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The Ummo Documents

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posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 03:42 PM

Lots of pictures representing their technology (transport system, houses) can be found here, as well as an authentic map of the Ummo planet :

More accurately, a lot of computer rendersings of their alleged technology and a map that is reported to be of the Ummo planet. Actual photographs would have been nice.

Unfortunately, the Ummo papers bear too much indicia of having been hoaxed. Renderings instead of photographs. Hand drawn maps. Science that was believed to be accurate at the time of the writing of the documents and has later been refined or disproven.

Yes, there is something tempting about the Ummo papers. But not enough. Given the premise -- actual contact by alien visitors that have made "contact" with people of earth, there's no reason why more definitive proof could not have been available. There's no reason that their science should have been flawed (it's nowhere near as bad as Nygdan makes it out to believe, but it's flawed nonetheless).

Personally, I believe that no matter how little an alien race that makes contact with us would want to interfere, allowing themselves to make contact is enough interference to suggest that they would leave some sort of indisputable evidence of their presence. A fact, a picture, a physical artifact... something would result from the contact.

It would be quickly debunked by pseudo-scientists that think that because it doesn't fit their understanding of science, it must be hoaxed... but some of us may appreciate it

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by Musclor
Lots of pictures representing their technology

Apologies, I thought that there were photographs.

Researchers have found lots of interesting things, mainly about cosmology

Such as? There'd dead wrong about genetics as far as I can tell.


posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 06:05 PM
If you do a quick search on the internet you'll find that the Ummo story was later admitted as a hoax by the very person who first introduced the story. It's a complete fake. Check Google.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 06:00 AM

Originally posted by Nygdan

Originally posted by Musclor
Researchers have found lots of interesting things, mainly about cosmology

Such as? There'd dead wrong about genetics as far as I can tell.

I don't know, but this is what have been reported by researchers. On, there exist 5 mailing lists (physics, language, biology, society, various) in which several serious researchers are investigating the thousands of Ummo papers.

Originally posted by gl2
If you do a quick search on the internet you'll find that the Ummo story was later admitted as a hoax by the very person who first introduced the story. It's a complete fake. Check Google.

That's one of the point i was talking about in my first post, along with the double-star inconsistency. From what i learned by reading books and listening to radio shows about Ummo, the person in question had stated that the Ummites told him to say that he was indeed the author. The reason was because the story was beginning to make waves outside the little community who received the letters, thing the Ummites didn't want to happen. For the same reason, i also heard that Ummites were maybe sometimes including voluntarily erroneous datas in these letters to make the case less credible in case of problem.

If Ummo is a hoax, there are lots of people behind it. Thousands of scientific pages received since a 40 year period seem a little bit too much for only one person. Maybe this person was the original creator indeed, but other persons necessarily took over from this case. Maybe a huge disinformation operation by a secret service.

I don't know what to think. I don't have a definitive opinion on the Ummo case, simply because there is no evidence to prove it's real or fake. I prefer staying neutral for the moment.

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posted on Nov, 26 2005 @ 09:35 AM
I think there is something to it. If you add 11 months and 11 days to the date 5-13 you get the date 4-24. Some people claim their is significance to the number 1111. It may be that they are channeling or being influenced by the same people responsible for the ummo documents. I'm not a Catholic but I know that the date 5-13 (the date of the first sighting of fatima) appears to be a starting point from which you can then count the months and days from it. It may even be somebody's January 1st. I've even seen "them" take the numbers from off our calandar and add them to the numbers on theirs and make a name out of it. For instance, October 1 is 10-1 on our Calandar and 4-18 on theirs. In 2004 before the volcano in Washington state became active on that date I kept hearing about somebody named "Jahad". J =10, A=1, H=8, A=1, D=4. All the same numbers but not in the same order. If you have a frequency generator and are able to channel, if you hear voices on 424 hz and also on 1111 it will be the same people.

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posted on Apr, 26 2007 @ 04:10 PM
Hawkins probably received documentations from them. Jean pierre Petit did receive letters so why wouldnt Hawking..

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by Nygdan

The cosmology and MHD research were based from those text:

There are some scientific information, according to Jean Pierre Petit, in those ummo document that anybody couldn't just make up and was used by Jean Pierre Petit in his research in MHD and Cosmology (twin universe theory).

The spanish guy who pretended he wrote all those documents didn't have the scientific knowledge to write them. He privately told JP Petit that he is not the author of the letters but was told to say so.

