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Poltergeist in my house???....why me?

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posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 03:23 PM
Dr. Love is right on the money with this.

(OMG .. I must go take my temp and see
if I'm ill ... I agree with him!

Be careful. Get the house blessed. Check to
see if you have 'invited' it in any way (occult, etc.).

My personal opinion ... spooks are everywhere. They
want to be noticed. Sometimes, they notice that you
notice. The more you pay attention to them, the
stronger they get.

Get the place blessed. Think positive thoughts.
Keep us posted.

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 04:32 PM

Originally posted by Uber Fr0g
Ive recently moved out of my house to an apartment for college, so im not in the room anymore. But, heres someinteresting stuff that happened in my old house that i would like a little insight on. here goes:

At night i would wake up and my light would be on in my room. This happened on multiple occasions. Also the fan would be on sometimes and not the light. After school when i would come home i always dropped my books in my room and turned on my light and went straight to the kitchen for somethin to eat. Many MANY times after grabbing a bite i would come back and my light would be off, and sometimes my door would be mysteriously closed. Now, this may seem like an electrical problem, but i have more so hold on.

At night i would sit in my bed with my laptop on a pillow in my lap.This was back before i had wireless internet so i had a phone cord plugged in. I would always notice strange things:noises/voices/footsteps. One night as i went in the kitchen i even saw the black figure of a man. Well one particular night when i was cruising the internet with my computer in my lap i was surfing when all of the sudden my phone cord jerked extremely hard to my right and ripped my laptop off my lap throwing it across the room to my door...a distance of roughly 8 feet. The phone cord comes out the right side of my computer and plugged in directly behind my back, a distance of less than 3 feet and my back was against the wall. No one else was in the room and i was not delerious as it was only 11pm.

It could not have been me in any way because even if i had somehow sat on the phone cord theres no way i could have moved it with such force to propel it across the room. Things like this happened to me for all 4 years i lived in that house, plus many many more, if you want to hear more i can elaborate on the rest. Sorry for the long post. But, i was wondering, was this a poltergeist? and why me, why would a poltergeist take interest in annoying me?

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[edit on 5-11-2005 by Uber Fr0g]

1. Slight to a complete loss of concentration, memory, and an overall blanking out for a few seconds to a few minutes.

2. Dizziness

3. Drop dead in your tracks fatigue in which you just MUST sleep without an otherwise known cause. You may find yourself sleeping from 12-20 hours at a time.

4. Immediate wired effect in which you feel as if you’re on major amounts of caffeine or even coc aine. You may stay awake for 22-48 hours with no sleep, all the while still feeling wired.

5. Ringing, buzzing, popping, clicking, humming sound within the ears. This may even be painful to the extent it feels as though something sharp is pounding your eardrum(s).

6. Altered taste-metallic taste.

7. Pressurized feeling within your head.

8. Images of light, as in an 'aurora,' from an image you just looked at. Beams of light may also be seen. This can happen anywhere.

9. Voice(s) inside the brain that are not your own or the Holy Spirit, yet is LIKE the Holy Spirit. (If you are a target and it is used on you too often it will become difficult to tell the difference whether it is the voice synthizier in the ELF or the Holy Spirit!)

10. Just KNOWING where to look to see a UFO. You look and sure enough one shows up.

11. You may become paralyzed in bed while a voice commands you to not resist. (You may feel a presence by your bed when this occurs.)

12. Lucid dreaming.

13. Flashes of light

14. You may hear voices coming from your electronic equipment that shouldn't be

15. You may have high body heat--as in a hot flash that lingers on for hours

16. DURING this you may have 'visions' of phantoms, balls of light, demons, aliens (fallen angels), etc. [Remember not all such 'visitations' are due to ELF, but can also be from God. The Bible states in Num 22:31, 2 Ki 6:17 that the LORD "opened the eyes" of some people so that they could see into the spirit world. This was His will. On the other hand, it may simply be due to involvement in the occult. Such spirits in that case will always be Luciferian in nature and, therefore, be of Satan himself. ]

17. You may have an INvolulentary out of body experience

18. Rapid heart rate while sitting still, without medical or physical cause.

19. Seeing through closed eyelids

20. Kundalini experiences

Now the above is not even a complete listing of the effects of ELF (extremely low frequency weapons).

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 05:16 PM
Interesting you should post this, as i was about to sort of give aqn update on some new things.

Plus heres something myself and many other people witnessed the other one is quite sure wha it is yet.'

The reason i quoted some of the things above and took others out is because the ones left are what have happened to me within the past 5-6 days!

