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My (very good) Halo 3 concept

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posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 08:42 AM
yes. This is a very long read. If you're not the type that likes to read a lot of information in a short period of time - just leave. There's a lot to absorb here. If you have a short attention span - leave.

This took an incredibly long time to type out and may contain a handful of grammatical and spelling errors. My sincere apologies. Please ignore them.

There may also be a few factual errors (concerning the Halo-verse) as far as weapon and vehicle names - again, my bad. Here goes nothing...

Halo 3 on Xbox Live
--- LAN: 200 players
--- Xbox Live: 128 players
--- Co-Op:
------- Split Screen: 4 players
------- Online: 8 players
--- per Xbox: 4 players

-- All matchmaking "ranks" are hidden from the players - they are simply there to match you up with players of similar skills.
---- Rumble Pit - 10 player free-for-all playing mostly slayer.
---- Rumble Objective - 10 player free-for-all playing King of the Hill, Oddball and Territories.
---- Rumble Training - 10 players playing both rumble playlists, unranked
---- Team Skirmish - two teams, up to 10 players playing all CTF and Assault variants
---- Team Slayer - two teams, up to 10 players playing Slayer variants to 50 kills.
---- Team Objective - two teams, up to 10 players playing King of the Hill, Oddball and Territories.
---- Team Training - two teams, up to 10 players, playing all "Team" playlists, unranked
---- Big Team Battle - two teams, up to 32 players each, playing CTF and Assault variants
---- Big Team Objective - two teams, up to 32 players each, playing King of the Hill, Oddball and Territories.
---- Big Team Slayer - two teams, up to 32 players each, playing Slayer variants to 200 kills.
---- Big Team Training - two teams, up to 16 players each, playing all Big Team variants.
---- Double Team - two teams of two players playing a variety of gametypes.
---- Head to Head - one on one.
---- Big Game Free-for-All - Up to 32 players in Free-For-All games of Slayer.
---- Big Game Free-for-All Objective - up to 32 players in free-for-all games of King of the Hill, Oddjob, and Slayer.
---- Global Conflict - Bound to be the favorite playlist by many, this is the meat-and-potatoes of Halo 3. This playlist plays on one of the few "global" levels available. These levels support between 64 and 128 players engaged in massive Covenant vs. Human conflicts. Players who join or respawn are flown in by AI controlled Pelican or Phantom dropships to "safe zones" where they can collect weapons and grenades or enter vehicles and enter the massive battle. The game ends when all spawn points (over a dozen) are controlled by one team, or when one team captures the heavily guarded enemy flag (near impossible). A great playlist for those seeking lengthy, hard-fought, yet massive battles.

-- Enter search criteria to find your ideal custom game. Wanna play Rocket CTF on Lockout, with 7 other players? Go search for it:
----- Starting Weapon
----- Map
----- Gametype
----- Number of Players (2 to 128)
----- Connection Quality

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Combat Evolved-=-=-=-=-=-=-
New and/or Improved Weapons
--- M6D Pistol - same power, sound and feel as the pistol we all knew and loved in Halo - except no scope, slower reloads for balance - no dual wielding.
--- Assault Rifle - has as much killing power as 2 SMGs, but slower reload, smaller magazine (75 rounds), two handed weapon prevents dual-wielding but allows grenade tossing.
--- Fuel Rod Cannon - the one gun missing from the last two Halo games' multiplayer makes its debut. Heavy weapon prevents dual-wielding, has a slow but massive melee attack, holds 6 shots initially, cannot track vehicles.
--- Covie Grenade Cannon - This Covenant weapon propels plasma grenades at nearly the same speeds as the human rocket launcher - grenades retain all "plasma grenade" properties once they leave the barrel (same fuse time, blast radius, "sticky" properties) - cannot track vehicles. 8 round clip.
--- Satchel Charge - This powerful explosive charge sticks to any target (player, vehicle, or base) and requires remote detonation - therefore, the player who planted the charge must detonate the explosive charge before being killed. Should the player be killed, any player from either team can collect the charge to use for their own. Takes two seconds to arm charge. Player is vulnerable when carrying charge (fills one weapon slot - cannot dual-wield another weapon) and arming charge. Make a teammate a suicide bomber, or arm the satchel charge inside an empty vehicle.
--- Moveable Turret(s) - Players can pick up and carry turrets to ideal locations. Turrets carry unlimited ammo, require 5 seconds of set-up or break-down time, and come in a few varieties: Gauss Cannon (same as Warthog cannon), Rocket Turret (shoots non-tracking rockets, 3-second delay between shots), Chain-gun Turret, Mortar Cannon (shoots Scorpion Tank mortar shots - 3 second delay between shots). Players carrying turrets are vulnerable (unarmed), cannot melee or throw grenades.
--- Flame Thrower The flamethrower found in the PC game (and left out of Halo and Halo 2) is finally showcased. Flamethrower can be detonated by an enemy if he gets a lucky shot to the fuel tank.
--- Jackal Shields - Players can use the personal shields used by Jackals in the campaign mode - only with dual-wieldable weapons, that is. With a single-hand weapon, simply pick up the one-time-use shield in the open hand. Hold "L" to hold the shield in front of you to deflect enemy fire. Can deflect a single Sword-Lunge attack, and will absorb nearly all of the damage from either grenade variety.

