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Public Enquiry

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posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 04:30 AM
You've probably been over this a few times before, but, I can't believe a complete public enquiry has not been ordered over the events on 9/11/01 The events known leading up to that day and the events on the days that followed.

Things I would expect:

The flight box recorders - the whole of the data to be put into the public domain, with the exception only of certain spoken sentances edited out which might be concerned with national security (though I can't think of much the terorists would have said in this respect, and I can see that certain orders/communications from ATC might be edited out but not much more than that).

Where flight recorders were alledgedly unrecovered, experts from the field to give there opinions on this.

Experts to give opinions on how the plane in the Pentagon could dissappear without trace.

Experts to identify the one piece of plane wreckage which was photographed on the Pentagon lawn, it must be possible for someone to identify which part of a plane that is and what livery is it painted with.

All photographs of crime scene to be published - thinking here of the planes that crashed into the ground, and the one that alledgedly hit the Pentagon. The investigating officers surely would have taken 1000's of photos and video, if they didn't - Why not? Surely a dereliction of duty not to take pictures.

So there are hundreds of questions all needing to be answered in public. It is inconcievable not to have a full public enquiry.

I think the reason it hasn't happened in your country is because yoour media is not very active in exposing your government, and pressing your government for explanations. But I don't know because I don't live there. In UK our media hammers away at the government quite a lot until the government does something. We are not perfect not by any means, because we had something like 3 public enquiries on the Events of the Iraq war and each one was unsatisfactory because in our system the Primeminister is the one who appoints the judge and the primeminister is the one who sets the parameters for the investigation - totally unnacceptabe, but better than nothing and at least we can then all shout at the government about the parameters being unsatisfactory.

Just thought I'd mention this to you all.


[edit on 4/11/2005 by Wig]

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