The KGB theory could be true, I guess they would have access to those scientific information and could have written those ummo letters, but for what purpose? And they wrote those letters for 30+ years and continue up until the year 2000's even though the KGB doesn't exist anymore, at least not officially... it is a little far fetch...

Hackam Razor: the simplest explanation tends to be the right one... in the ummo case... the ET explanation seems to be the simplest explanation... sorry to say.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 01:02 AM
I laugh every time I see anything on Ummo. The name gets me every time!
Very hard to take seriously. here's some more info at Wikipedia.



posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 09:52 AM
My opinion about the whole affair: a hoax but a very unusual one. The documents have depth, beyond the obvious pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo. It may have been started by an unknown race of ETs as a psychology experiment to see how various types of people would react to full disclosure with "acceptable" parameters (ummites are nearly human, nordic type, and even nearly christians!).

The documents probably contain no factual data, only mesmerizing hints of advanced technology and physics that inspired Jean-Pierre Petit. Their flying saucers technology is amazing, with long and (almost) useful descriptions about control of the external layer, that JPP interpreted as MHD and "inversions" (transfer to the twin universe).

Despite being criticized for endorsing the Ummo papers, JPP has explored the implication of "dual" or "twin" universe interactions in General Relativity, and published many peer-reviewed article. I do believe his conclusions are, broadly speaking, true about repulsive gravity explaining the elusive dark matter / dark energy.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 04:18 PM
Properly spelled UMMO & UMMITE/S, there is this 2007 free book in Spanish by Ufologist Juan José Benítez, about this reality:

Or you can download it in PDF here:

.LM., 29
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posted on May, 7 2013 @ 04:39 PM
Yeah, it seems to have been an elaborate version of your typical UFO contactee story, but with a Spanish twist. And just like all those old contactee stories, from George Adamski to Billy Meier and beyond, the ultimate result after many decades has been a big fat nothing. The aliens never saved us, or gave us any cool technology we could use, or really changed the world in any way. When something so supposedly monumental as contact with an alien civilization happens and nothing really results from it, you gotta wonder...

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 05:18 PM
Well: actually the UMMITES gave us advanced science unknown for the time of their contact with Spaniards & others during those decades starting in 1966 approximately:
.LM., 29

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 10:28 AM
Sounds like a bunch of baloney. The UMMITES?!! LMAO

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by ATSZOMBIE

You say so.

posted on Jun, 12 2013 @ 09:08 PM
reply to post by grasshopper

well i'm a tad late on this thread, but the symbol just came to mind yesterday and i've been reading about this for 2 days now, so...

first of all the symbol, it's similar to that of the astrological symbol for Uranus, i'm sure there's those who will find that could have been linked to the joke, if it was one...i find it similar to a symbol found in the magikal symbols from Christian/Pitois, but with the middle line added, which could equal something like a word i suppose.

second, the A424, i work in audio and i'm big on A432, not for any hooey reason but a very obvious and simple one if you really want to find it, anyways, my point to that is, please keep in mind that numerology can't really be applied to frequencies, because the definition of frequency is cycles-per-second, and you're trying to apply an ancient, universal, omni-dimensional theory to something that didn't exist until pulled out of our collective human behinds until about 1000 years ago. There was no "second" as a measurement of time until around 1000BC, let alone any way to accurately measure the number of vibrations in one. Not to mention that where we put "zero" in that spectrum, which stretches from vibration ("touch" in the Rosicrucian frequency charts) to light and beyond, was based entirely on whatever we decided, not any divine universal standard.
Anyhoo sorry to go off on that, but just something to keep in mind about frequencies.

I will be checking that out along with the other one, 1100 or whatever. For sure. With cameras, mics, EEG headband, and EMF meter all on and monitoring. And witnesses.

I'm not quite ready to buy that it's a hoax yet, the Daughters cult is rather unfortunate, but i'll have to look into the pics of the ship again and the witnesses and see how i feel from there. Until then, it's a pretty cool symbol and i think i'll make a t-shirt from it, see if it sparks any conversations at the bar.

On and Up!

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 01:34 PM
Aliens would communicate on twitter since 2012 ?

Hello everyone, I would like to share with you a strange story that takes place right now on twitter quite discreetly. I'll try to be concise.
First excuse my language because I do not speak English and I use an automatic translator, I hope you understand the basics. Since 2012, 4 twitter accounts have been created by people claiming to be either, aliens from the planet Ummo or humans working for them like interface.

