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German government issues a warning that German technology is being used by Iran and Syria for missil

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posted on Nov, 8 2005 @ 04:41 PM

The German government has reportedly issued a warning that Iranian and Syrian weapons makers are using cutting-edge German technology poached by Russian criminals.
Berlin has circulated an alert about the scam to several German firms, Focus magazine reports in its Monday edition.

"Leading-edge (German) technology sold in a completely legal fashion to Russian enterprises and research institutes has been transmitted immediately to Iranian and Syrian workshops manufacturing missiles," the magazine said, quoting from a warning letter to "numerous German enterprises".

Iran used German measuring instruments and propulsion and control systems in its Shahab-3 missile, which with its 3,500-kilometre (2,175-miles) range could strike European targets with nuclear warheads, the magazine reported.

okay dis is official guys. no doubt Iran's intentions is clear. to destroy Israel once and for all after decades of failure. i doubt Iran would target Europe but it could deter the Europeans from interfering their intentions to destroy Israel. if Israel is hearing dis i wonder wat they are goin to do next? do nothing or take action?

suppose to say missiles at the end of the title but it ran out of space. sorry.

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posted on Nov, 8 2005 @ 04:54 PM
Are we seeing a pattern here?

Europe/Russia->Iran->Terrorists :shk:

Soon Iran won't need the terrorists though, they'll be attacking Israel and the west on their own with these missiles tipped with nuclear warheads.

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 03:33 AM
well if Iran want to Suicide itself as a country let them try, or is it part of a Russian plan for World Dominance????? ie let Iran do dirty and Russia comes out top ready for future take over???

anyway i am pretty sure we have secret technology already deployed and ready for action just waiting on the word to deploy, let alone our nukes that would be saying hello to them lol.

as for secret tech i reckon we must have lasers ready to shoot nukes down, its been 60 years since atom bomb which took 5 years to develop so whats been researched and developed in the remaining 55 years half a century of advancement??? we don't know but I'm sure its something decent and beyond what we think possible.

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 04:47 AM
another propoganda news, why one earth would we want missile technology for shahab-3 which we already got from russia and china let along ourselves years ago and last time i checked shahab-3 doesnt have a 3,500 kilometre range, ahh the BS by some people on this site i'm lovin it

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posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 05:03 AM
The real problem is the new (soon to be on the market) Shahab-6

The Shahab-6 is expected to have a range of 5,470-5,500 and 5,632-6,200 kilometers with a 1,000-750-500 kilogram warhead. This range capability will depend on the number of stages used in the launch vehicle and their performance. December 1996 news reports claimed that Iran is developing a 3,500-mile (5,632 kilometers) range missile called Shahab-6 that would be capable of reaching Europe. The technology for this system was cited as coming from Russia and North Korea. Reportedly the missile would become operational by the year 2,000, though others reports claim that Iran intends to complete the development of this system within five to ten years. Presumably this missile will turn out to be a totally redesigned Taep'o-dong-2/NKSL-X-2 Iranian first stage derivation with new redesigned shorter larger diameter second and third stages."

posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 05:25 PM
This could be, if true, only a good news

The only one thing preventing US of A from attacking Iran is that they can't conquer even almost defenceless Iraq (Desert Strom in 1991 claimed to destroy 80 or 85% of the Iraq military...!) so I say give Iran weapons, since it give the peace in Middle East.

They need weapons to scare out the USA and Izrael from attacking them in hopes to sieze the oil fields and suck them dry.

So the rest of the world should wake up and supply Iran to create a balance - undoubtely they pulling the shorter end of the rope, agains USA. But since they got the Sunburns, well...
Thanks to the Russia the balance was improved.

I actually would like to see Iran get outs Vera radar, that spot even the invisible planes - but when China and Iran wants to buy it, our goverment get ordered from USA not to sell it and has to buy the company that is planing to sell these systems in order the prevent the sale being made.

I think my goverment is gone mad and too much ass-lick the damn Americans. In fact, this is directly in out national interest to sell these technology to Iran, to give them a edge against US. Only my goverment did not see it, that we already pay the higher price only thanks to "passively supporting" the illegal occupation of Iraq

At least they did not agreed about the creating of secret CIA torture base in my country...
There was ever a discussion in parlament, if we should not intercept the CIA planes with the poor prisoners beling sendt to Uzbekistan for torture
I believe we should and should also judge the responsible criminals for such horrific practics

PS. about the Iran president threating the Izrael - one should consider that it was the Izrael, who bombed the Osirak atom develop centre in Iran. Now wait a minute, did not have Izrael nukes? And what about Iran bombind the Dimona (atom develop centre in Izrael) to the ground? I would say it will be perfectly suitable response.
And, of course, if jews threat palestinians the way they do, well, no wonder all muslims want erase such criminal state from the face of the earth. I won't wonder a bit about it, but it will be hard to do, IIRC Izrael got between 200 to 400 nukes, making him likely third contry in the number of nukes in possesion in the world. First two are Russians and USA, then UK, France and so on

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