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A Humourous look at Evolution Vs Intelligent Design

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 06:01 AM
A few weeks ago I heared a shortened version of this at about 3am on the local ABC radio station here in Australia. I don't normally listen, but the droning talk-back sounds help me get to sleep

Anyway it has taken me a while to hunt it down, and here it is.

Visit the Humour Australia Website

At the time of posting, it is the 5th link down. "Intelligent Design with Robyn Williams
(2m 43s)"

You will need Real Player to listen to this file, or alternatively search for "real media codecs", i highly recommend getting the version of Classic Windows Media Player as if you get enough codecs, it can be the ultimate media player and can replace the several clumsy ones you you most likely use now, as I do.

I hope you enjoy this take on it

Personally I think it pretty much sums up Intelligent Design, though I don't see it as a particularly biast view. Though i'd love to hear your thoughts


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