( was closed in July 2015
( still open
( still open
( was closed in July 2015
The tweeter time seems to be Pacific time.

They argue that in 5 years we will see an economic collapse and a global civil war. They advocate to settle in the countryside and to be autonomous.
They claim steal the banksters with high frequency algorithm ghosts.
They argue that a war is being waged against humans by economic groups, to enrich themselves further.
They claim that a hostile alien ethnic group provides technology gadgets to certain nations in exchange for territories to become established on Earth.
They say many other things. Very surprisingly, they know perfectly all the subtle details of the case Ummo since the 60s.

They choose people who can subscribe to their twitter account and choose somes questions and not others. I do not subscribe to their account.

This exchange of tweets is in the Ummo
(Spanish phonetics) case. I will not dwell on this matter, there is information up. Although this case is rather known in Europe, that some scientists still believe there are informations well in advance for the time, and that the thesis of the hoax is too easy, it was considered a hoax since the confession of Luis Jordan Pena in '93. However Pena is a weird character who never was able to give details on these sources of inspiration. He was contradicts himself and before his death he wrote a letter to his best friend, Igniacio Darnaude, claiming that, in fact, it was the CIA who dictate him some letters.These statements are not very reliable. If you say that you painted the Mona Lisa, you must be able to explain where you learned painting and how you painted, no? Strange.

In the early 2000s some recipients of letters and curious ufologists have to create a French site to collect all the known letters. They themselves started to receive letters between 2003 and 2009. Since the contact seems resume via tweeter.

Some followers of Ummo tweeter accounts were grouped tweets, to archive. The tweets are in Spanish or English or French.
This case reminds me of John Titor case. It is impossible to know who is behind the tweeter accounts. It is very likely that this is a joke, but why not also real contact? Who really knows? In your opinion?

Now I put the links to your own deepening, unfortunately you'll have to do translations sometimes:

-Compilation of recent tweets/ Recent questions / answers:

-Some Ummo scientific topics translated into English:

-Letters Referenced "NR" received by mail between 2003 and 2009 / tweets referenced "W ..." since 2012:

-Telephone voice capture aliens 1967:

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 07:04 AM
Warning: in the referenced documents (letters or Twitter messages), one should always keep in mind that the document is more recent, the greater its degree of credibility falters because the risk it was written by a forger s' increases.
Ummites tweets are published on Ummo sciences-with some delay.
Those are available on the Oaxiiboo W1 document. I have referenced here as TW-O followed by the tweet form number if published at the time of writing.
Those OYAGAA Ayoó YISSAA are under the W2 paper (I note the TW-OAY), those under W3 OOMO TOA (TW-OT) and those of OOLGA WAAM in W4 (TW-OW).
The latest tweets are available on
You can find the other documents, the letters D and NR, on Ummo Science site. I did not put the links in the heart of the ticket order not to burden the document.

1) Other extraterrestrial civilizations that Ummites

1-a) Those which are known to UMMO


Ummites received and decrypted for a portion of the radio messages of exotic origins.

Example: D41-16: "The first coded messages of OOYAUMME system (star we have not identified the astronomical tables of the Earth). "

They were able to visit the planet where a source of one of these signals to find that the residents were victims of their own weapons to the plasma. They were also flown by thousands of devices. But direct contacts were established:

D41-16 (1966):
"We have established the first contact made through our OAWOOLEA OEMM [L] (space ships) with the planet IEYIOBAA (phonic name of its inhabitants was approximately FRRRANSSSS well). This group is situated around the orb OOYAUNMEEEI (On land tables it appears with the name 70 of the Serpent)
The second (an 501 / 978.56 OOYAWIIA with the planet and the people who killed his six crew members). "

Ummites, if one believes the tweets, are experiencing in our galaxy 74 planets harboring intelligent humanoids.
28 have access to the galactic space travel, 15 are freely. A species is rather hostile and took under its control based nests (I try to interpret the graph below) bringing together two sets of civilizations respectively 6 and 7 planets. These civilizations are qualified under the domination of swarms.
As a bonus, we got a summary drawing of a representative of one of these two groups.
We can not help at this point to think about the insectoid gray as I have described in my humorous gallery. Yet we shall see below, the humanoid species are all related to mammals.
We may, we'll find out, soon to be part of the list of civilizations under the rule of this hostile group.
We also see that three other travelers civilizations are referenced by Ummites but are not really known to them.

