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Why are people blind ?

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posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 11:04 PM
Why do people vote along party lines rather then with there consonance?
How many people voted for Bush because he was Republican?
Do 80% of the population really give much thought to who there voting for?
If traditional Republican voters had voted with there consonance would Bush been relected?
These questions apply to all political partys and voters.

There is no such thing as Liberal or a Conservative . Every notice how any negtive effects are blamed on Liberals ?
When was the last time people took took at look at the action of there political leaders rather then blame societys troubles on a myth?
Why are people so blind?
IMH the majority of American voters are the most blind group of people I have ever heard of.

Why are people and political partys so obessed with recreating there version of society from the past that never existed?

posted on Nov, 7 2005 @ 12:07 AM
It's psychological, I think. From what I've seen personally, with the republicans, when people vote along party lines I think it tends to be from listening to a bit too much radio, or watching a bit too much Fox News, which both seem to be dominated with big-mouthed right-wingers. And from what I've personally seen of people, democrats seem to vote along party lines simply because they cannot stand republicans, as there are no strong democratic media sources (ie, no one goes around saying "conservative" as if it is an insult, as happens with the word "liberal" - HUGE psychological thing there).

And it seems to have a lot to do with how you are raised, too. Republican parents, more likely to have republican sons and daughters. Democratic parents, likewise. And who people hang around.. All social influences, I guess.

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