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Strange Dream: what does it mean? if anything at all?

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 08:38 PM
Hi everyone this is my first post ever so pwease be nice....

Well I’m not even sure if this is anything at all, but I thought I would post it and see if any of you can offer me any insight, I thought this would be the best board to post it on since its sorta paranormal and I thought the people that post in here would be more open to these sorts of things.

Anyway it’s a dream that I had a few weeks ago and has been replaying in my mind ever since, I can remember every detail down to the vivid colours, the patterns, the scenes and people, and even the moods and emotions that were felt, everything its perfect except for the very end when I woke up. I can remember it so vividly that it’s like a movie being played within my mind. And I just want to know what others think about it, does it mean anything? Or is it just a dream? I hope you guys can help, and I thankyou in advance

here it is My Dream ( i hope its not too long

I am standing in a field except I look tired and haven’t shaved in a few weeks and have long hair, I have just won a battle against an unknown and faceless creature, the field I am in is surrounded by dead trees and its snowing lightly but the snow must melt when it touches the ground because there is no snow on the ground its sort of patchy grass and dirt, there is a blue hue over everything as if the sun were blue and shinning blue light down over everything. My friend (not someone I actually know) who is smaller than me and a few other people are in the field as well I was protecting them from the creatures that were attacking. My friend how ever is turning against me telling me I shouldn’t fight because they will win anyway, he’s also beginning to turn the people I’m protecting against me by feeding them lies about how the creatures are good and I’m wrong for attacking them, when really it was them who were attacking us and I was just defending. I know the creatures are returning I can hear them coming but my friend still tells me I am wrong, I tell him to shut up and stop talking they are coming and they will kill everyone if I don’t stop them. He grabs at me to pull me back from the edge of the trees, everything feels so cold and hopeless the people are all against me because of my friend, but I don’t give up, I swear at him and all the people tell me that I’m wrong but I know something has got inside their heads and blinded them from the truth. I grab hold of my friend and carry him away quickly I need to make him see the truth before the creatures arrive.

There is a small cave under a small hill in the field I take him down into the cave, it’s an entrance to the under world the colours are warmer in here though darker, reds and murky yellows and ochres as well as black and brown very earthy colours. I tell him “a person can not see the truth, if there is too much weight on ones soul” we round a corner in the cave and through the stalactites and stalagmites there is a yellowy glow like light from a fire as we move further we can see down into a cavern in the cavern we see a copy of him, its his soul, his soul is chained to the wall and floor with thick heavy rusty coloured chains he cries out in agony as he is forced to hold a massive block of cement the size of a bus on its end on his back, he struggles to hold it bent over in pain if he stops to rest for even a second he would be crushed, my friend sees this and the truth becomes clear to him removing the weight from his soul the cement block evaporates, but he is still chained up. My friend dazed and stunned from what he has just seen stays still while I run down to free his soul from its bonds, I tell him “no matter haw strong a chain is, it can not withstand the righteous” and I rip the chains from the walls the soul and my friend become one and he snaps out of the daze.

Some how we know the holes from the chains run deep into the earth poisoning the minds of those above he throws me a vial, telling me to pour it in it will free the minds of the others, some of the liquid splashed on my face when I caught it and it stings my eyes I keep one closed as I pour the liquid into the holes from the chains both on the ground and into the wall, something changes within me my vision becomes blurry for a minute because of the liquid in my eyes, when everything becomes clear again on the wall next to one of the holes a pure white rectangle appears not much bigger than my both of my hands colours swirl within the white square then I can see a scene before me, and the rest of the world disappears around me as I focus on the images appearing in the white space, I see a little girl with brown hair in a park on some bright green grass by a path the colours are so vibrant and bright the place seems a cross between autumn and spring, there are leaves falling but flowers blooming, a boy walks along the path I know the boy is me he has blonde hair and blue eyes he is holding a book, the girl looks to him “teacher?” she says, the boy replies “I am no longer a teacher but now a … (I can not for the life of me remember what he said next Though I think it started with a ‘C’, I keep thinking “classica” but that’s not a word and it doesn’t seem right)”

And that’s it I woke up

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 08:57 PM
First, welcome to ATS...a wonderful place to discuss just about everthing and anything.

Dreams and Personal Predictions is the BTS forum that discusses dreams, perhaps you've already ventured to BTS.
I'm moving your topic there

posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 10:33 PM
oh ok thankyou very much
sorry i didn't realise that is where it should go ~blushes~ thankyou again

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