"How many planets the people of Ummo he know? How OEMMII with?
→ 1581 Ayou OUBAAYII-74 with OEMMII "

TW-OT 12.13.15
"I'm horrified! How many travelers civilizations are under the control of the hostile? Does our BB could avoid this domination?
-> Graph 74 civilizations
Please refer to the attached graph. To avoid domination, do not sign any agreement. "

TW-OT 12.14.15
"Do not worry about that which is hostile. The other two, one is already well identified (see drawing link). The second is darker. "

TW-OT 12.28.15
"Ummo she has been the subject of takeover attempt? How did you overcome? + Nice galactic neighborhood?
-> OUMMO never undergoes dealings of exogenous origin. Formal presentation of the Rules and Constraints Based reciprocal relations. "

The DOOKAI-vegans:

D41-1 (1966)
"When OIWI (year) 75 231 of our time (we define the year as part of the eighteenth time translation UMMO around IUMMA - Wolf 424), arrived spatial TOOKAAIA naves of the planet, their crews, although they died, however, had the same cellular organization. "

NR13 (2003)
"The first official contact with OEMMII from another planet took place in the year 75 AD (about 1255 terrestrial years before the current date if we are to attempt an illusory synchronism between the Earth and OUMMO) by Peaceful brothers from the planet DOOKAAIA in response to signals from OUMMO. 11 XEE before that, they had sent two automatic naves beforehand to check our reaction in response to an overt incursion fleeting and not in our airspace. Previously, our planet had also experienced what you call UFO waves that are sent OUEWA OEMMIl recognition by travelers from different planets in this galaxy. "

1-b) Those who have contacted the Earth


Ummites know most of them but not all.

D21-c (1966)
"On UMMO we officially established contacts with other civilizations, but we should like to know you as the origin of those who arrive on Earth. But here we do not have the technical means to identify them. "

D176 (1983)
"Although we did not know the identity of some of the civilizations that visit you"

NR13 (2003)
"We know recognize the signing of the various OUEWA visiting our galaxy, provided they have been in prior contact with the same model. You'll be surprised to know that we knew a small number of OEMMII among those who have visited your planet since our arrival. The approximately 10% of these were totally exotic OEMMII technologies with respect to us, their technological development that took other routes to reach the galactic trip or having evolved beyond our understanding. "

".. And 74, how on earth are we to study / help / we use?
→ The 74 + 3 unknowns: 31 have access to the galactic travel, at least 23 have traveled to you, 18 frequently amoral 3, 1 ≈ hostile.

"How many signatures would it take you at least confirm to land the existence of other civilizations ET?
→ Phase intensification of furtive appearances OUEWA is already underway. The global awareness progresses. "

The civilization of Saliano (related to Roswell?):

Note that the letters NR seem to bridge the civilization Saliano and Roswell and subsequently tweets go further and show that two amoral alien civilizations trying to contact Earth under the control of another, hostile and colonial. Leading the civilization Saliano experience seems to correspond to one of these two species amoral. It is not clear if it is the same as that of Roswell.

D53 (1966 Sesma):
"When we made contact with you, we had only one mobile: The discovery that your allusions about this mysterious being Saliano you call, you were referring to words pronounced by him, but a quick scan showed the existence of a coded message known to all who have reached a level of technology that can allow us to travel above the limits imposed by physical laws and phenomena of a framework of three-dimensional space. "

"In 1946 arrived on Earth beings originating in OOYAA (PLANET) that we have encoded the Earth year 1966 under the name of OOYAAUYIEE WEE [L], located in the physical three-dimensional framework accessible by direct path to 96.885 years light of Earth and 107.4443 years-light (ground unit) of our UMMO.
We never received any messages from this planet or through electromagnetic vibrations nor gravitational way.
The objective of these tiny individuals that are on this planet (between 13 and 9 OEMII) is exclusively produce psychic experiences and parapsychic on terrestrial OEMII without wishing to access other areas of the Earth's cultural complex.
Their techologique level is lower than ours and much superior to yours. But in the field of psychology, they are much more advanced than us and they give great importance to artistic events accessible acoustically (music and speech) and gustatory pathway.

