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Bigfoot seen in Upstate NY

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posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 12:26 PM
I sent this to the BFRO, but i got no response, so either they are backedup or they dont think its significant. But i live in warren country NY. Which if you follow the BFRO (which i dont but i found this why looking at sightings in my area) has had quite a few sightings. Theres a place called Sabbath Day Point or something in Lake George, not far from me, that is a frequent sighting spot. Also there is a place in Brant Lake just 10 or 20 mins from me that someone saw a similar creature to what i saw. That what made me think it was a bigfoot:
My brother and i had driven to my grandfathers cabin, where my cousin and her boyfriend were staying (no power, no phones etc) and we were telling them to come to the bar (Mind you no drinking took place before this). Then we left, with them a mile or less behind us on the road. Now the cabin is at the end of dirt road, far from any town, and right on the Hudson River, completely surrounded by Trees and dense Pine forests. As we were nearing the end of the dirt road. I noticed something slowly amble out of the forest on all fours. I slammed on the breaks of my car. And just watch it as it began to make its way across the road.
The creature was easily taller than me if it stood on two legs, it was mostly lighter browns and white (wierd for any bogfoot like cryptid) It had a very very very human like face, or monkey like, infact this happen in 2003, and ever since i told the story i referred to it as the "Monket Beast" and then found the BFRO and thought more about it. It had hand like feet too. Obvious digits, no claws. it also had a prehensel looking tail. Its fur wasnt super long or super short, it was similar to a bears in length and density, but more shiny. It literall stared into my lowbeams the whole time it moved slowly and cautiously. It didnt seem to be scared, just curious. Its slow methodic pace seemed very deliberate.
Once it made it most of the way across the road it seemed to kinda crouch and just watch us. I dropped my car right into gear and floored it. My brother and i hardly talked the whole way to the bar, which was pretty far. So we get to the bar and eventually our cousin and her boyfriend arrive and we begin talking about funny things. Then all of a sudden my cousins boyfriend pulls my arm and says "By the way; What the HELL was that thing on the side of the road??!!" We all started discussing it, and came up with the term "Monkey Beast". I had almost forgotten about it, until this year she (my cousin) came back up here, and we discussed it again. She remains convinced it was a Wolverine. But i dont. I have seen tons of pictures of Wolverines. They have snouts, claws, shaggy fur, that is very shiny. It wasnt a wolverine, that im sure of. My uncle said it was just most likely a massive racoon, and it seemed bigger in the headlights, and went on about how racoons can look like people (face wise) in the right light. Ive lived in the forest all my life, ive seen hundreds of coons, porcupines, the ilk. Believe me when i say this was not a normal creature at all.
What do you think, guys?


posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 01:50 PM
I'm no expert, but it doesn't sound like a bigfoot. Sounds weird though and maybe it would be good idea to do a stakeout in your car in the area, to try to photo it.

I don't understand why you floored it, don't worry you're not the only one, just about every story of these bigfoot sightings where a car is involved, results in the driver flooring the pedal.

If it were me I'd like to think I would have:

1 taken my disposable camera out of the glove box, which everyone should have in their glovebox

2 photo'd it and when it sat by the road I would have drawn up level with it and taken a real close look/photo.

Your cousin only saw it sitting by the road side (in the dark?) so that's why she thought it might be a wolverine, you saw it walking and in your headlights so you got the better look at it.

[edit on 4/11/2005 by Wig]

posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 02:18 PM
The only thing that throws me is the quadralepdial locomotion, and the tail. What made me think it was a Bigfoot or somesort of Bigfoot relative is that a gray/white bigfoot has been seen about 15 mins from this aread and reported on the BFRO
And in the other direction odd noises were reported about 25 minutes from the area
and this is a map i made showing the sightings in my area
the crude blue stars are sightings close to me, the red star is a area in Lake George where multiple sightings have been reported.

posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 05:57 PM
I highly doubt this is a Bigfoot because of the reasons you stated. It would be a different species whether it may look similar to a Bigfoot. Naturally, I've always been skeptical of the Sasquatch/Yeti/Bigfoot matter because it just seems so unlikely that they could still thrive and not be definitely captured in some form. But that's beside the point. Sounds like either you were hallucinating or you've found some kind of new animal.

posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 06:13 PM
As for BFRO, when I reported my Bigfoot sighting to them i didn't hear anything for months. One night my phone rang and it was a lady saying she was from BFRO and wanted to discuss the report i'd made. It had been so long since I had made the online report i didn't have a clue as to what she was talking about at first, Then I finally realized she was from the Bigfoot organization.

It takes them awhile to get back to you.

Our stories differ in quite a few ways, the one I saw walked upright and there was absolutely no mistaking what it was. I too was in a car and hit the gas and didn't slow down till I made it to the next town on the highway. I kept looking in the rearview mirror to make sure the darn thing wasn't chasing me.

Anyway, hang in there and eventually BFRO will give you a call.

Love and light,



posted on Nov, 7 2005 @ 04:47 AM

Did this thing walk on all fours like any other four legged, cat, horse, bear, wolf etc

Or like a monkey hind legs and knuckles or palms of hands eg, gorilla, monkey etc.

The only thing stopping me from suggesting "Sloth" or "giant Sloth" is that you said it didn't have claws.

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