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Was Massive Ordnance Air Burst (MOAB) weapon used on hurricane Isabel?

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posted on Sep, 19 2003 @ 02:51 PM

UK1: howdy
UK1: doing research on strange things happnin with isabel

UK1: seen

BARDSQUILL: wow, that is weird
UK1: two things
UK1: keep an eye on the center
UK1: see the white dot that goes against the wind then heads in the same direction as the wind
UK1: to appear a few frames later on the top right
UK1: you see it better when you don't directly look at it
BARDSQUILL: not sure I'm looking where you are, looking into the eye here
UK1: two parts
UK1: about 2 seconds from start of frame you see a large white circular maybe hex shape go forward then back
UK1: then there's slight pause where the frames did not refresh
BARDSQUILL: see that
UK1: then quickly look to the top right hand portion
UK1: don't follow the swirl follow the movement up wards from the middle right
BARDSQUILL: see something top-right scooting off the corner. that it?
UK1: yup
BARDSQUILL: you ought to add text to this to help the viewer
UK1: this is just alpha research
UK1: i have 29 hrs of every single frame
UK1: from 3 sat's
UK1: and 6 bands of wavelength
UK1: including 38ghz
BARDSQUILL: good going
BARDSQUILL: preliminary observations?
UK1: either it has collapsed onto itself creating a dual eye storm
UK1: reason you cant see the main eye
UK1: cause its become unstable
UK1: reason ???? looks like an explosion
UK1: you can see the way the clouds burst from the center
BARDSQUILL: think they nuked it or scalar hit?
UK1: away from the normal continuous cloud formation
UK1: streaks don't normally happen unless there's another force
BARDSQUILL: three radiating lines support that
BARDSQUILL: If they nuked it, could be one of the worst ideas in modern history
UK1: russia having EQ trouble and so did we today
BARDSQUILL: because now the storm has rads
UK1: remember the MOAB
BARDSQUILL: no, what was that?
UK1: Mother Of ALL Bombs
UK1: doesn't use Nuclear
UK1: Massive Ordnance Air Burst (MOAB) weapon, contains 9.5 tons of a very powerful explosive.
BARDSQUILL: yes, remember now
UK1: They are based on a mix of ammonium nitrate and powdered aluminium in an aqueous suspension or slurry, with a binding agent to hold the materials together before detonation.
UK1: what happens if you detonate 9.5 Tons Air Explosive into the center of a hurricane
BARDSQUILL: guess we are about to find out
BARDSQUILL: hurricane did fall apart rather suddenly, eh?
UK1: you wouldn't hear a thing cause the sound would either travel inwards or be scattered outwards
BARDSQUILL: looks like you might have caught the moment
UK1: once again
BARDSQUILL: got any enhanced IR for this time period?
UK1: yeah
UK1: but at the moment its still continuing to grab data every 25 mins
BARDSQUILL: excellent work
UK1: i'm gonna make it into an AVI movie
BARDSQUILL: cool. I'm going to put up this note on Orbit: The hurricane did in fact lose force within a narrow time period. This is being analyzed now. Stay tuned!
BARDSQUILL: when you are ready with your data I'll write the links over to you.
UK1: k
UK1: the best thing is ill transfer the info to you
UK1: i have a lack of bandwidth
BARDSQUILL: it's important for sure
UK1: come up with something else on a search MOAB (UTAH)

BARDSQUILL: yup, my old stompin grounds. I've been there
BARDSQUILL: place is freakin haunted
UK1: looks it
BARDSQUILL: UFOs darting in and out, some formations might be collosol ruins and some of the rock is glazed as though from an ancient nuke. Indians won't go in to some regions, intense spirits they say.
BARDSQUILL: also a lot of radioactive clouds went over there from modern atmospheric tests
UK1: The Convection And Moisture EXperiment (CAMEX) is a series of field research investigations sponsored by the Earth Science Enterprise of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
UK1: found it


UK1: changed the 4
UK1: to a 5 for a laugh
UK1: Planning for the CAMEX-5 Experiment is now underway. Authorized Users may log in to submit and/or view current planning documents.

UK1: One of the NASA ESE investigations contributing to the climate, water, and weather research themes is the Convection And Moisture Experiment (CAMEX), which is a study of hurricane development, movement, intensity, rainfall potential, and landfalling impacts

UK1: look at the date
UK1: Scientific Objectives of the Fifth Convection And Moisture Experiment (CAMEX-5)

Suggested by the CAMEX-4 Science Team

15 September 2003

BARDSQUILL: what kind of intrusion into the hurricane I wonder
UK1: well i know they sent up something a few days ago to test its speed but could that be something to do with it
UK1: measure inside pressure
UK1: as soon as it gets to xxx pressure explode a device
UK1: lots of information on what they NOA (USWRP) are doing now

UK1: now that's hard to understand
BARDSQUILL: hurricane trying to reorganize
UK1: personally i think it was blown apart cause instability but it looks to me to be reforming

UK1: it is sucking alot of moisture from the north
UK1: and heat and energy from the south and the gulf stream
UK1: 125 mph at 5 p.m / at 2pm 105 mph
UK1: can you get any images from 4:45 am to 6:45 am from GEOS
UK1: download

posted on Sep, 19 2003 @ 03:58 PM
I kind of doubt it...

Even a MOAB only produces a few tens of kilotons yield at best. The eye of Isabel was several miles in diameter, and the pressure wave created by a MOAB simply wouldnt be great enough to do much to it, at that size.

I DO believe that HAARP was employed, as we obviously have evidence that HAARP was activated, for the first time in several weeks, on an extremely energetic burst, right about the time that Isabel started falling apart, just as it was entering warmer waters (which should have fueled Isabels strengthening).

It is very interesting that isabel dropped that far in strength that fast when the water temperature would have only fueled its strengthening...

posted on Sep, 19 2003 @ 04:54 PM
Could of been MPR too... another Massive Prayer Response was conducted by originator Coast to Coast AM, with Norrey at the healm this time...recall Art Bell doing it the first time on the Gulf of Mexico hurricane...and the quick degradation of the storm only hours after the Mass Prayer Response was started...these guys are 3 for 3 on averting disasters by hurricane.

besides, the weather service forecasting & tracking data,
showed nothing that could be construed as an aerial 'bombing' on storm isabel

***YA'll might want to put 'isabel' into the anagram producing software, & see what pops up- maybe there
was a 'psychic' pre-disposition built into storm isabel:::

~~~'thar she blows'

posted on Sep, 19 2003 @ 05:01 PM

What is MOAB?


It is big conventional bomb..

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