see and typed in the wrong time -- I should have realized it - and that means that the second showing is at 2am EST.

I can only blame it on cold medication making my brain fuzzy -- I never make mistakes like that

posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 09:18 PM
Hope this thread is updated, with a report. I won't be able to catch the show but I'd like to hear what was said.

posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 09:38 PM
Thanks, justme

Here's the schedule for future airings:

On Air (et/pt):
NOV 13 2005
@ 10:00 PM

NOV 14 2005
@ 02:00 AM

NOV 19 2005
@ 07:00 PM

NOV 19 2005
@ 11:00 PM

discovery channel

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posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 09:38 PM
It's pretty good except for those "dramatization" scenes. That's the worst acting I've seen in a long time!

posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 10:18 PM
my take on it -- it was dry - I hope that people stayed with the entire program. And the acting in the dramatization was pretty bad -- but they did bring up a lot of what we have been saying here about preparations and people thinking it won't be a problem until it is. I was interested in the scenes from the hospital that showed that people didn't show up for shifts, there were staff sick, no beds, no one to clean the beds of people who died and that there was no room in the morgue anyway.

I do think that it might get more people talking and maybe a few less people looking at us like we are nuts if we mention it.

I will try to see it again during the week when it is on - as I said before my brain is a bit fuzzy with cold medication right now.

So what did everyone who wasn't fuzzy with Nyquil think

posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 10:19 PM
*Bells go off*

This is sheer unadulterated propaganda by the government.

Lets see: "Tamiflu is completely safe" (even the dumbest people know the risks and side effects of any medicine) and one that Rumsfeld has a vested interest in.

"There will be no vaccines available" again the push for the above mentioned drug.

"President Bush is doing an outstanding job at this"........

With all the deceptions and cover ups are we to beleive them?

posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 08:13 PM
just a reminder the program will be on again tonight at 10 pm for anyone who wants to check it out. Same Discovery channel. And that is EST also.

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