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Incentive ride gone great in area 51

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posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 11:04 AM
seems to me weve got a good ol' dose of BS here.... offence but ive got plenty of pals in the of which im very close to, hes a sergant in 'path finder' platoon with the parachute regiment in the UK, i grew up with him and although ive hassled him so many times to dish some gossip on his operations, he says nothing, because he respects his country, his fellow workers and the laws and confidentiallity agreements he opted to adhere to.

If this event happened, like the others have said..youre goosed big time and rightly so, youre not the sort of person suited to represent your country and the brave men and women with which you serve.

Its a shame really, you could have found a better way of relaying your information without putting yourself up for flack and dismisal.......thats if your stories true??...if it is you can e-mail us from prison and prove it!

posted on Nov, 12 2005 @ 08:40 PM
The story may or may not be true. It certainly seems unlikely that someone on active duty would risk their career to share it.

There are several documented true stories of unauthorized landings at secret bases in Nevada. i have one of the first hand from one of the participants.

28 July 1957 - Civilian pilot Edward K. Current Jr. got lost during a cross-counrty flight and landed at Watertown Airstrip, Groom Lake, Nevada. Current, a Douglas Aircraft Company employee, was held overnight and questioned. He was released the next morning and sent on his way. The incident was reported to the Civil Aeronautics Administration and a statement was made to the news media.

8 October 1963 - An F-105, one of a flight of three, experienced an iol pressure malfunction over the Nellis Range during a training sortie. One F-105 returned to base while the flight leader (a British exchange pilot) led the stricken aircraft to the nearest airfield which happened to be Area 51 at Groom Lake. He advised the student pilot to land despite the lack of radio communications from the Area 51 control tower. Two F-101s intercepted the F-105s prior to landing and advised the flight leader to land as well. The base commander, Col. Robert Holbury, and security personnel escorted the F-105 crewmen to a interrogation sessions in separate rooms. They damaged F-105 was repaired and both aircraft departed to Nellis.

Mid-1980s - While on a training flight over the Nellis Range the crew of an F-4 noticed a warning light indicationg that a wing hinge was unlocked, and the pilot declared an in-flight emergency. He was immediately contacted by radio and asked if he needed to land immediately. He said yes, and was given vectors to land at Tonopah Test Range. He landed on Runway 32, taxiied up the ramp past a large number of small hangars, and finally came to a stop near the control tower. Security personnel directed the F-4 crewmen to place bags over their heads and follow their directions. As they approached a building, a colonel ordered the guards to remove the bags. He felt it was an unnecessary precaution because "they already got a tour of the whole (expletive deleted) base." The F-4 crew underwent extensive debriefing in separate rooms and were advised not to divulge any details of their visit to Tonopah. The airplane was repaired and they returned to Nellis. The crewman who related this tale waited about 20 years to share this story with me, long after he left the Air Force.

posted on Nov, 13 2005 @ 07:28 PM
I definitely agree with the fact that it seems fabricated. For anyone to risk their supposed "newer" career, it would be idiotic to tell the story right away. For someone to believe that a forum like this is safe from the government would be stupid in and of itself. I know I am a newer member, but it doesnt add up that someone would telll a story like this, against direct orders to let the truth out. Just doesnt add up, although i appreciate the thought that went into this. And if it is true... then sorry to hear about u getting court martialled

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 11:21 AM
Yes, and the government does take an interest in what is being posted on these Internet forums. As an example, certain Air Force personnel have recently taken an interest in discussions (on this board and others) of still-classified aircraft (such as the YF-24 and YF-113G) and the pilots who flew them. Some peole were upset about what was being posted despite the fact that it was derived from open source material. Imagine how they would feel about active duty personnel violating a security oath.

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 11:47 AM

Originally posted by brodband
So is this what the actual "Area51" airbase is called? Luke, AFB?

No. Luke AFB is in Arizona.

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 02:26 PM
I would have to give boyohboy some slack because he has the [word] to post his story in here. After all, this is a conspiracy forum, and I am sure that alot of people appreciate his input. He probably knew that he would have a problem if he posted inhere. I would hope that nothing will happen to him (court martial), beings that all he was doing was taking the time to dedicate another intersting story from his life. And I feel like that is what alot of people like to hear.

I done like the idea that some of the people that have replied back has [basically] called him an "idiot" in simple terms. He probably knows what he has done, but I can back him up all the way for having the [word] to post his story on here. I can recall that he didnt even put a dot on the pic I provided for him.

That was a good move on his part. I cant believe that this should be soo bad to post this in here, because if this is the reason, should Chuck Yegar be court martialed also? I dont know if any of you have read his book but I have learned alot of suprising things about what went on at the lakebed.

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 03:39 PM
You said the Sp's carried M-16 rifles, if their post is area 51 I would imagine they would be carrying m-4 carbines instead of m-16 rifles. We are getting rid of the m-16 rifle altogether in the security forces career field. I haven't fired it in over 2 years. Were all 5 of them carrying m-16 rifles? What were they wearing again, you said they didn't have on camo bdus just summer weights, well camo bdus are summer weights or winter weights so I'm not sure what you are saying?

Also, you said as soon as you got out of your plane you had a m-16 rifle at your head? That seems a little unlikely to me, I understand it is a restricted area however there is still a use of force model you have to follow. I work in restricted areas too and if someone shows up there I can't simply put a m-4 to their head, a challenge would be accomplished first, which brings me to my next point. From a member of security forces point of view, I would not walk up to a plane and be there when you got out. I would take cover and challenge both you and the pilot, you would not get out until I told you to do so. When I finally did let you out of the plane you would go right onto your stomach and so would the pilot, until you were identified.

[edit on 14-11-2005 by USAFSF]

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 03:57 PM
For future reference...
the place for stories like that (that can get you fired or worse) is RATS...(or have another member post it for you)

still not a guarantee that you wont get fired, but at least a hope that you wont...

in this case... thanks for the info... too bad they G-dudes will only need what they already have...
a narrowed down search path...
but in your defense... you didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know from reliable sources... so they can hardly say you commited treason...

But one thing: if anyone ever shows you something really secret that can hurt the country... dont go telling us about it... we will forgive your silence... or do a shout out in RATS...

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 04:31 PM
I just wanted to point out that most of us cant read RATS.

And second, a password protected forum won't really stop government monitoring, there's that fancy thing called packet capture, they don't need to be logged in the RATS forum to read it.

If you think that's far fetched, I advise you DO NOT ever make the mistake of threatening to assassinate the pres.. well, you know who (notice I didn't mention any name). Not even as a joke. Or you will witness first hand how quick the US Secret Service come knock at your front door for interrogation.

[edit on 14-11-2005 by ufia]

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