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One in seven US workers born abroad

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posted on Nov, 11 2005 @ 03:37 PM
Seems the USA is in for a major change within the next half century.

Three-quarters of the Latinos were in jobs that have "minimal educational requirements" such as builders and dishwashers, and typically earned much less than native-born workers, the study said.

But immigrants from other parts of the world, by and large, are better educated than the average American with a higher percentage having undertaken graduate studies.

"With the projected slowdown in the growth of the native workforce as the baby-boom generation reaches retirement age, immigrants are likely to hold an even greater share of jobs in the future," the report said.

"Barring substantial shifts in demographic trends, immigrants and their descendants are expected to provide the majority of the nation's population growth during the next half century."

one recent analysis based on data from the US census and federal agencies that estimated that in early 2004, about 10 million foreigners were in the country illegally and about 6.3 million of them were working.


Does anyone else see uncontrolled immigration as a huge issue for America and its future?

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posted on Nov, 11 2005 @ 03:43 PM
If we institute policies to allow immigrants from all over the world who want to become Americans to come here legally, I see no problem. But if we keep letting people cross our borders illegally who have no intention of integrating into a culture, I see major problems.

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 02:01 PM
Heavens to Murgatroid, all dem boyz being born versus one broad, sheesh!

Seriously though, the requirements of education I pull away fromm those AAS is not going to allow native citizens to skate in anymore.

posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 03:29 PM
post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

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