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Finally! Muslims policing their own: 'Terror tape' given out at mosque

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posted on Nov, 9 2005 @ 01:10 PM
Muslims were handed terrorist videos at their Mosque, turn them in in disgust! Yeah! This is the solution to terrorism guys, nothing less. I have been preaching this for a year, only Muslims can stop radical Muslims capable of terrorism.

This is a huge victory in the war on terrorism!

Police have launched an investigation into claims that video tapes and DVDs handed out at mosques in Dewsbury were being used to recruit terrorists.
The tapes, purporting to contain readings from the Koran, were given to Muslims attending two mosques in Savile Town during the weekend's Eid festival.

Local resident Safiq Patel said: "When people played them they realised they were violent jihad videos."

West Yorkshire Police confirmed they were studying one of the tapes.

Mr Patel told BBC News: "These tapes were left at points of public access in the reception areas of the mosques.

Somebody is trying to infiltrate their consciences, decision-making and values in the hope of perhaps recruiting the terrorists of the future from this community

Safiq Patel

"People picked them up thinking they were prayers or readings from the Koran.

"They were shocked to find messages of jihad. It is someone trying to drum up violence, especially among the younger members of the community.

And the great news:

A West Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "Members of the local Asian community have brought to our attention these matters.

"On Tuesday we received a copy of the video which is being looked at to establish whether it contains material which would incite violence, racial hatred or acts of terrorism."

The force reiterated its "reassurance message" to the Asian community in Dewsbury, which is still reeling after it emerged that 7 July London bomber Mohammed Siddique Khan came from the town.

Another devestating blow to terrorism: Moderate Muslims standing up for the good in their religion and turning over the radicals and their propaganda.

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posted on Nov, 9 2005 @ 02:28 PM
The Yorkshie Post is covering it too.
(For my overseas friends, this is the local Leeds Newspaper.)

In my mind it is a good find, but how long have these films been around?
Have they been around since before 7/7? or are they recent things?

Who found them? and how long has he/she know about there content?
Questions questions, all these will hopefully be made public. Maybe we will get a chance to see just what they have to do, and how they are brainwashed into becoming a suicide bomber. The fact that they were left to be found so easily makes me think that were left by an unknown accomplice to the bombers of 7/7.

Anyway Skippy, good find mate

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