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Park Chung Hee Conspiracy

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posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 08:27 AM
Hey all, I'm a new member here.
Anyways In the 60's there was a man named Park Chung Hee. And he was considered one of the greatest presidents that us, the South Koreans ever had. He is personally, what many koreans consider, is the man who has gotten us to where we are today. Anyways later that decade, he was assasinated by someone within his cabinent. He is the say.. JFK of Korea. His death is very controversial, while the Public story is that he was assasinated by someone who was angry with him on his cabinent. I have heard a wide deal of theories.

One is that He was assasinated by the CIA under the order of the Carter admistration. Makes some sense, back then, the S korean government wasn't that powerful, and took orders from the US administration of the present time. both the US and the ROK were afraid of N korean attacks, since there have been many attempts on PCH's life by teams of North Korean commandos sent in to assasinate him. (although it may seem like something from the "bourne idenity" it actually is true)
Park Chung Hee was one of the first to try to control the government of S korea. He made S korea the way it was because.. he sent Our troops to Vietnam, the US cut a deal with the S korean government, promising somewhat of 10 billion dollars of US taxpayer's money for us to send troops to Vietnam. I'm sorry if this may give you a wrong impression of our country, but PCH said yes. He sent troops to vietnam, we got money, boosted or economy, and our military might. Now After the latest attempt on his life, PCH orders the military for a commando unit to be trained on the island of Shilmido (a few miles off the coast of S Korea) to kill Kim Sung Il himself and however, this is said that it pissed off the current US administration at the time. They didnt want another Korean War, therfore ordered him to be killed..
this is the most believable one yet i have heard.
Others involve the KCIA, KGB, and hell even UFO's.
Any opinions or comments? I hope this was a good first post, and i hope i posted this in the right place.

posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 12:24 PM
Welcome to ATS. It's good to have you. I personally do not recall ever hearing the story of your president's assassination. It is a shame when any democratically-elected leader is assassinated, especially when that person has his peoples' best interests in mind. I do, however, find it hard to believe that someone like Jimmy Carter would order the assassination of a foreign leader. Carter was one of the most militarily-impotent leaders that we've had in recent times. I also believe that the law banning assassinations was passed by Congress and signed by Jimmy Carter. It could have been President Ford, but for some reason I remember it being Carter who signed the bill.

You also say that he was a leader in the 1960's and was assassinated "later that decade" by the CIA "under the order of the Carter administration." You either have your dates wrong or your suspect wrong. Jimmy Carter was elected president in 1976 and served from 1977-1981. If it was the late 1960's, and a US president did order this assassination, then it would have to have been Lyndon Johnson or Richard Nixon. Johnson took over for Kennedy in '63, was re-elected in '64 and chose not to run again in '68. Nixon was elected and served from '69 until his resignation in 1973.

As I said, I've never heard of this story but it certainly sounds interesting. I cannot give a guess ass to who was involved, or if there was a larger conspiracy, based on just the information from your post. I'll have to look into this further before I can make a guess either way.

Thanks for bringing this story to us. And once again welcome to ATS! Great first post!

posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 04:31 PM
I have never heard of Park Chung Hee. It is good to have something new to research. Keep it up.

However, I would have a very difficult time believing that Jimmy Carter ordered an assasination. Any other president, yes, but Carter? No way.

Nice to have you here. Can you tell us more?

posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 08:52 PM
Good first post.
Yes, it does belong amongst the other conspiracies surrounding the death of leaders.

Here's a source agreeing there was an assassination:

The regime of Park Chung Hee ended with his assassination by the head of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency. The assassination was apparently provoked by Park's demand that the protests and riots be suppressed "even if it cost 30,000 lives." With Park Chung Hee's assassination the technocrats in the government convinced Park's successors that the economic program would have to be revised and redirected.

posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 09:37 PM
thank you for the warm welcoming.
also sorry, I'm not so familiar with the president term dates. Anyways I dont think the president of that time would order an assasination.. maybe someone on his cabinent or the CIA director..
Yeah, i think the public declassified news was he was assasinated by the KCIA, but if theres a government you do not want to trust.. its our government.

Anyways More regarding Shilmido..
In the 60's i believe that it is said that the Shilmido unit was one of the first S korean SF forces. They were criminals that instead of being sent to prison or the death row, they were sent to shilmido island to start brutal training. But the US administration ordered that PCH call off his attack against kim sung il, Which he did. He ordered a wipeout of the unit and they be executed. However the unit learned of this and revolted, killing their instructors and the base guards. They later tried to go to the parliment and protest this choice against PCH however they were killed by S korean Police and MP units before ever reaching the parlament. PCH was a general in the last regime, he led a military revolt and took ahold of the government, naming himself president. He was later assasinated by his cabinent member, (or the KCIA)

Also in 1972, PCH's wife was assasinated by an North Korean agent at an rally. My mother remembers the nationwide mourning that took place since the first lady was a very popular figure in the south. This also angered many S koreans and most likely PCH himself. the S korean political history is a sad state of affairs.. riddled with assasinations, conspiracies, and bombings too.. I have not seen a single president last a whole regime without being assasinated, exiled, or ousted from power from revolts. Hell even our last president, kim dae jung was a student, and was almost executed cause he was a student democratic right's leader. He was kidnaped by the KCIA in japan in the early 70's while at a freedom rally. And was placed in prison and was going to be executed, but Reagan called the current president and strongly urged him to release Kim Dae Jung, therfore KDJ owed his life to Reagan. In 1990's he became president of S korea, and was a popular figure, one of the first "clean " presidents, however his sons did become involved in a business scandal. He also later won the Nobel peace prize for negotiations with the N koreans.
Pretty Adventureous huh?

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