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 07:07 AM
They have a very particular philosophy, Monotheist like ours, but they also have a moral framework that is not universal, that it is only valid for OEMII who live on their planet. They find that it is ethical and possible to achieve all kinds of experiments with alien beings to their star.
This morality makes them very dangerous to you and others visited planets and their current goal is to create in terrestrial OEMII of UIIORAA EUUNNA [L] (abnormal and different psychic part of regular customs) to observe the reactions of the subjects under such experience and can thus know their psyche. Such a technique is known by us, but at a very rudimentary level.
Thanks to you, Mr. Fernando Sesma Manzano, we were able to make contact with one of these beings living on the date of our two interviews (December 1966) to - - MADRID SPAIN.
During these meetings they showed:
- Anxious not build relationships and not to cooperate with our brothers of UMMO.
- They confessed to have a direct relationship with the experience "Saliano" lived according to them by many men EARTH.
Their identity as qu'extraterrestres is obvious but the attitude of the only OEMII with whom we spoke (he tried us "indoctrinate" in its experimental techniques to make us mere guinea pigs) gave no results . "

NR13 (2003)
"We have an agreement we interfere in your social network from your 1948. Previously any agreement to visit your star system had been denied us. We did not know until your existence.
We now understand the reasons because you were in a critical phase of your history that you had to overcome alone.
Violations of this prohibition, however, had recently been committed by other visitors
from a star system that we did not know. These small OEMMII possessed rudimentary but unconventional technologies that surprised the brothers who usually monitor your planet. They have not had time to get in touch with them to deter them from interacting. Your governments then had accidentally knowledge of the presence of these visitors and their technology, advanced your perspective. This undesirable situation we need a breach of the strict policy of noninterference in force toward your planet. "

"The amoral and hostile humanoids do they not know about the existence of B, BB, of OEMBUAW? Neguentropic the perspective of morality?
→ They know BB but deny the existence of B and WOA. One hears from their youth to hide feelings. They act like ants. "

"This hostile race, she continues to actively intervene? With what objective?
→ She wants to develop its colonies until OYAGAA, probably forcing you into submission. We will not allow it. "

"Is it the hostile species colonizing already mentioned by you?
→ They are not hostile but want an exclusive bilateral alliance. They offer, in exchange, miraculous solutions to your ailments. Any alliance would be damaging in the long term in terms of your development as qu'OEMMII "

TW-OT 01.01.16
"Avoiding a pact is signed in our name?
→ UN CHARTER. CHAPTER 1. ARTICLE 1§2. Summon: the principle of self-determination threatens "

TW-OT 01.04.16
"The army can not sign legal treaties on their own. A legal treaty requires a political vote, as the revelation of the existence AND ...
→ Armies can use private contractors in security or technology. Lawful contracts exist since 1966. "

"The two species and with whom you work on Earth could they merge with us?
→ No "

"If the Roswell affair had not happened, we would have known nothing of your existence? NR13 cf (see above)
-> The establishment of a formal contact would have been greatly facilitated. The consequences have enormously complicated the rules of interference with your people "

For the record, the civilization of Saliano, which is perhaps that of Roswell, would release the list and visit us (including Ummites aka the UMO for Saliano) cf NRE1: Document resuming a message Saliano received by Sesma.

And let no associate Ummites civilization and groups related to the Saliano experience:
D56 (1967 Sesma)
"We solemnly repeat, even if you are looking for identities and interpretations that say otherwise, WE HAVE NO CONNECTION WITH KNOWN Saliano AND GROUPS. "

A very advanced civilization mysterious

NR13 (2003)
"There is thus a OEMMII race whose technology is beyond our understanding and monitoring that seems different planets by searching the OUEWA raised there incursion. We can say that OUEWA were deliberately dematerialized within your atmosphere from what we have interpreted as an exogenously caused OAWOLEIIDA these aisles, we assume, these OEMMII advanced technology. "

The aliens of Varghina

"The case of Varghina in Brazil in 1996 puts it in scene alien creatures? creatures on Earth created by genetic engineering?
→ extraterrestrial beings. Accidental meeting. "

The men in black

"Who are the Men in Black? Physical beings? Psychological tricks?
Physical. These are representatives of one of the races that interfere with military bodies. "

Cattle mutilations

I might have had to place this tweet under "Saliano" but when in doubt, I put it aside.

"Are Cattle mutilations perpetrated by aliens? What purpose ?
→ Yes. With the assistance of military forces "

We can also find an allusion to entities other plans ...
NR2 (1990)
"But do not forget there exist various entities of various plans, the mental projections of various manifestations or sometimes acquire degrees of similarity with our own posts realization of ideas or objects. "Attention is a recent letter that evokes this case NR.

