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HOw to detect nasties that antivirus isnt detecting...

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posted on Nov, 25 2005 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by mrmonsoon

Originally posted by Mystery_Lady

Originally posted by mrmonsoon

Here is a list of 'FREE" 'LEGAL" downloads

I just got back to this thread, and was wondering why you emphisized free and legal downloads as if the programs on aren't? I'll admit that there are some shareware and demos, but there are plenty of freeware as well. I really haven't seen anything illegal on the site, and a very good help forum.

The reason is p2p filesharing includes many pay programs(norton antivirus...) which have been hacked-using that is illegal.
I wanted to reasure all that all the programs were free, not hacked and updateable.

Thank you for replying. I understand why you said that now. It was just a little mis-communication.

posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 09:42 AM
The easiest way to detect nasties on your PC in my opinion, is simple check what starts with your PC and Internet browser.

Run MSCONFIG in your run option in the start menu, and move to startup.
Chances are you'll find many applications starting that have names such as ' sidfh6f6sadfa ' just random crap.

anything that looks odd, or sounds windows specific IE ' windowsmemmanger'
or ' sub32system ' is a virus trying to hide as a windows critical.
nothing CRITICAL with windows loads here, accept maybe antivirus crap.
but you should be able to distinguish.

C:\Programfiles\ direcoty I have noticed on many many MANY occasions, has various Batch and Exe's in it.. in plain site..
they are usually called odd names such as sdofhsd876868

ThEN, download a program called HIJACK THIS.
I cant belive this isnt maintstream software.
It will print you out a list of programs, bugs, scripts anything that loads as soon as u click on the internet explorer button.
This thing has solved many many many problems for my clients.
you can go through one by one and click on it for it to be removed.
again, most things that are odd will stand out.. beware there are various windows components that shouldnt be removed.
But there are OBVIOUS things like XXXTOOLBAR, or again things that are called kjnuihetth87878

anyways, hope this helps if ya want more info u2u me

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