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Will you check out my short story?

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posted on Nov, 8 2005 @ 06:27 PM
I wrote it ages ago. Never got to enter it into the short story contest on this site. Tell us what you think though.

John Mitchell was reading when he heard the phone go off. ‘Well for…can’t get a moments peace!’ John had just got back from the University that he worked in. He was a professor of Geology at the University of California, Berkeley. ‘Yes’ he hissed down the phone at the person on the other side. ‘I’m sorry to bother you professor, but…am…there are some men here to see you’. John could tell by the voice of his assistant that he was nervous. There was brief silence on the phone. ‘Well, what do they want?’ Asked John. ‘Oh, yes am..…I don’t know, they say they need to speak with you’. ‘What, right now?’, ‘Yes sir’. Now John feeling very annoyed at this request tried to say as politely as possible: ‘Well tell them to make an appointment then, I just got home and I’m not seeing anyone today’. Just as he was about to hang up the phone he heard a loud shout from the headset, John made out the word ‘Professor!’ being shouted very loudly through it, clearly not his assistants voice. John now starting to get annoyed spoke into the phone: ‘Listen, just make an appointment and I’ll call you tomor…’ ‘Professor’ said a calm voice on the other end. ‘We need to speak with you now, professor we’re not asking, were telling’.

John had just arrived at the University, wondering why he had even agreed to meet these men. They just call; demand my arrival, acting as if I were their butler! Who do these people think they are! John couldn’t stand rude and ignorant people; people who refused to acknowledge others people principles, morals, beliefs and opinions. John walked through the large halls of the main building of the university. Turning left, he took out the keys out of his pocket to open his office door just a few feet away. ‘Professor’ said a voice, which he recognised immediately. ‘Ah, so you must be the one who thinks of me as his personal butler’. ’Yes, I apologise but it is very important we meet’. The man was wearing long coat with a suit and tie. ‘Who are you then?’ John asked. ‘I work for FEMA, and we need your help professor’.

John was now in a car now that looked perfectly average size on the out side, but was unusually spacious on the inside. John, looking at the two men across from him was beginning to think if he had made a mistake. I don’t even know these people are telling the truth. What if they’re planning to kidnap me or something! ‘You alright’ asked the man on the right. ‘Of course’ John lied, thinking that telling the truth would result in a syringe being stabbed into his neck. ‘We’re here’ the driver announced. John step out of the car into the blistering heat of this year’s heat wave. John had forgotten it was even summer. With all that was happening to him today, the weather was the last thing on his mind. Their were people outside that been apparently waiting for him. ‘Welcome Professor’ said one of the women at the front of the crowd. ‘I’m Rachel Brighton. Can you come with me please?’ Walking into the building John saw the official logo for FEMA. The image of an eagle with its wing and legs outstretch. Holding what appeared to a plant of some sort in the left foot, John couldn’t make out what type, and a bunch of arrows in the right, with its head facing to the left. The words: FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY circled the entire animal. About to walk down the long corridors with Miss. Brighton finally made John think about all the questions he had forgot about when he step out of the Car. ‘Miss. Brighton, not trying to be rude, but why the hell am I here!’ She stopped, turned around and looked at John. ‘Mr. Mitchell – She put hands on her nose as if about to pray during their conversation, after she put them down she began to speak again – ‘what we are going to tell you is highly classified. Any leak of information, of any kind, to anybody will be treated extremely seriously. Do you agree to keep everything you hear secret and confidential until FEMA and the government say otherwise.’ John paused for a moment, looking directly at her he finally said: ‘Yes, of course’.

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