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Corroboration for my first sighting?

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posted on Nov, 8 2005 @ 10:32 AM
Contrary to what a few people may think here, I'm not a skeptic about UFOs at all. I find it very hard to believe that there are human/alien bases and that some governments (including my own Australian government) are working closely with aliens, and all that NWO stuff, etc.
However, I have had 4 sightings, 3 definite, of literally UFOs - UNIDENTIFIED Flying Objects. I'll go into detail about the other sightings at another time, but I thought I'd share something I just found out about with you now.

I was looking through a few websites about Australian sightings, in particular the Victorian UFO Research Society since I am from Victoria (but based in Brisbane until the end of the year). I found a sighting report that matches the first sighting I had almost exactly. I assure you I'm not making any of this next part up.

I was staying at Inverloch, a coastal town around 2 hours drive south-east of Melbourne, Victoria (Australia), with a mate of mine to go for a surf and generally get up to no good... It was late summer 1998 (Feb-Mar) but I can't remember the date now. My friend and I decided to try and swim from one side of Anderson's Inlet to the other side and back at just around sunset, but it took a lot longer than we expected and by the time we turned back it was dark. Turning back to face the land (Northish) we noticed a kind of slow pulsing glow that looked to be among hills on the horizon - a long way away. To us it looked just like some sort of big outdoor concert or party with some floodlights being turned on and off and we didn't think anything of it.
After perhaps a maximum of 20-30 seconds watching the pulsing glow, a circular light that appeared around the size of the full moon approached from the sea (Bass Strait) and crossed the sky in a direct path to the pulsing glow on the other horizon. It would have taken a maximum of 10 seconds, more likely less, to travel roughly horizon to horizon. When it reached the same place as the pulsing glow, both the light and the glow disappeared. There was no noise associated with the glowing or the object at all.

Here is a very crappy screen capture of Google Maps with my additions on it:

The red line is where my mate and I were swimming and had turned back. The yellow line is the course (roughly) of the object.
Original Google Map

Another view of Andersons Inlet from a travel site:


My friend who was with me at the time (though who I have lost contact with) saw it too, but only said "I don't know what it was, but it can't have been a UFO"... which is actually more to say it was UNIDENTIFIED but he doesn't believe in the whole "spaceship" thing.

Anyway, thing is I found another report that pretty closely matches where, when and what I saw!!! I only found this last night, and the site appears to have had no updates since 2000, but I'm going to email them and ask for more info on the sighting.
Read and compare the second report down...


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posted on Nov, 8 2005 @ 10:47 AM
Well you defiantly see something we can't identify. If this is a extraterrestrial craft or not, we may never know.
I had seen something similar a few years ago. It didn't appear as big as what you describe and it was only visible for a fraction of a second.

Maybe check out You might find more stuff there.


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