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Lucid Dream Log

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 02:49 PM
I know this probably doesnt fit into paranormal but its interesting all the same. I think theres alot to be learned from dreams especially lucid ones about the subconscious.

Considering the fact we have thousands of crazy dreams every night and only remember a tiny percentage of them and the ones we do remember we usually forget them sooner or later, I've decided to make a dream log.

Lately I've been having all sorts of lucid dreams and I noticed the more I think and talk about lucid dreams the more lucid dreams I seem to have. To more I become interested in it the greater my ability to realize im dreaming. In the last few weeks at least 3 out of 7 days a week the last dreams I remember each night were lucid ones. Sometimes they are only slightly lucid and dont last very long, other times im completely lucid and I can maintain the state for a seemingly long time.

The problem im having though is maintaining the dream itself rather than the lucidity. Every single lucid dream I have it ends because everything goes black. I think its my mind creating this problem, whenever I find myself in a lucid dream I try so hard to make sure things dont fade out and go black I think thats the cause of it fading out and blacking out.

Some of the techniques I use which seem to help maintain the dream are:

1.) When I notice im in a lucid dream I dont think, I just start running and keep moving. For some reason the changing scenery helps maintain the lucidity.

2.) If I feel the dream losing its clarity or fading away I look at my hands then look at the scenery again and it seems to regain its clarity. Like the running technique this only seems to work 50% of the time at best.

Well heres the start of my dream log. Some of these dreams arent lucid ones but they are what led to the lucid ones.

November 8th, 2005

Dream 1:
In the dream I was lying in bed thinking of lucid dreaming. Still in the dream I dosed off and was dreaming inside the dream. As I was thinking about lucid dreaming I got up out of the bed and started walking around. Although in the dream I was trying to lucid dream what I saw it as more like astral travelling. I would walk up to people in the house and try to interfere with them as if they were really there in their waking state but they couldnt see me because I was in the lucid dream.

Seeing as I knew I was dreaming and I remembered flying in dreams before I started flying. I flew around the house a bit and decided to go outside. At this point I was thinking about wether to open the door or smash through the window. I figured if I opened the door the dream would fade out of black out so I decided to go through the window.
I was having a hard time breaking the window but I remembered a dream I had before where I could pass through physical objects such as walls and ceilings so I gave it a shot. I was having fears that the dream was going to black out and once I got half way through the window it did just that. I struggled to bring the dream back to life but it was useless. I woke up.

November 9th, 2005

Dream 1:
Started off I was walking down the street eating an icepop somewhere downtown. When I finished the icepop I noticed a free icepop vending machine. What was weirder than the fact it was a "free" icepop vending maching was that it was a big box attached to the traffic lights by the side of the road. I jumped on the opportunity and got myself a free icepop. I knew there was a catch though. I knew if the icepops were free there was some sort of catch to it. So I took a bit out of it and looked at the wrapper at the same time and noticed it was a soya icepop. It tasted like complete crap so I started to spit it out. I must have taken a gigantic mouth full because I kept spitting but I couldnt get it all out. Out of frustration I shoved my hand in my mouth and pulled the soya icecream out of my mouth. The people on the streets were disgusted.

After that I went sat down at a table in a resteraunt. I was with a friend or somebody but I wasnt paying attention to who it was. The mysterious friend recommended something for me to order. I didnt like the look of it but there was nothing else so I ordered it. It was french fries soaking in liquid coleslaw. I never did get around to eating it seeing as the dream ended around that point.

Dream 2:
Right after the soya pop dream I found myself stting at a table in sort sort of office. To my right was Samuel L Jackson and on the other side of the table was some black lady, I had the impression she was some sort of police station secretary. Samuel L Jackson was trying to get some sort of information out of the lady but she wasnt telling us anything. I remember I kept cracking jokes which seemed hilarious at the time. I dont remember what the jokes where but they all involved the words "mystery man" or "mystery". After a while we got up and left the office. Samuel L Jackson walked straight down the corridor but I took a left and went down a staircase. Thats when I realized I was dreaming.

The minute I noticed it was a dream I started running down the stairs to maintain the lucidity. I noticed this dream being alot clearer than usual. I got bored of running down the stairs so I went through one of the doors. Thats when I noticed I was in a hospital. I was really disappointed seeing as I didnt like hospitals very much and was expecting to be somewhere a little more interesting. I decided to make the best of it and search for some morphine. I went into a room where there was an empty bed. There was nothing to be found in there except for some strange but familiar looking object. I cant begin to describe this object but I remember thinking in the dream how weird it was that this object was just lying there and why my mind would make such an object.

I left the room and proceeded down the corridor, there were a bunch of people down there. I saw a black woman who looked familiar. For some odd reason I decided to try and rob her handbag. She wouldnt let go so I patted her on the back and walked into a room on the left. There were two women talking to each other, one of them had a jar of pills. She ate some pills and passed them to the other woman. They pills were the shape of tiny white balls. I grabbed the jar of pills off the woman and was thinking about eating some of them but I didnt trust eating pills I found in a hospital so I threw them on the ground. The woman looked shocked.

At that point I was pissed off I was in a lucid dream but I was stuck in a hospital so I tried to get out. I was thinking of going the way I came to get back to the stairs and make my way down to the exit but there was a window right beside so I decided jump through it. Another unsuccessful attempt, thats about the time the dream ended.

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 09:57 PM
Is there a forum or anything where people can log there lucid dreams as ive thought about doing this myself, i always read about peoples lucid dreams that theyve had and can always relate to things they say and find it intresting so i may as well start loggin my dreams and experiences for others to read.

posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 12:35 AM
start a blog you can do that here

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