New and Improved Vehicles
Human Vehicles:
Warthog Varieties - Returning alongside the staples (Gauss, Rocket [PC], and Chain-Gun) are the Troop Transport (Driver + 5 Passengers), and the Mortar Hog (fires a mortar cannon, similar to the Scorpion tank - can effect steering, unfortunately).
Rabbit - This is the four-wheeled, single-man ATV, armed with a small chain-gun that only fires directly forward. Fast and agile, this vehicle is weak and easily destroyed - however, it cannot be tracked by homing rockets. Covenant Counterpart: the Ghost
Cricket - This is a two-wheeled, two player cycle (seats face opposite directions) armed with a small chain-gun in the rear. The fastest of all human vehicles, but the most difficult to manuever. Covenant Counterpart: the Goblin
Bullfrog - This is an 8-man troop transport that is heavily shielded and amphibious - can withstand multiple direct hits from anti-vehicle firepower (rockets, mortar, FRC) and is armed with one mortar turret directly on-top of the unit. The vehicle is very slow moving, and lacks agility. Covenant Counterpart: the Shadow
Walrus - This bulky, yet agile boat skips across the water with little difficulty. It's the equivalent of the Warthog - 1 driver, 1 passenger, 1 gunner - and is armed with the same variety of turrets (Mortar, Gauss, Rocket, Chaingun).
Firefly - This is a single-man personal helicopter that rivals the Covenant Banshee in speed and manueverability. The protected twin blade rotars offer amazing agility and speed (when needed) and the device is armed with twin chain guns up front. Pilot is exposed to enemy fire. Covenant Counterpart: the Banshee
Gecko - The secret weapon of the UNSC. This still-in-development mech is in limited use. The device is 15' in height and "walks" on two thick legs. Two arms hang on either side of the cockpit - the left arm holds a powerful chain-gun and the right-arm holds a quad-barrelled rotating guass cannon (slight delay between shots). The mech is limited in speed and strafing abilities but has the unique ability to scale some walls (hence the name, "Gecko"), and the driver is exposed to enemy fire. Covenant Counterpart: None

Covenant Vehicles:
Spectre Varieties: the rarely used Covenant Spectre (Driver, 2 Passengers + Heavy Plasma Turret) returns from Halo 2 with a few new turret/cannon varieties:
----- Shock Cannon - This powerful energy shot requires a few seconds to charge before it releases a blue spherical energy ball that homes in on any targeted vehicle. The shot is non-lethal, but disables all mechanical devices (vehicles or turrets) in a single shot.
----- Grenade Cannon - This turret fires plasma grenades at high velocity (much like the PGC from above).
----- Heavy Needle Turret - This turret fires "Heavy Needles" - needles roughly 5x larger than that of the handgun - in rapid succession. Unlike the handgun, however, this turret's munitions stick to all surfaces, vehicle or infantry. Can be devastating againts enemy vehicles.
----- Beam Turret - A 3-second charge yields a powerful, super-heated laser beam for a short time (3-5 seconds).
----- Fuel Rod Cannon - 3-second delay between shots for this powerful cannon with a devastating blast radius.
Goblin: This two-man hovercraft appears to simply be a two-person Ghost - complete with a small plasma turret for the rear-facing seat.
Spirit: This is a small, three-man flying vehicle that looks like an oversized Ghost-Banshee hybrid with extended wings. One man enters the Banshee-like pilot seat, while one jumps in the Orb-Turret, a spherical turret in the center of the craft - capable of complete freedom of movement - aim up, down, left, right - anywhere. Turret fires heavy-plasma. The third party mans the rear bomber seat - which drops heavy anti-vehicle plasma-bombs onto the warfield - bomber can only see the ground directly below the craft and has very limited targeting capabilities (just drop and pray).

