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Rioters in France Planning Attack on Central Paris

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posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 02:13 PM
What I am curious about is what happened to the dreaded attack on central Paris? Don't know if anyone noticed, but it doesn't seem to have happened.

More baseless scaremongering? Nahhhh....

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 02:19 PM

I dont know about France but in general cell phones and text messaging arent just for the rich. Almost everyone has cells and computers nowadays.

However buying guns and other firearms is much more expensive.

The rioters dont seem to be very clever though, communicating through computer and cells. They can easily be intercepted.

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 02:25 PM

Originally posted by UfoofU
Uh looking through history books, not the bible, it shows the Middle East was controlled by the Muslims, the Arabic people.

You need some new history books.
Christianity was the main religion in Egypt before the invasion of the Arabs.

Here's an Egyptian Government history site:

The Ptolemies ruled Egypt until 30 BC and were succeeded by the Romans until 642 AD when the Arabs arrived. It was during the Roman period when Christianity came to Egypt. It was in Alexandria where the great Catechtical School, which produced the early fathers of the Church, emerged.

In 642 AD, Egypt witnessed the beginning of its Arab and Islamic epoch. Successive Arab rulers governed Egypt as part of the Islamic empire, and at various junctures established it as the center of power of the empire.

History of Christianity in Syria:

Chronology of Christianity in Syria

7th century: At the Umayyade court in Damascus many professionals were Christians. Caliph Omar dismissed Christian officials and his successor obliged them to wear distinctive dress. In 722 there were still 3.8 million Christians in Syria out of a population of 4 million.

8th century: Abbasid Caliph al-Mahdi forced Arab-Christian Tannukhs to convert to Islam.

855: Christians in Homs revolted and their leaders were crucified at the city gates.

9th century: Islam was gaining the upper hand, many churches became mosques and, by about 900, half the Syrian population was Muslim.

Christianity in Lebanon:

The region came under Roman dominion starting in 64 B.C. (there are notable Roman ruins at Baalbek) and was Christianized before the Arab conquest in the 7th cent. By then the Maronites had established themselves—a cardinal fact in the history of Lebanon, which long remained predominantly Christian while Syria became Muslim. Later (11th cent.) the Druze settled in S Lebanon and in adjacent regions of Syria, and trouble between them and the Christians was to become a constant theme in regional history.

Do some research on the topic.
The areas that the Crusdaes took place were Christian before they were muslim.

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posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 02:27 PM

Originally posted by xman_in_blackx

That would be a bad idea considering that they have access to nuclear weapons in the form of ballistic missiles and two submarines. If there were to be a world war between the Islamic world and the non-Islamic world, it would be pretty brutal when you consider the numbers involved. The face of the Earth would change forever.

Yeah it would be brutal for the Islamic world. Just look at the non Muslim dominated countries. USA, Russia, China, UK, India etc.. No force could stand to that combined power.

In the Islamic world vs non-Islamic world type event smart money is on the non-Islamic world

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 02:50 PM

Originally posted by ShadowXIX
Yeah it would be brutal for the Islamic world. Just look at the non Muslim dominated countries. USA, Russia, China, UK, India etc.. No force could stand to that combined power.

Emmmmmmmmm... Yeah Right.

If you did not know...

Although 80.5 % of the people are Hindus, India is also home to the third largest po
pulation of Muslims in the world (13.4 % see Islam in India) after Indonesia and Pakistan

You might also want to check Islam in India

Islam is India's largest minority religion, with Muslims officially comprising 13.7 percent of the country's population, or 137 million people as of 2004.

Well as it looks today, USA, UK & Russia alraedy ARE in War with "Muslim Terrorists", arent they?

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