2) Aliens: all different but humanoids

2-a) Common features:

D41-1 (1966)
"The people of UMMO have a body whose physiological morphology is strikingly similar to that of Homo sapiens Earth. That makes sense when you consider that similar biogenetic laws prevailing in the whole Universe. "

D41-15 (1966)
"But in another couple of cosmos we may be cases of living beings including the fundamental component is silicon, the atoms of which possess a different structure. But it never will be given to the beings of our universe to verify this hypothesis as we live in the envelope tetra our physical body. "

D58-3 (1967)
"Even if the number of compatible forms of living is very high, we notify you that we could verify that some forms of life ARE ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE NOT DO. For example think that in the Stars can be inhabited, would have developed living beings based on different biochemical basis has no basis. Based on the example of Silicon Chemistry or Chemistry of Germanium.
Any biological form is necessarily linked to the CARBON CHEMISTRY. "
"There occurs a similar phenomenon in the convergence zone. Different XUU orient
BUT until this phylogeny: OEMII or HUMAN BODY. This convergence point (U) branches again in thousands of possible XUU (HUMAN RACES).
The possible number of subspecies for man, analyzed by us, is 9.10 ^ 6. The fact that such races exist on a planet or not depends on other factors as discussed later.
Finally there is a new IBOZOO DAO (NODE) ​​which constitutes the final convergence point. No known Humanities has yet reached that point. "
"Between nodes (U) and (X) are millions of possible mutations cause alterations (seldom regressive) in somatic structure OEMII, affecting especially neurencéphale whose continuous development means new allocations in the range human intellectual functions. "

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 07:11 AM
TW-OT 12.25.15
" Hello. All humanoid races other cold stars that you know they are mammals? thanks for your answers.
→ Yes. Fungible: viviparity, homeothermy, pulmonary respiration, lactation. Uncharacteristic: four-chambered heart. "

2-b) Differences:

D41-15 (1966)
"There may be multiple forms of a living being. Moreover in our laboratories [...] we have got thousands of different living beings through these strictly controlled mutations. "

D58-2 (1967)
"All these factors give specific characteristics of each planetary social large group because the ecological environment has been different even if the somatic structure of men is similar on all planets inhabited by rational beings. "

D99 (1971)
"You'd think on planets differences" geophysical "very marked (see Note 27)" may be "thinking beings fabulous with a somatic structure that you seem monstrous. [...] Nothing is further from reality. Indeed: the cold stars that we ourselves have known and whose atmospheric characteristics, mass, the star around which it rotates, so different from Earth and UMMO, host of beings in some cases humanoid with Similar mental structure but whose bodies exhibit only accidental anatomicophysiological differences (different statures, various epidermis developed organs, brain and head circumference extended area, etc.). "

"Smart brothers who populate have very specific traits anatomorphiques (extended cranium, genitals with a developed clitoris, finger ends together through a membrane, slightly scaly skin, eye corneas, villus on the buttocks, in some cases lack of molars, large lungs, pharynx protected permeable membranes ...). "

2-c) Conditions of appearance of a form of intelligent humanoid life

D99 (1971)
"Spectrum physiobiologiques possible conditions for the genesis of OEMII from AYUUBAAYI (Things) below:
- Surface temperature of the star "Sun": 6170 K to 4552 ° K.
- Eccentricity of the planetary orbit: 0.0002 ± 0 to 0.1766.
- Time or period of rotation: 16 h 31 min to 84 hours.
- Temperature spectrum on the surface of the planet 241 ° K to 319 ° K.
- Mass of the planet: 2,65.1027 12,01,1027 g to g.
- Percentage of atmospheric gas near the lithosphere:
- Oxygen: 18% as a minimum.
- Nitrogen: 64% as a minimum.
- Cosmic Radiation (average values) of less than 0.48 nucleons / cm2 (s) (stereo-radiant) to 1.8 GeV / nucleon.
But we repeat that these are just some environmental factors among the most important "

3) Travel increased to Worlds
Ummites do not go out of our galaxy which they visited a small part.

D99 (1971)
"Note 29: We had direct access to some planets and we received some other information. Our trips to barely exceeded (when conditions of "curvature" space were optimum) a limit of 1266 light years. Our Galaxy has a maximum dimension of 117 312 light years and we completely ignore the other civilizations that certainly lie outside it. "

"The closest exoplanète with OEMII it is located at a distance almost equal to or greater than 14.4 s ?

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 07:17 AM

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