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War on Consciousness

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posted on Nov, 7 2005 @ 09:16 PM
The War on Consciousness
In today’s world consciousness is being attacked. If one can arrive at a sense of this notion, it becomes clear that democracy no longer remains valid. For some reason it is perfectly normal and acceptable to drink oneself silly with alcohol, or zombie out watching the T.V. These are activities that halt the functions of the brain, and in turn, the mind. Anything on the other side of the coin, that is, things that raise the level of awareness within the individual are being represented in a negative light. There are forces that seek to destroy any understanding of what it’s like to think for oneself these days.

If we don’t own the confines of our experiences, what can we say about our freedom? Legislation prohibits the experimentation with drugs, many of which have been in use by many civilizations past for a number of helpful reasons. Why is it that the government sees it necessary to control the expansion of our human experiences?

Without the right to our minds, we have nothing, and if freedom is what America is truly about, our minds must be fought for. Are these simple statements correct? If one takes the stance that the mind is truly the one thing we humans can own for ourselves, the idea of the war on drugs becomes nonsensical. Our individual consciousness and what individuals choose to do with it is guaranteed through the forces of nature. What kind of free country puts up such a fight to battle against the minds of its people? Why are things like alcohol and television deemed okay when they are symbols of “Not Thinking?” It seems very strange that our country’s government struggles to limit what human beings can experience. Life is so precious that spending any time at all doing things other than what your heart desires you to do is a sad loss of divinity. Speaking on spiritual matters, which would also lie into the arena of religion, will further enlighten you to the hypocrisy within our borders.

Drugs, of varying types, have been used to gain access to different realms of experience which brings one to understandings that can’t otherwise be gained. By studying the tribal shamans of civilizations current and past, we realize the importance of knowledge gained in this way. It is fast becoming clearer to me that something about the situation and state of affairs surrounding mainstream thought on drugs, and consciousness control in general, is the one thing that is in fact holding this country back. Over here in the West, we have had our focus too long on the material realities, and the related sickness of acquiring as much stuff or junk as possible. Consumerism is going to have to be redefined in new ways, and if not it will ultimately fail. The true solution is in fact changing the idea of money altogether. With all this going on, we still can’t provide the bare necessities to those of us who love this country but can’t get ahead in the world. Smart people struggle to survive, but why should they. Value in society is changing, and this change is eminent and happening Now.

We all know the Paramedical companies are allowed to sell us their many dangerous and consciousness altering drugs for top dollar, but we can’t experience divinity through plants that grow from this earth. We are from this earth, and if you haven’t noticed, most of our western cures are derived from plants found here. With all due respect fellow citizens, can you enlighten me about the current state of human rights in this country? Is there any way you can show me that human freedoms are still intact?

The general public is waking up to governments mechanisms designed to limit and hold back, however it is not too late to change the face of American life in a drastically uplifting way. To do so would mean turning our focus away from the control mechanisms, and instead turning toward the potential of the human condition. What I mean here is that we are sorely underestimating the potential within our society. It is being chocked out by bigger and more involved government programs designed to keep the lowly citizen too preoccupied to fight the struggle with any real force behind it.

The gap is so large between the upper and lower levels of society, that it is sheer pocket change to the rich to devise an advertising scheme to undermine the information coming from someone with crippling evidence of crimes committed by the wealthy. The real criminals are not the petty thieves who steel for survival, but rather the mega rich who bend the rules, and use the law for loopholes to make them even richer, all the while sucking everyone else dry.

Many of the plants I speak of have incredible benefits in themselves, but I fear no amount of evidence I bring forward will convince the people who control the upper limit of progress within this county to rethink their understanding of freedom and unalienable rights which are god given.

Someone is forcibly applying the breaks in terms of human progress, and I can’t understand the increased government involvement in my life.

As someone who can’t finish a college degree, I am forced to work jobs in which it is impossible to truly live and admire the awe of existence. With the unnecessary costs of petroleum products, and the car dependent society we have developed, I am lucky to save more than a couple hundred dollars a year. What about health care? Forget about it. There’s no hope really, I’m about to loss it from mass depression that society imposes on me due to its inherent constraints, and any attempt to subdue those intense feelings causes me to be subject to arrest. And for what; Sitting at home praying for change in this world. I cry out to our supreme being in hopes of a victory over freedom, but even here in America I feel a slave to the system. Putting salt on the wounds, it is also apparent, that nobody cares. That is, nobody that can do anything about it cares, and that’s why all this is left up to us. Those who are awake and see the truth must fight for everything our founding fathers fought for; FREEDOM.

