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Comedians target new terror laws

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posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 08:27 PM
This is an interesting twist on the Terror laws that are washing over the western world as we speak.

In Australia, a 'coalition' of Comedians are hosting a night of comedy in protest of the new Anti-Terror laws which were 'rushed' into Parliament last week because of a 'imminent terror threat which can only be stopped with the new laws' - which then vanished the next day into a possible future threat due to an aledged phone tap no one has heard.

They're calling the concert Sedition! - and they're warning that when federal parliament passes proposed new anti-terrorism laws, they may no longer be able to perform it.


"This coalition of entertainers and commentators believes it is important to defend the rights of all Australians to make comment on their political masters - however rude, irreverent, and as Dame Edna might say, uncalled for, they may be.

"We believe this is the birthright of all Australians.

"As the draft Anti-Terrorism Bill stands it offers no guarantees that such comment cannot be deemed to be seditious and therefore a criminal act."

Imagine a future where even Comedians have to watch what they joke about in relation to a government! Doesn't sound like the western world we know.

Isn't the WoT meant to be reducing oppression and promoting freedom?

They came for the comedians.... and i said nothing....

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