New Combat Manuevers
Smart Night Vision: If the map (or the area of the map you are in) is dark enough, Night Vision is automatically enabled. Simply press in the Right Analog Stick to zoom in, and a night-vision display is shown. It's also automatically enabled with zoom-enabled weapons. See Real Time Weather and Time-of-Day Effects for more information.
D-Pad Down + X: Prone Position - Go prone to have steady aim when sniping, avoid charging vehicles or even hide under vehicles. Use the maneuver to gain access to tight spaces by slowly crawling through vents and other access points. Press "A" to jump back to your feet.
D-Pad Left + X: Switch Weapon to Left Hand - Have you ever been approaching a tight corner, and wished you could move your weapon to the other side of the screen so you have a better view around the corner? Now you can.
D-Pad Right +X: Switch Weapon to Right Hand - See above.
D-Pad Up + X: Lower Weapon to Sprint - By pressing this combo, your gun will be lowered allowing you to sprint at full speed (3x normal speed) - directly forward. Moving left or right becomes near impossible. Press "R" to bring weapon back up.
D-Pad Left + A: Dive Roll Left - Use this evasive manuever to avoid oncoming traffic, rockets, and sword-wielding enemies. This roll allows the user to do a diving roll five meters to their right.
D-Pad Right + A: Dive Roll Right - Same manuever as the dive-roll to the left.
D-Pad Up + A: Lunge Forward - Lunge toward your enemy and plant a melee attack to his/her forhead. This manuever is also handy for avoiding vehicles coming at you from the sides and for making a quick-lunge toward the flag. Cannot be performed in succession (3-5 second delay between lunges - to prevent players from "lunging" across the map at high speeds).
D-Pad Down + A: Lunge Backward - Same as the Forward Lunge... but backwards.

Secondary Weapon Modes
Overcharge Attack: Most all Covenant weaponry is energy-based, and this energy can be harnessed for a lethal overcharge attack. Simply hold "X" on the controller to charge up any energy-based Covenant weapon (except the Sword, Covie Carbine, Covie Grenade Cannon and Fuel Rod Cannon), then press "R" while still holding "X" to throw the weapon. In a matter of seconds, the weapon will detonate with incredible force - equal to three plasma grenades. Great for clearing out a base before you steal their flag. Cannot be performed while dual-wielding. Leaves the player in Unarmed Mode - if they do not have a secondary weapon.
Throw Weapons: Have a teammate in a prime sniping spot, but you have the sniper rifle? Throw it to him so he can take the shot. While holding Up on the D-Pad and pressing "R" with any weapon (except moveable turrets), players can throw weapons to teammates in difficult to reach locations, or use the weapon to detonate explosive barrels or even distract enemies. No longer do you have to search the ground for other weapons so that you can hand off the shotgun to a player who truly wants it. The lighter weapons can be thrown farther (SMGs) than the heavy weapons (Sniper/Rocket). Players without secondary weapons are left in Unarmed Mode until they pick up a weapon.
Unarmed Mode: Rid yourself of a weapon when you have no secondary, and you'll move into "Unarmed" mode. You'll be able to melee attack with your fists and feet and throw grenades - and you'll move slightly faster than you would if you had a weapon (though slightly slower than you would be in Sprint Mode).

