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911 on 911

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 12:48 AM
I hope this writing is taken seriously.
My doubts and beliefs will be written here*
I am not a scientist or some other well educated person, but I am in total belief of myself being a highly intelligient

person. I believe if the world were not so developed then I would be motivated to invent something or be somebody.
As it stands, I only have a GED to show how smart I am.
I hope that does not discourage readers from reading ahead.
Some of the best thinkers didn't even have a high school diploma.
Why does societies definition of what intelligience is= what you have memorized of another great minds' work?
Meaning, you can teach me how to make a nuclear bomb, but does that make me smart?

This writing is about our government,
Our government is guitly of the following crimes:

War crimes,
ruining up Arabia,
ruining my mind and the mind of our youth because of 9/11,
attepting to turn America into a police state (therefore- treason- basically decalaring war with true America... "We the

people of...).
For what?

John Tritor was NOT a time traveller. Time is not travellable. Time is not a tangible and has no definition

except in the mind via memory. If not for memory fooling us, it is always "now." Maybe with math and the God of all computers

you can, to a degree, specualte what might happen in the future... but I believe to an extent that he may be someone in the

government who knew of their plans. He might as well be Colin Powell or whatever for all we know.
I believe a civil war just might take place.
We have been had.
My evidence lies in the WTC towers alone. Those buildings could not have fallen like that. It is fact. Highly intelligient

people can feed you lies as to how and why they could, but they CANNOT.
Especially straight(vertically) down like they did. ESPECIALLY.
They were demolished.
Building 7 was blatantly demolished, this we all know.
The good in people have too much doubt.
They love America. They don't want to believe America did this.
But, in my eyes, it is almost as if they don't care we know about their true agenda.
People like you and I see throught it all.
It is so easy to see for people like you and me to see through it all- that it is almost as if the DONT GIVE A RAT if we do.
This stuff is blatant and I am not scared.
I was, but not anymore.
I will fight for freedom.

I made pictures of the WTC towers and how they should have fell (IF TO EVEN FALL AT ALL)-
here is the link, click here.

Watch the videos off the WTCs falling and you WILL see demolition occur. It is the only way for buildings (tall or not) to

fall so beautifully and perfectly to the ground like that.

The truth is scary. These are the times we live in now I guess. Good luck to all who are good and hope there is a God.
I've known this since day 1 but kept my mouth shut but then I found where I can be a nameless face instead of a

"crazy guy" as normal everyday people would call me.

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 01:09 AM
I agree, it was to perfect. How long to demo experts go to school to learn how to takedown a building like that? and it has to be percise.

I'll leave you with what I have thought since 9/11

It takes week/months even to plan a drop like that, they would have had to be in place months in advance. And It clearly was a prof demolishion.

I think it is sad we let our Government treat us like morons but what are you going to do. Everyone can say change is coming but the truth is they are going to do what they want when they want to.

posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 01:22 AM

Originally posted by chibi_rrr
I hope this writing is taken seriously.

I took it seriously and I don't care if U have a GED or a degree in physics, I feel U!
I can't say I disagreed with anything you shared.

And I am sure you will find most people on this site will not call you "crazy" for your thoughts and opinions so feel free to share, however one must always be cautious as we are never just nameless faces, especially on the internet

U will find many articles and threads on here that substantiate your opnions on this also, if you have not already read them, do so as they are very informative and I am sure you will appreciate them ... as well as the other topics covered on this site.

Looking forward to seeing more of you on the boards

God bless

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 01:41 AM

Originally posted by chibi_rrr
I've known this since day 1 but kept my mouth shut but then I found where I can be a nameless face instead of a

"crazy guy" as normal everyday people would call me.

I have dabbled in the black arts of necromancy and Its hard to tell the so called "normal people" just that.... because they would call me the "crazy guy" for sure lol.

But thankfully is where the real everyday people do hang out. It is good to express your thoughts, do not let it eat away at you. In fact normal everyday people probably do think like you do on the 911 subject. Here on ATS there is many 911 threads with people who do think like you do..

Though I can not agree with everything you say, but I do feel that something is lurking in the air to make you, me and everyone else feel displeasing this way about the United States and the World in general. I'm feeling something big is around the corner.

I'm thinking us earthlings are about to become extinct. It would be pointless for anyone to predict this, because we all are about to take a major ride and there is nothing that can change this. Well maybe if you believe in John Titor, then in another world line it is all fine and dandy there but not in this one.

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 03:12 PM
do these two definitions mean anything to anyone besides me?

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