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NEWS: U.S Used World As Chemical Weapon Dumping Ground

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posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 06:38 AM
The sad reality is that we, meaning all of us, not just the U.S., have had such myoptic vision when it comes to home...i.e. earth that we have treated her like a sewer for millinium. But Earth, if you accept the Gaia hypothisis (even as just a possiblity) is a living thing and like all living things you pollute it's body long enough and the system begins to fail. I know there are those of you who question the notion of global warming and there are those who even question the very need for conservation...willful ignorance in my opinion but be that as it may...let me ask this...all things considered isn't conservation, the nuturing of resources (as oppose to plundering them), cultivating renewable energy sources and even possibly accepting a little less than everything now as a life style more prudent than the way we are living now? Especially considering that there is no way off this rock right now and no place livible to go (for our species anyway) and considering that there is more than ample evidence that the entire system is under severe stress and large chunks of it, like the fisheries, are on the verge of collapse, to fail to seriously consider changes in our lifestyle (especially American) is not just foolhardy but reckless. What good are property rights if the land is poisoned and cannot support life?

posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 10:28 AM
What can be done now?
well, it would seem that trying to remove and restore these items, might cause even a greater problem. Perhaps they can encapsulate these toxins, in a concrete coffin, (like chernobyl) by dumping huge amounts of mortar or cement on top of the dump areas... hopefully allowing these toxins to be sealed away from the environment.

But second, there should be NO limit to the time someone can be prosecuted for illegal toxic dumping.

Lets go after every senior official still alive, that made these decisions, and fry them...
Take every cent they have (including trusts, pensions, IRA's), put it in an environmental cleanup fund (wouldn't scratch the surface).

These evil short range thinking people need to realize that they have no right to happiness, property, money, security, and comfort ... when they have doomed all of us for centurys to come. I would very much like to see these people living the remainder of there lives in prison, or a state run shelter/asylum penniless, with nothing to leave their children, from there own bad choices...
responsibility... aint just for civilians anymore...

the bad thing is that they probably wont even make an inquiry to the decision makers that still live. Maybe the military is finally admitting this due to all the original scoundrels dieing off.

posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 11:33 AM

Originally posted by Seekerof

Originally posted by soficrow
Bird flu and other diseases epidemic in the USA are part of the planet's response - these chemicals are a factor in microbial adaptation and evolution.

Are you so sure of this, soficrow?
Got any scientific or medical analysis or correlation reportings citing empirically what you are insinuating quoted above?

The US government has a wonderful journal called Environmental Health Perspectives. Surf. There's lots there that's pertinent.

Just briefly tho - the way it works is that chemical and other contaminations change the environment. Living things need to adapt to these changes - or die. Microbes adapt very quickly - some 'reproduce' inside of 9 minutes, compared to humans 20 year cycle.

Originally posted by seekerof

Originally posted by soficrow
It's not about hating the USA. It's about accountability and responsibility. It's about the fact that problems cannot be solved until they are acknowledged.

The problem here is that the US is time-in and time-out the main topic of such accountability and responsibility. If you have not noticed yet, the pattern of condemnation is quite self-evident.

The US is so often a target simply because we have led the world for decades - the US is front and center in military action, corporate economic development, science, technology, you name it.

World leaders get power, attention, and criticism too. Risks were taken to hold position at the head of the pack - now we are beginning to understand the nature and price of those risks.

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posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 04:05 PM
If I remember correctly, we learned in my Resouce Geology class last year that the U.S. dumped nuclear waste in the oceans until 1970's (as the article states), and that the U.K. continues to do so to this day. And yes, that is pretty messed up, I mean COME ON you English shmucks, give it up already!


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