Real Time Weather and Time of Day Effects:
These effects make each map play in a variety of different ways - snow or desert, night or day - each map becomes several maps. Choose a snowy-map and watch the Warthog on the map be replaced by a Snow-Hog. The ATV is replaced with a Snow Mobile. Be careful - snow and mud leave footprints, allowing your enemies to follow you if you stole the flag.
Set the effects on Random and be surprised by what you get.
Weather Effects - Players can choose to play any outdoor map with their choice of weather - snow, rain, hail, wind - and the map will reflect this choice. Play Coagulation with snow falling, with high winds to create an icy warfield. Switch to a rainy Coagulation and watch puddles form in the mud outside of your base.
Time of Day Options - Enter the canyon of Containment in early morning hours, or at twilight hours - watch the shadows stretch across the ground as the sun sets or rises. It's all done in real-time. Play at high-noon with sharp dark shadows to hide in, or play at midnight in total darkness, where your Smart Night Vision comes into effect.

In matchmaking, you are restricted to two species: Human Spartans and Covenant Elites. However, in Custom Games or in the "Global Conflict" playlist, you are no longer limited to using a Spartan or an Elite - but one of many classes of warrior:
ODST: Thanks to the UNSC's Research and Development teams, the ODST's now carry Personal Shield Units - 20 lb. units that generate slightly stronger shields than that of the Elites or Spartans. These shields give the ODST a slight advantage in repelling fire-power than their Spartan and Elite coutnerparts, which is a trade-off for their lack of power (melee attacks) and speed (sprint mode). Lunging and jumping moves remain unchanged.
Brutes: The powerful ape-like species, now sworn to protect the Prophets, join the fray. No shield units for these beasts - they can absorb as much fire power as a shielded Spartan already. Watch their heart-rate (replaces shield on HUD) to determine their health. As they approach death, they enter "berserker mode" where they drop their weapons and charge forward on all fours at incredible speeds - melee attacks with their fists and feet are very deadly in this state.
Hunters: The massive species tower over the competition, though are greatly limited in use - they cannot use any weapons other than their Fuel-Rod Cannon attached to their wrist. On their opposite hand, they wield the large metallic shield, able to deflect nearly all munitions. They cannot drive vehicles, pick up the flag/bomb, and are hampered by slow reactions and poor agility. Their melee attacks, however, are instant-kills if they can get in range.
Jackals: The bird-like warriors are weak once you get through their personal shield. Each Jackal spawns with a shield and is fast on their feet. They are sniping experts - they reload human snipers faster and can fire in steady succession with the Covie beam rifle without overheating. They cannot operate vehicles, have weak melee attacks (even with the Energy Sword), and cannot use their shield when using two-handed weapons.
Drones: These insects are the most agile of all choices, with their ability to fly and stick to arena walls. However, without shields they are very easy to kill. They cannot operate vehicles or turrets, and carrying heavy weaponry (rockets, fuel rod cannon) as well as the bomb and flag severely hampers their flying ability.
Grunts and Marines: It wouldn't be the Halo battlefield without Grunts and Marines running about. These little fellas offer little in the way of killing power and agility - but have the most skill when piloting vehicles or operating turrets. Their "presence" in vehicles makes them faster, more agile, and sturdier. Other than that, however, they're simply there as cannon fodder. On the other hand, by default, they automatically have shorter respawns to compensate for their rapid deaths - and they usually make the most humorous noises when killed.

Customize Even More!
Go farther with creating your unique warrior. Choose from the following:
Skin Color - Jackals, Grunts, Hunters, Human Marines, Brutes, and Drones only.
Sex - Select between Male or Female (different body shapes) for human soldiers.
---- Spartans - Choose between 6'8" and 7'7" in height.
---- Elite - Choose between 7'2" and 8'10" in height.
---- Hunter - Choose between 9'10" and 12'6" in height.
---- Drones/Jackals - Choose between 5'0" to 6'0" in height.
---- Marines/ODST's - Choose between 5'5" to 6'7" in height.
---- Grunts - Choose between 4'10" to 5'6" in height.
Hand - Choose between Lefty or Righty for your default weapon hand. The opposite hand will be the grenade-throwing and Jackal-shield hand.

