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UN Let a Blacklisted Islamic Charity Roam Free in Kosovo

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posted on Nov, 9 2005 @ 03:24 PM
I have been making posts about this threat for a few months now. I just came across this story from last month that sheds new light on the dangers of this area and its conduciveness for terrorist activities. I predict this region will become the next safe haven for radical Islamist terrorist groups in the future.


When it comes to charities suspected of terrorist involvement, at what point can a series of independent actions be said to indicate coordinated and malevolent intent? And if they do in fact indicate such intent, what should be done about it?

These are the questions that Thomas Gambill, a former security officer with the OSCE, had to wrestle with during his time in Kosovo, in regards to several Islamic NGOs and charities whose stated activities seemed benign, but whose latent motives were more suspicious.

According to Gambill, whose whistleblower testimony first came out on in August, the verdict is not good: in more than one case, UN bosses of the occupied Serbian province "have turned a blind eye" to dangerous charities – including a local branch of an Islamic fundamentalist group that has been linked to terrorist attacks and/or extremism in countries ranging from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to Azerbaijan, Albania, and Bosnia – a group that has, in fact, been partially blacklisted by both the Bush administration and the UN since January 2002….

Read it all.

Looks like the Balkans is the place to be if you’re a terrorist organization and want operate autonomously and with little interference.

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