All I see in this world is a symptom of fear and control. You can’t deny what I say. We are marching blindfolded into the abyss, and a revolution must come about in our consciousnesses or the world is going to be destroyed. Let’s take our focus off of the mundane and physical, and turn our attention to that which lies just below the surface.

I would like to use an analogy that is of profound importance, and revealing it here to you, someone I do not know, is quite a courageous step for me to take. I do not know who will read this but it may very well say something so accurate that revolution could happen as a result of it getting understood on a mass scale. Once revealed and followed accordingly, humanity as we know it could actually be transformed.

The analogy is as follows.
Ice floats above the water, but only 10 percent exists above the water, the other 90 percent lies just below the surface. The real world is like that. Everyday matter is the 10 percent above, and the rest is hidden. Western science has completely ignored this aspect of life and reality that I fear we may have already suffered irreversible damage to our growing potential as humans.

We must continue to value things unseen and unexplained if we are ever to arrive at a truer perspective of the world around us.

Protected under the laws of religious freedoms in this country, every individual has a right to these experiences. Any attempt to prevent them is a significant red flag to the human rights movement, and is a blatant indicator against that which is god given and guaranteed to be protected for us all under the declaration of independence.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Thank you for time, and mindful responses.

Is there any hope for someone like me? What say you?

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 04:03 PM
wow,that was a lot on your mind,you are talking about the system,and that is the way it is,yes it can be changed,but if not enough people get together,then things will stay the same,maybe its not the system needs changing but YOU.i will give an opinion,you (average person) go to work get your wages after paying your taxes etc, you pay high rents bills etc,its what you have left over after paying everything out is what you are working for,lets say a few pounds or dollars,and so you carry on.
A man was driving along the road and saw a couple, poorly dressed laying out in the sun, he stopped and said, i used to be like you,but look at me i worked hard for 30 years and built up a business,and in 10 years time i will retire and never have to work again,i will be able to have holidays in the sun and do NOTHING ,the couple said ,WE are doing that NOW.
You don,t have to be in the system,why pay rent for an apartment when you are not in it cause you have to work all the hours to pay for it,assets can sometimes be a liability, look at the hyppies in the past,they lived by the beach caught fish,earned a few dollars to get by,you will never be financially rich but you will have more peace and freedom and less stress, i,m not saying it will always be easy ,but then again its not easy now is it?

posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 02:50 PM
1. A great example of this was the government bringing 24 hour licensing into the U.K. They did this against the will of the public, much of the media, opposition in their own party and other political parties.
For all that they "listen" to a police chief over terrorism (one who would probably be done for manslaughter if it weren’t for his friendship with Labour) many of the police are against 24 hour drinking too.

For a start it will mean more overtime for longer hours, and that will no doubt effect day time policing as well.

Aren’t governments supposed to be populist unless it’s a really big issue? If the British public as a whole really wanted 24hour drinking then it would be understandable, but they don’t; so it’s odd the government should sacrifice its support in this way.

2. News Reporting: Have you ever noticed how they repeat the news? BBC radio 4 is very bad, you have: programme adverts, (often) music next, then "beep, beep" (on dot of the hour), then "this is BBC news" (plus the time), then the headlines, then news the stories, sport and weather. Trouble is the news headlines often contain almost the same amount of information as the news stories themselves.
And all this at the top of the hour, every hour 24 hours a day.

Furthermore till quite recently you could flick the TV channels and get quiet different news stories. Now even the particular story being shown is often the same as the other channels.
Also when bad news is coming out of Iraq I find that not only do they stop reporting it quite quickly (perhaps something you can expect given the quantity of bad news) but when they repeat a news cycle the bad news is sometimes only shown in every other news cycle. I noticed this on CNN when one of Saddam’s defence lawyers was last assonated.

3.Super Cascenos: Maybe its just a way of getting tax revenue. But surely it will damage the economy through the money wasted not being invested in banks and say stocks and shares. And for those people who don't do that there are the social problems, or just credit card debt. Surely it would be much better for the government if people spent there money on real things unless...It's to keep them mindlessly occupied. Maybe I'm looking too deeply into this one but its interesting that this (a more “tax revenue justified” proposal) failed to implanted by the government to the extent they had wanted (quite unlike 24 hour drinking).


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