Multiplayer Maps
Returning from Halo - Hang'em High, Chill-Out, and Damnation complete with graphical and gameplay upgrades (turrets, air/grav lifts, balance, et cetera).
Returning from Halo 2 - Relic, Terminal, Ascension, Coagulation, Waterworks, and Lockout return mostly unchanged - except from obvious graphical upgrades.
Returning from Halo PC- Gephyrophobia and Danger Canyon join the mayhem from the PC release, complete with graphical overhaul.
New for Halo 3 - 20 new, original maps ranging from small (2-8 players), medium (8-12 players), large (12-24 players), extra large (24-36 players), massive (36-64 players) and global (64-128 players) - in a variety of locations on Halos, Earth, the Moon, Human Ships, Covenant Ships, and Covenant home planets. One "global" map is the partially glassed human colony of Reach.

New Multiplayer Gametypes
Monitor Collector - Team Game - Players scramble about the map attempting to secure loose "Monitors" (343 Guilty Spark) floating above the level. Players must return these to their team's "Monitor Storage Unit". Players can carry one Monitor (of the dozen on the map) at a time (Press "X" to Grab [Enter Monitor's Name Here]) Monitors can be used as melee weapons (much to their dismay) and can often be heard mocking the players. Enemy players can release Monitors from your holding cell at any time. The team holding the most Monitors when time runs out, wins.
Bounty Hunter - Free for All - One player is the bounty. Everyone else is the Bounty Hunter. Each Bounty is worth points based on their kill/death ratio for the match and how many bounties they've collected (first bounty is worth 10 points). The deadlier the killer, the more the bounty is worth.
Assault Survival - Four Team Game - Players divide into four teams - Red, Green, Blue, or Yellow - then when Round One starts, they are split into two groups: Surivivors (one team) and Assaulters (the other three teams). The Survivors each get 1 life but are armed to the teeth - Rocket Launchers, Sniper Rifles, Battle Rifles, turrets, et cetera. They are also given prime defensive location on a given map - one with a view of the whole field. The Assaulters each get unlimited lives with no respawn time and start with SMGs or Battle Rifles. Their goal is to move up the map towards the Survivors and eliminate them. When all members of the "Survivors" are eliminated, Round 2 begins with the next team (Red, Green, Blue, or Yellow). Whoever "survived" the longest during their round wins the match.
Infiltration - Four Team Game - Nearly the opposite of Survival is Infiltration. At the selected outpost, there are three shield generators protecting the base. These shield generators cannot be destroyed - they can only be turned off. To turn off the shield generators, exposing them to attack, players on the offensive team must infiltrate the enemy outpost and turn off all three shield generators (located at three different locations at the enemy base). Here's the catch: the Spec-Ops Team (one team) gets Active Camo, a Sniper Rifle, and a Sword to start with. The Defenders (three teams) get Battle Rifle starts and no motion detector. Whichever team deactivates the shields fastest during their turn as the Spec-Ops Team is victorious.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- THE END -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 08:58 AM
Hmm some very good ideas and put together well
but you seem to be focusing on the multiplayer
aspects what about single player?

So what are you going to do with this concept send it to Bungie?

posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 09:16 AM
I thought Reach was mostly glassed? There was a small part where a few Spartans were that didn't get hit... Oh well, I'm gonna go read that book again...

posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 07:35 PM
Great job! Sweet to read!

posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 08:15 PM
pretty good, a lot of good ideas...but ummm...what about a storyline. I love most of the ideas especially some of the vehicles. might i include space battles and the abilities to manage some of the weapons liek the mac guns and such.

posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 08:27 PM

Originally posted by truttseeker
pretty good, a lot of good ideas...but ummm...what about a storyline. I love most of the ideas especially some of the vehicles. might i include space battles and the abilities to manage some of the weapons liek the mac guns and such.

This is for the multiplayer aspect of the game if I'm not mistaken... I'm sure Bungie is working or has finished the Halo 3 storyline since they obviously made Halo 2 require a sequel...

I'm honestly more interested in the companion novels enriching the storyline. The books "The Fall of Reach" and the one between Halo and Halo 2.

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