Im not sure if this project blue beam has anything to do with my experiences in my moms house and my apartment but the similarities are striking. For the past few days ive been in a strange pattern. Yesterday for example i didnt sleep hardly any, maybe 3 hours Ive also started sleepwalking, the nights prior to me staying up i walked in my sleep 3 confirmed times by my roomates muttering something they couldnt understand. Ive also had a metallic taste in my mouth...not overpowering but it is there and doesnt go away for a while, it goes and comes every so often. The next one is interesting to me. I have always had these spells where ill be in deep conversation with a friend and i'll just stop and zone out...sometimes up to 20 seconds. My friends and myself are used to it now, but it's interesting that was mentioned in the above article. Im not sure(because i havent seen it yet clearly) but i think whatever i was seeing in my moms house is now with me in my apartment, or if it is something that has to due with the article recently posted im being targeted again?? Lately i have been hearing the things( doors slamming and the such) that i heard in my old house. But, something really got to me last night.

It was about 4:30 am(still couldnt sleep) i was listening to the radio and started to hear random (voices?) thats the only thing they sounded like. I also saw something...not quite sure what in my room at random times and in different parts of my room. Plus i felt a presence, i know when somene is looking at me or if they are near me cause i sense them sorta, everyone can to some extent. This feeling was particularly strong...nothing was there, well...nothing physical.

Once again let me say (unless i havent yet) I am not easily freaked out by things. Im a rather skeptical person, so when i write something on this site and i tell you i dont know what it is....that is exactly what i mean. Most of the time i blow things off and give them rational explanations, but things have been occuring lately that i cant hardly grasp. It's exciting yet unnerving at the same time. I have no reason to decieve anyone, none of this is made up. My roomate thought it was until i started sleepwalking and he saw the doors closing and he realized how freaked out i was at the things i was hearing/seeing.

Here i go rambling again, i just need a place to vent this and let eveyone know. When i start writing sometimes i cant stop, so ill make another post later on today or tommorow with the more interesting stuff.( yeah, it gets stranger)

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posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 05:35 PM
I think your friend was speaking in tongues. But the tongues were not of God.

Anyway, I don't think you are experiencing stuff related to project blue beam per se. I think you are in demonic bondage and under demonic attack. All the stuff you are recounting would have been, prior to the technology, just considered Lucifarian/Satanic/demonic magic etc.

Btw, I'm obsessed with knowing Jesus Christ (aka having eternal life [John 17:3]) and everything I say is based out of that.

So do you want all this stuff to stop?

You sorta mentioned you were a Christian in another post. Are you? You mentioned being baptized in water. But have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit? it talks about in Luke 3, John 3, Acts 1-2...

If not, thats what you need. You need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit (aka born of Spirit, born from above)...

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 01:40 PM
I feel so stupid, but ill get to this later. First

Yes i have been baptized in water and the holy spirit. I have accepted christ as my savoir....i wont go in to this to much more,some people get upset here when religion is brought up in detail.

Now, i finally discovered why i was hearing things,seeing some of the things i mentioned,and the sleepwalking. Like i said i feel really stupid for not thinking of this. I'm a college student , i drink more coffee,coke,beer, than you can imagine lol. I also use caffiene pills before tests, and to study and the such. Now that i think back most of the voices,sightings i had come during these times early in the morning while stuying...I think i sleptwalk due to staying up so late with the caffiene pills and worrying about the tests. So i conducted an experiment starting the night of the 15th. No more caffiene pills,coke,coffe, or studying after midnight. Up to this point i had been sleepwalking often and seeing/hearing NOTHING! It was lack of sleep and stress.....

That was for the recent stuff, the figure in my moms house was when i was in high school,along with the laptop incident. I still stop conversation and just zone out every now and then, but i think thats just somethin i do haha.

Heres some info, If your hearing,seeing, things at night take in mind what you have ingested and how much sleep you have had.geez

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posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 03:24 PM

Originally posted by Uber Fr0g
I feel so stupid, but ill get to this later. First

Yes i have been baptized in water and the holy spirit.

Are you sure you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit:

i drink more coffee,coke,beer, than you can imagine lol. I also use caffiene pills before tests, and to study and the such. Now that i think back most of the voices,sightings i had come during these times early in the morning while stuying...I think i sleptwalk due to staying up so late with the caffiene pills and worrying about the tests.

. I have accepted christ as my savoir....i wont go in to this to much more

its a shame you feel that way

*well, if your perception about any of this changes, I'll be here to help however I can

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posted on Nov, 24 2005 @ 09:28 PM
Touch lamps come on if the power goes of then it comes back on.
There, theres an explanation or some

posted on Nov, 25 2005 @ 12:03 PM
Well, there ya go! A rational explanation. Lord knows this area has enough brown outs to cause this

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