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Senior Bolt, Senior Jersey Raptor, Cloak Raptor?

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 12:16 AM
Need some help with these programs...I am assuming the Bolt if for the f-35 and the raptors are for the f22. Maybe someone has another idea. Found them in a job posting. See below in red.

Senior Jersey Raptor

Job Location: TX: Fort Worth
Pay Rate: open
Job Length: full time
Start Date: 2005-05-26

Company Name: Lockheed Martin Corporation
Contact: Lockheed Corporate
Phone: email or fax only
Fax: 877-244-0989

Description: Candidate will be responsible for creating and managing the integrated, multi-company, multi-national F-35 Science & Technology Roadmap. He/she will independently coordinate with US Government Laboratories, JSF Partner Laboratories, JSF Partners Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems, major JSF suppliers, JSF baseline Integrated Product Teams, ADP Technology Development & Integration groups, JSF New Initiatives, Combat Air Systems Integration and Demonstrations, Business Development, Operations Analysis teams, the JSF and F/A-22 program offices, and the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) offices for both the USAF and USN. He/she will plan research and development programs and recommend technology transition programs to accomplish long-range objectives. He/she will design research and develop highly advanced new applications with a goal of creating new products/business opportunities. The total annual value of the S&T budgets to be coordinated and influenced will exceed $50M, and the value of F-35 upgrades and derivatives is on the order of $10B.Candidate must have a broad knowledge of all technology used on the F-35, and the ability to map potential requirements and enabling technologies to each other. He/she must qualify as an expert in field of Integrated Warfare within the corporation and externally within the industry. He/she must be able to communicate very effectively with tactical pilots, aircraft maintainers, expert technologists, and senior management. Coordination of a multi-disciplined engineering team will be required.

Position requires a Top Secret security clearance with Senior Bolt, Senior Jersey Raptor, Cloak Raptor, SI/TK, and other special access clearances.

Link For Sites

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 12:38 AM
"Senior" Prefixes denore a USAF Special Access Program. I could not find any of them in My edition of "Code Names" by William Arkin. Im not disputing your analysis of this, but typicaly these names are assined by random or computer so as not to infer what they are. Ie: Senior Trend which was the F-117 program. THis is not always the case however, Senior Hawk did refer to the Global Hawk, but that was not a black program either.

We do know that the USAF is working on visual stealth, but the name "Cloak Raptor" seems just to obvious to me????

FYI: "Senior Sky" was/is the F-22 development code.

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 07:37 AM

Originally posted by FredT
Senior Bolt, Senior Jersey Raptor, Senior Bolt, Senior Jersey Raptor, Cloak Raptor, SI/TK, SI/TK

FYI: "Senior Sky" was/is the F-22 development code.

FredT, Ignorance is a plenty:

TK is Talent Keyhole. Talent Keyhole is a sub-compartment of Keyhole! Keyhole is not even related to the Air Force, it is the CIA's photointelligence Spy Sattelite network! I don't know exactlly what Talent Keyhole is, but my guess is that it might be image analysis (a guess on my part.). However, I'm sure that it is related to spy sattelites!

May I offer the book: Inside the CIA

Inside you will find out about the Keyhole Program and spy sattelites inthe chapter called: Seeing Through Clouds. I have no clue how TK was connected with the F-22, but I assure you it is a mistake. Keyhole and all of it subsection are connected with CIA Spy Sattelites.


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